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Audio Keeper Turntable HQKZ-006

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Turntable HQKZ-006

Brief Introduction

  • HQKZ-006 is a classic Bluetooth record player that focuses on providing the perfect combination of high-fidelity sound quality and stylish appearance.
  • Key features include Bluetooth connectivity that allows users to wirelessly play their music collection; high-fidelity sound quality for an outstanding music experience through sophisticated sound performance and premium audio performance; and a classic design with stylish materials and exquisite craftsmanship, highlighting quality and taste.
  • HQKZ-006 is targeted at music lovers and tasteful home users who pursue high-quality music experience and fashionable lifestyle.

Main Features

Bluetooth Connection

HQKZ-006 is equipped with advanced Bluetooth technology, allowing users to wirelessly connect to Bluetooth audio devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers in order to play your favorite music.

Adjustable Speed

HQKZ-006 supports adjustable speed function, allowing users to adjust according to the type and speed requirements of the record, ensuring that your record is played at the correct speed.

Auto-stop Function

HQKZ-006 has an automatic stop function. When the record is finished playing, it will automatically stop rotating, avoiding excessive wear and waste of power.

Multifunctional Control Panel

HQKZ-006 is equipped with an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel, allowing users to easily control playback, pause and other operations, making it convenient and practical.

Wireless Bluetooth Output Function

Connect with Bluetooth Speakers

Through simple operations, pairing the turntable with a Bluetooth speaker, this seamless connection experience not only provides a more flexible sound configuration, but also creates pure music enjoyment for you. Whether at a family gathering or immersing yourself in music time alone, the combination of HQKZ-006 and Bluetooth speakers will bring you unparalleled audio pleasure.

Wireless Bluetooth Output Function

Connect with Bluetooth Headphones

With easy Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy high-quality music without the constraints of cables. Whether you are immersed in music late at night or sharing space with others, the combination of HQKZ-006 and Bluetooth headphones creates a personal audio feast for you anytime and anywhere.

Cartridge Model: ATN-3600L

Come with Moving Magnet (MM) Cartridge

The MM cartridge equipped with HQKZ-006 brings you excellent audio performance and profoundly enhances your vinyl turntable experience. This classic phono cartridge not only exhibits excellent sound quality, but also captures and restores every subtle note on the record. The MM cartridge equipped with HQKZ-006 presents you with real, clear and dynamic sound, allowing you to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of music, whether you are a vinyl enthusiast or a first-time user.

Easily Connect to External Sound Systems

RCA Line Out to Powerful Bookshelf Speakers

Connect to audio speakers through the RCA line output of HQKZ-006, bringing you an immersive audio experience. This unique feature allows you to easily connect your vinyl turntable to an external sound system, unleashing more powerful sound and injecting more life into your music. Whether at a family gathering or for personal enjoyment, the RCA line output of HQKZ-006 creates a richer and more shocking sound effect for you.

Rich Details

HQKZ-006 presents rich and delicate musical details, bringing you an excellent audio experience.

Stable Belt Drive System

Ensures smooth and reliable record rotation, giving you excellent sound quality and stability.

Adjustable Counterweight

Ensures perfect playback balance based on record weight, delivering superior sound quality and protecting your records from damage.

ATN-3600L Magnetic Needle

Bringing you clear and dynamic audio performance, providing an excellent record playback experience.

USB-PC Vinyl Recording

It can transcribe your precious vinyl record audio into digital files for easy storage and playback on computers, smartphones or tablets, allowing you to preserve and share classic music anytime, anywhere.

RCA Line Out

Provides high-fidelity audio output, allowing you to connect to external sound systems more conveniently and enjoy excellent sound quality.

Wireless Connection

The uniquely designed Bluetooth output function allows you to enjoy high-fidelity music easily and get rid of the constraints of cumbersome cables.

 Built-in Phono Preamp

High-quality vinyl audio amplification can be achieved without additional equipment, bringing you a more pure music enjoyment.

Anti-vibration Base & Feet

Provide stable support for sound quality, allowing you to immerse yourself in high-quality music.

Play your favorite vinyl records and listen in your way

Its versatile features allow you to tailor your listening experience, ensuring every note is delivered with exceptional clarity and warmth.

