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High-end Acrylic Turntable. Transparent Appearance with Unique Aesthetics.

Our acrylic turntable is made of aluminum and acrylic for a pure aesthetic. With its simple and transparent design and excellent sound quality, this vinyl player adds a home-art touch to modern homes.


Newly Upgraded Vinyl Turntable HQKZ-011.

HQKZ-011 is our first turntable without Bluetooth module. Designed to deliver true pure analog high-fidelity audio on a budget. Featuring high-quality materials, stylish aesthetics and rich, vivid sound.


HQKZ-006, Gorgeous upgrade for entry-level price! Clearance in progress!

Such an excellent choice for vinyl beginners and enthusiasts! Cream white, minimalist black, fashionable brown, retro red, 4 color options, each color has its own high appearance value and can be matched with the home environment.


Keep Your Audio, Keep Your Memory.

About Audio Keeper®

Our mission is to create precious memories and emotional connections for people by enabling them to preserve and share their audio memories forever through innovative technology and high-quality products.


Every product is carefully designed and produced.

Our products adhere to strict production processes and high quality standards, and each product is carefully crafted and subject to strict quality control. You can trust our products because they represent the highest level of craftsmanship and quality standards.


Analog with ease.

Audio Keeper's HQKZ-006 Classic Turntable offers the perfect blend of analog nostalgia and modern convenience. With this turntable, experiencing the warmth and authenticity of vinyl records is remarkably easy. Its user-friendly design, paired with advanced features, allows you to effortlessly enjoy the rich, analog sound of your favorite records whether you're a seasoned vinyl enthusiast or new to the world of analog music.


Audio Keeper's Vinyl Turntables, Designed to Upgrade Your Music Experience.

Whether you're immersing yourself in rich vintage music or leveraging advanced technology to enhance sound quality, our vinyl turntables can meet your musical needs. Join us to upgrade your music experience and feel the authenticity and charm of music.


Exquisite craftsmanship is integrated into every Audio Keeper. Delivers detailed, unforgettable sound quality. The "sound master" personally tunes each Audio Keeper product to ensure vivid sound quality and a sense of space.


Sound Aesthetics

30+ innovative patents in the field of vinyl record players;

R&D and production capabilities for stylus, cartridge, tonearm, phono preamplifier and turntable;

R&D and production capabilities of MM moving magnet cartridge;

R&D and production capabilities for MC moving magnet cartridges;

R&D and production capabilities for HIFI HIGH-END level balanced tonearms and single-point tonearms.

Craft Inheritance

Possess the most professional original design capabilities in the industry;

Possess cross-material, cross-process, and cross-field design and application capabilities;

Won the DFA Asia's Most Influential Design Award;

It has complete production bases for carpentry, paint, electronics, acoustics, etc.

User Experience with HQKZ-006 Turntable


Vinyl turntables, as a traditional music player, have been favored by music lovers again in recent years due to their unique sound quality and retro charm. Here are some of the significant advantages of vinyl record players:

Unique sound quality experience

The music played by the vinyl turntable has the characteristics of analog signals, which makes the music sound warmer and more natural, with unique sound texture and depth, which is difficult to fully replicate with digital recording technology.

Retro cultural charm

The vinyl turntable is not just a music playing device, it also carries the charm of retro culture. Playing records with a vinyl turntable allows people to experience a nostalgic atmosphere and enjoy a sense of ritual different from modern digital music vinyl players.

Rich physical interaction

Compared with digital music players, vinyl turntables provide more physical interactions. Users need to place records by hand, adjust the tonearm, etc. These actions increase the sense of ritual and participation in interacting with music.

The fun of record collection

The collection of vinyl records is a pleasure in itself. The artistic design of the record cover, the texture of the record, and the discovery and exploration in the collection process all provide music lovers with additional satisfaction.


Technological Innovation

The Audio Keeper turntable uses advanced technologies such as a belt-driven DC motor system. This design can reduce noise and vibration during the transmission process, thereby providing a purer and more stable music playback experience.

Design and Craftsmanship

Audio Keeper turntables are made with great precision. The turntable is made of high-quality materials such as acrylic and aluminum die-casting, and the back is designed with rich connection jacks, which helps to improve the stability and durability of the turntable. At the same time, Audio Keeper is constantly optimizing the turntable structure to increase inertial mass and reduce vibration, which reflects the attention to detail and the ultimate pursuit of sound quality.

Pure Sound Quality

Audio Keeper's tonearm design is very sophisticated, such as aluminum die-casting, carbon fiber L-shaped, J-shaped, S-shaped tonearms, etc., equipped with different solid bases, so as to achieve high rigidity and vibration reduction characteristics, reduce the impact of mechanical vibration, and limit the impact of noise on the music playback bandwidth, making the sound purer.

Manufacturing History and Reputation

The Audio Keeper brand is backed by a factory that has been working in the Hi-Fi field for more than 50 years. Its products are still renowned for their sound quality, design and technological innovation. Audio Keeper's turntables are not only popular in the consumer market, but also reach professional standards, driving the development of other Hi-Fi equipment.

Collectible Value

Over time, some models of Audio Keeper turntables may become classics in audio history. For collectors of vinyl music and turntables, Audio Keeper's turntable is not only a high-performance playback device, but also a fine product with certain collection value.

Culture and Emotion

As part of music culture, vinyl records and turntables, Audio Keeper adheres to the concept of "Keep Your Audio, Keep Your Memories". For many people, buying an Audio Keeper turntable is not only for listening to music, but also for enjoying the retro and nostalgic feeling, as well as immersing themselves in the unique experience of vinyl culture.

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Judy Howell

A music lover's dream

"This high-fidelity vinyl turntable is definitely the ultimate enjoyment of music! Its sound quality is truly breathtaking, whether it's classical or rock, it's delivered with such clarity, I feel like I've rediscovered my music collection. I was completely immersed in every note, and couldn't help feeling the beauty of the music. Definitely a must-have for music lovers!"

C Martindale

Let me enjoy a real musical feast!

"This vinyl turntable is truly a masterpiece of design. From the piano lacquer material to the exquisite details, every part exudes a sense of luxury. Even more impressive is the sound quality, which presents music with high-fidelity expressiveness, whether it's a movie soundtrack or a vintage record. My music room has become my favorite place and I feel like I've made the right purchase."

Kristin Vo

Listen to my favorite records easily

"Owning this turntable is like taking a musical journey through time. The sound quality it presents makes me feel back to that pure era, without the indifference of numbers, only the true emotion of music. Not only is this device beautiful, but it's a music audiophile's dream come true. highly recommended!"

Kim Wooden

Both fashionable and classic

"I've always been a builder quality builder and this vinyl turntable definitely didn't disappoint. It's impeccably built, with every part exuding sophistication and sturdiness. Most importantly, its sound quality is breathtaking. I've never heard music so clearly, with every note reproduced so faithfully, it made me fall in love with listening to my vinyl records again."

Betsy Harlor

Fits perfectly into my sound system

"Recreated This vinyl turntable is truly a magic of music. It is capable of recreating the emotion and depth of music in incredible ways. Whether I'm listening to classics or new discoveries, it blows me away with its high-fidelity sound quality. It has become an integral part of my life and brings me a unique musical experience every time. Highly recommend to all music lovers!"

Mitchell Garbutt

Perfect sound quality solution

Its excellent sound quality restoration, excellent craftsmanship and elegant appearance design jointly present an unprecedented music enjoyment. This turntable is undoubtedly a dream for audiophiles and record collectors alike, delivering a truly unparalleled musical experience.



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