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Our first acrylic fully transparent turntable with built-in preamp and Bluetooth connectivity.



The classic and beautiful entry-level Bluetooth Hi-Fi turntable system with RCA connections.



2024 New Turntable! The unique and quality design with wood base turntable and acrylic platter.



U-shaped Bluetooth input & output turntable with built-in phono preamp and removable dust cover.


We're impressed by the Full Acrylic Clear Turntable

Born from a love for music, our design centers around the key components of music creation.


Audio Keeper's Turntables are Directly from Factory to Customer

With great pride, we craft each Audio Keeper Turntable in our own factory, where our adept technicians assemble and thoroughly test every unit to uphold a consistently high quality.


2024 Newly Launched Hi-Fi Turntable Combines Aesthetics and Technology

Immerse yourself in the richness of vinyl with the HQKZ-011, where superior sound quality meets a visually stunning aesthetic.


Unique Design Bluetooth Input & Output Hi-Fi Vinyl Turntable UD009

Its unique design makes it a stylish addition to home audio systems and brings high-fidelity sound quality and wireless convenience to users.

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Main Features

The Audio Keeper high-fidelity vinyl turntables has 3 main features:

1. Modern retro style

It combines modern technology with retro design, presenting a charming appearance that makes people fall in love at first sight. Its unique appearance design has a strong retro atmosphere, but it also has modern functions and performance.

2. Fully manual belt drive

The fully manual belt drive system ensures stable playback of records and high-fidelity sound quality. This traditional driving method provides you with a purer and more realistic audio experience, allowing you to deeply immerse yourself in the music.

3. Bluetooth function

Equipped with Bluetooth function, you can easily connect wirelessly with other devices, such as speakers, headphones or mobile phones. This feature allows you to conveniently enjoy music from a variety of audio sources without cumbersome wired connections, increasing convenience and flexibility of use.

Compare with Others

What is the difference between our vinyl turntable and other vinyl turntables on the market?

1. Sound Performance

Our vinyl turntables typically feature more advanced audio technology and higher quality components for higher fidelity sound performance. This means they deliver clearer, more accurate sound that better reproduces the detail and dynamic range of the original recording.

2. Connection Method

Most of our vinyl turntables are Bluetooth-enabled, which means you can connect to other audio devices such as smartphones, tablets, or sound systems via Bluetooth for wireless music playback. Traditional vinyl record players can usually only be connected via wires to an audio system or speakers.

3. User Experience

Our vinyl turntables may have more user-friendly features, such as auto-stop function, adjustable tone arm pressure, replaceable cartridges, etc., making it easier for users to operate and maintain the equipment.

4. Appearance Design

Our vinyl turntables usually feature a modern design, which may have a more fashionable and attractive appearance, suitable for placement as decoration in a modern home or office environment.

Combine Classic Design and Modern Bluetooth Technology

HQKZ-006 White

Immerse yourself in timeless elegance with our classic Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable HQKZ-006 White, where vintage charm meets modern connectivity for an unmatched audio experience.

HQKZ-006 Black

Experience the perfect blend of classic aesthetics and modern technology with our HQKZ-006 Black Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable, bringing timeless sophistication to your audio journey.

HQKZ-006 Wood Brown

Unleash the warmth of nostalgia with our HQKZ-006 Wood Brown Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable, seamlessly blending classic charm with the convenience of modern Bluetooth connectivity.

HQKZ-006 Wood Red

Indulge in the rich fusion of vintage aesthetics and cutting-edge technology with our HQKZ-006 Wood Red Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable.

Why You Should Choose Audio Keeper's Turntables?

Committed to bringing you the purest and highest fidelity audio enjoyment.

The HQKZ-006 classic vinyl turntable is our ingenious masterpiece, integrating advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship to create an unparalleled vinyl artwork.

Every rotation is a wonderful musical journey, and HQKZ-006 presents every note vividly with its excellent sound quality performance and excellent audio restoration capabilities. Its high-fidelity design ensures that you can feel the artist's original musical expression, as if you were at the music scene.

Carefully selected high-quality materials and accessories make this vinyl turntable stand out.

The main body of HQKZ-006 is made of strong and durable MDF material, ensuring the structural stability and durability of the entire machine. It is also equipped with high-grade bearings and tone arms to ensure smooth and smooth rotation. In terms of pickup system, we chose an advanced moving magnet cartridge to ensure high sensitivity and low distortion audio reproduction.

R&D and application of low-noise drive technology.

By using advanced low-noise motors and drive systems, HQKZ-006 minimizes any possible mechanical noise, creating a pure and quiet audio environment for you. This low-noise design not only helps improve the stability of record playback, but also brings you meticulous music details, making every track appear particularly clear and moving.

Plug and play, let your music flow unimpeded.

This vinyl turntable is designed with the user-friendly Plug and Play concept at its core. There is no need for tedious installation and adjustment. Simply plug in the power source and connect the audio source to start your music journey immediately. Plug and Play not only brings convenience in operation, but also reflects our focus on user experience. No longer bother with complicated settings, you can integrate HQKZ-006 into your audio system with a simple plug-and-play operation, allowing music to accompany your life anytime and anywhere.

Add a touch of fashion and personality to your music space with its colorful exterior design.

We provide you with a variety of color choices, so that you can also feel visual pleasure while listening to music.
Whether it is classic black, calm and elegant; fresh white, pure and elegant; or wood-grained brown, burgundy can meet your individual needs for the appearance of vinyl equipment. HQKZ-006 is not only a guarantee of sound quality, but also a symbol of your unique taste. Each color is carefully matched and perfectly integrated with the overall design of the device, showing a stylish and modern appearance.

Watch: why we bring the Fully Transparent Acrylic Turntable ICE1?

1. Created for music lovers.

The design concept of ICE1 acrylic vinyl turntable is a perfect combination of modern technology and audio art, bringing a new audio-visual feast to music lovers. ICE1 is made of highly transparent acrylic material, showing a unique modern and fashionable atmosphere.

2. Our obsession is to push turntable performance to new heights.

The ICE1 acrylic vinyl turntable leads the next level of audio performance, redefining the music experience with its superior technology and innovative design. ICE1 is built with advanced technology, equipped with a high-performance motor system and precise control circuitry to achieve the ultimate smooth rotation of the track. This superior engineering design provides users with a clearer, more realistic audio performance.

3. Modern aesthetics, light luxury style.

The turntable ICE1 has a stylish appearance and adopts a stunning modern minimalist design concept. The size is moderate, the quality is revealed, and the style is highlighted.

4. Full support from a professional team.

Our dedicated support team is made up of experts in the audio field who have an in-depth understanding of ICE1's design, technology and performance. Whether you are using ICE1 for the first time or encounter any questions during use, our expert support team will patiently answer your questions and provide real-time technical support and personalized suggestions.

Critically-praised turntables to fit every budget.


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High fidelity


33 1/3, 45RPM

33 1/3, 45RPM

33 1/3, 45RPM

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