Modern Retro Hi-Fi Vinyl Turntable

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  • Retro fashion style, RCA output for analog vinyl experience.
  • Solid wood thick base, full-size acrylic platter, playback is as stable as water.
  • Audio-Technica's ATN-3600L moving magnet cartridge provides excellent tracking and accurate reading.
  • 8.6-inch J-shaped tonearm with counterweight to restore true sound details.
  • Equipped with built-in advanced phono preamp, anti-slip design, 2-speed display.
Color: Brown
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Vintage High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

Fully Manual Belt Drive Turntable

  • This means that you need to manually adjust the playback position and start and stop of the record, thereby participating more directly in the music appreciation process.
  • Manual operation gives you more fine-grained control over record playback, providing a more personal and intimate music experience. At the same time, the belt-driven design also reduces mechanical noise, improves the purity and stability of sound quality, and brings you a more realistic and clear music performance.

Vintage Wood Look & Modern Features

  • This perfect combination not only satisfies the pursuit of retro style but also takes into account the needs of modern life, bringing you a unique and satisfying music enjoyment experience.
  • Its unique retro wooden appearance gives it a nostalgic charm and warm atmosphere, while built-in modern audio technology and functions give it excellent sound quality and convenient operation experience.

Highly-precision Tonearm with Counterwight

  • This high-precision design ensures clarity and stability of sound quality, bringing you a true high-fidelity music experience.
  • This armrest is precisely designed to be accurately positioned on the record and ensures stable rotation and playback of the record. The counterweight device can adjust the pressure of the cartridge to maintain just the right contact with the record surface, thereby providing the best sound quality.

A Combination of Classic and Modern

Traditional Retro Style

It's based on the classic vinyl record player and combines high-fidelity sound quality with a stylish design. This record player is not only a piece of music equipment, but also a decorative piece with a strong retro charm, bringing a unique classic atmosphere to any space.

Modern Features and Performance

HQKZ-011 combines modern features and superior performance. Whether in terms of appearance design or sound quality performance, this record player demonstrates the exquisite craftsmanship and excellent performance of modern technology, bringing users a new listening experience.

High Quality Materials and Workmanship

Solid Wooden Base

This solid wood base not only provides stable support for the record player, but also gives the overall design a warm, textured character. Its solid structure not only enhances the stability of the record player, but also blends perfectly with the retro style, bringing you an elegant and practical music experience.

Acrylic Full Size Platter

The full-size acrylic platter not only offers a modern, transparent look, but also adds a unique, stylish vibe to your record player. Its size design ensures both beauty and functionality, bringing you a stable and high-quality sound experience.

Excellent Sound Performance

Built-in Advanced Phono Preamp

This built-in advanced phono preamplifier amplifies the signal output from the record player to a higher level, ensuring the quality and purity of the audio signal. It provides excellent sound amplification, allowing you to enjoy the detailed sound quality and beautiful melodies of every track.

Audio-Technica Moving Magnet Cartridge

Known for its exceptional performance and reliability, this cartridge provides you with clear, accurate sound performance. It can accurately convert the information on the record and transform the music into high-fidelity sound, giving you the most realistic and detailed listening experience.

Innovative Design Features

Anti-slip Design

This design ensures the stability of the record player during use and prevents accidental sliding or shaking caused by the rotation of the record. Whether you're playing music or changing records, this design ensures your record player remains stable, giving you a smooth, safe music experience.

Turntable Speed Display

Through this display, you can clearly understand the current rotation speed of the record player, ensuring that the record is rotating at the correct speed, thereby ensuring the stability and accuracy of the sound quality. This feature allows you to easily control the record playback process, providing a more convenient music enjoyment experience.

Rich Physical Connection Options

Switchable Phono/Line Out

This means you can choose to output the signal to a phono stage or line input device, depending on your needs, giving you more flexibility in connecting to your audio system or speakers. This switching function allows you to adjust according to different usage scenarios or devices, allowing you to easily enjoy high-fidelity music experience in different audio devices.

RCA Output

This connector allows you to easily connect your record player to external audio devices such as speakers, amplifiers or recording equipment. This traditional RCA output design provides a stable, reliable connection, ensuring high-quality transmission of audio signals, allowing you to enjoy the purest, authentic record music experience.

Decorative Appearance

Home Decorations

Its unique retro design and exquisite craftsmanship make it a highlight of any home space. The wooden base, full-size acrylic platter, and classic record player look add warmth and flair to your home. Not only that, its classic and stylish appearance can be perfectly integrated with various home styles, injecting a touch of nostalgic beauty into your room.

Music Playing Equipment

Using classic vinyl records as the medium, it is equipped with advanced audio technology and precision cartridges, allowing it to provide high-fidelity sound performance. Whether enjoying music with friends and family, or enjoying music time alone, this record player can bring you a great music experience and arouse your musical passion and nostalgia.

Leisure Area in the study room

Music Corner in the living room

Private Space in the bedroom

The overall design not only pursues aesthetic taste, but also focuses on practicality and performance.

Product Design Concept

Outstanding details and features.

It contains belt drive system with DC motor, switchable phono/line, 2 speed switch, Audio Technica MM cartridge, acyrlic platter and wood plinth etc. The display of these details and functions ensures that users can easily use and enjoy the music experience brought by this record player, while demonstrating its high quality and advanced performance.

Suitable for all sizes of vinyl records.

Whether it is a 7-inch, 10-inch or 12-inch record, you can easily play it by switching the rotation speed function to ensure the music playback effect and the normal operation of the record. This flexible design allows you to enjoy more music fun brought by records of different sizes, making your music experience more colorful.

Easily integrates into your living space.

Whether it's a living room, study, office or bedroom, its sophisticated design and modest size make it the finishing touch in any environment. Not only that, its functionality and sound quality performance also allow you to enjoy high-fidelity music experience anytime and anywhere, adding more fun and enjoyment to your life.

Specificationbs & Downloads

What's in the Box?

Power Adapter

Dust Cover

Record Pad

User Manual


Vintage High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable HQKZ-011

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jeff W.
Coolest turntable ever.

A vinyl record player paired with an acrylic platter is like a transparent magic gem, showing your beloved vinyl record player clearly and thoroughly.

Excellent sound quality experience

As a music lover with strict requirements on sound quality, I am very satisfied with the performance of HQKZ-011. Not only does this record player look great, it also offers excellent sound quality. The wooden base and full-size acrylic turntable give it a nostalgic retro look, while the Audio-Technica moving magnet phono cartridge and built-in premium phono stage ensure high-fidelity music transmission. Overall, the HQKZ-011 gave me a great music experience and I would recommend it to other music lovers without hesitation!!!


I love its simple operation and switchable rpm settings that allow me to enjoy vinyl records of various sizes.