Give as a gift to your family and friends

Share the joy of music with your loved ones by gifting them the HQKZ-006, a perfect blend of style and sonic excellence.

How to Install the HQKZ-006 Quickly?

1. Install the aluminum die-cast platter on the turntable of the central polished stainless steel spindle.

2. Pulling both ends of the red ribbon that comes attached to the belt, and place the belt on the motor pulley. Then remove the red ribbon from the belt.

3. Place the slipmat on the platter.

4. Gently push and turn the counterweight onto the rear of the tonearm (with the dial facing towards the front of the turntable).


Explore the use of the high-fidelity classic Bluetooth turntable HQKZ-006. Frequently asked questions are as follows.

Applicable Scenarios and Uses

Family gatherings

The HQKZ-006's high-fidelity sound quality and built-in speakers make it an ideal music player for family gatherings. Whether it's a birthday party, holiday gathering, or dinner party, it brings a dynamic and energetic musical atmosphere to your home.

Personal relaxation

For those who like to relax and enjoy music at home, the HQKZ-006 is the perfect companion. You can lie on the sofa in your own comfortable space, close your eyes, listen to the beautiful music brought by HQKZ-006, and let your stress and fatigue disappear.

Music collection

For collectors, the HQKZ-006 is the ideal platform to showcase their precious record collection. Its design supports multiple turntable sizes, allowing you to play and display various types of records, from 7-inch singles to 12-inch albums, with ease.

Personal office

In the office, HQKZ-006 is also a perfect leisure choice. You can turn on HQKZ-006 during work breaks or breaks, play your favorite music, relax and improve work efficiency.

User Experience

The user experience using HQKZ-006 is very pleasant and easy.

First of all, its setup process is very easy and can be completed in just a few simple steps without complicated installation or debugging processes. Users simply place the record player on a stable surface, connect the power source and insert the desired records to start enjoying music.

It is also very convenient to operate HQKZ-006.

Its control panel has an intuitive design and reasonable button layout, allowing users to easily perform operations such as playback, pause, and speed switching. In addition, HQKZ-006 is equipped with an adjustable speed function, allowing users to easily adjust the playback speed of records as needed to ensure perfect performance of the music.

During use, the music experience brought by HQKZ-006 is satisfactory.

Its high-fidelity sound quality and high-quality built-in speakers allow users to enjoy clear and dynamic sound performance, delicate timbre and full sound field effect, making people feel as immersed in the music scene. Whether you are enjoying music alone or sharing music time with friends and family, HQKZ-006 can bring you a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Customer Say

Customers like the quality, ease of assembly, bluetooth connectivity, and appearance of the turntable.

"Excellent Sound quality"

HQKZ-006 provides excellent sound quality, delivering clear and authentic sound performance. Its high-fidelity technology ensures that every note is accurately reproduced, immersing you in the purest musical experience.

"Classic look"

This HQKZ-006 vinyl turntable has a classic appearance design that combines modern elements with traditional beauty. Its sophisticated styling and exquisite detailing make it the highlight of any musical space.

"High-quality materials"

HQKZ-006 is made of high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and stability. Exquisite craftsmanship and careful design make it a durable, high-quality product.

"Easy installation"

The assembly process of HQKZ-006 is quick and easy, requiring no complex tools or expertise. Clear instructions and simple assembly steps ensure you can complete the installation with ease.

"Excellent performance"

The HQKZ-006 performed well in actual use, running stably and delivering satisfactory sound quality. Its reliable performance ensures you can enjoy high-quality music for a long time.

"Excellent value for money"

HQKZ-006 not only has outstanding performance, but is also reasonably priced. Its superior quality and performance make it an extremely cost-effective choice in the high-fidelity vinyl turntable market.

"Bluetooth connection"

HQKZ-006 is equipped with advanced Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to easily pair with smart devices for wireless music playback. This convenient connection method brings you a more free music experience.

"Precise speed"

HQKZ-006 adopts advanced drive technology and precise control system to ensure that the rotation speed of the record is stable and accurate. You can enjoy high-quality music with confidence, regardless of turntable speed.