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We use our many years of industry experience and deep professional knowledge to provide you with unique audio solutions. Whether it's high-fidelity vinyl turntables, exquisite sound systems or professional accessories, we have become a leading brand that leads the industry with our outstanding professionalism and unremitting innovation. Cooperate with Audio Keeper to experience the exquisite beauty of sound quality and create a unique sound experience.

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In Audio Keeper's wholesale selection, we proudly feature several best-selling products that provide unparalleled quality to your customers' audio experience. Welcome to contact us to inquire about wholesale prices!


A quality turntable unit featuring all the essential components of an authentic analogue listening experience.

• A turntable tailored for true music lovers.

• Full-sized metal alloy platter, Moving Magnet cartridge, anti-skating, counterweight.

• Plays 33/45 rpm vinyl, Bluetooth transmission (Output), RCA audio output, USB record to PC.


A full-acrylic unique turntable system has a blending of high quality sound experience and aesthetic value.

• A turntable tailored for true connoisseurs.

• Full-sized quality acrylic platter, Moving Magnet cartridge, anti-skating, counterweight.

• Plays 33/45 rpm vinyl, Bluetooth transmission (Output), RCA audio output, USB recording to PC.


An affordable turntable speaker system with wood design turntable and a pair of 30 watts speakers.

• Stereo vinyl experience with powerful speakers for vinyl beginners.

• High quality diamond stylus, anti-skating needle pressure.

• Bluetooth streaming (Input), RCA audio output, enjoy your favorite 33⅓/45 vinyl records.


High fidelity sound system made up with quality turntable and a pair of stereo 36 watts speakers.

• True Hi-Fi vinyl experience with powerful speakers for audiophiles.

• Solid mental platter, Moving Magnet cartridge, counterweight and anti-skating device.

• Bluetooth streaming (Input), RCA audio output, built-in pre-amplifiers.

At Audio Keeper®, we not only provide the latest audio technology, but also provide modern audio solutions to create a better life with technology for vinyl collectors and music lovers.


Unique Advantages and Benefits for Wholesalers

Establishing wholesale cooperation with us, you will experience a series of unique advantages and benefits, providing all-round support and value-added for your business.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive wholesale pricing, ensuring you have pricing flexibility in the market and stand out from the competition.

Flexible Minimum Order Quantity

We understand that different customers have different needs of different sizes, so we provide flexible minimum order quantity, allowing you to better manage inventory and adjust purchasing plans according to market demand.

Regular Promotions and Discounts

As our wholesale partner, you will receive regular promotions and discount opportunities to increase sales potential and increase profit margins.

Professional Technical Support

Our professional team will provide you with excellent technical support and training to ensure that you understand the features and advantages of the product and provide professional advice to customers.

Customized Services and Flexible Options

We focus on meeting the individual needs of our customers and provide customized services and flexible options to adapt to the special requirements of different markets and customers.

Long-term Partnerships

We focus on building strong, long-term partnerships. Through joint efforts and communication, we will jointly welcome market changes and share success and growth.

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