Customer Reviews

Customers rave about our products, praising their superior sound quality, craftsmanship and stunning design.

@Robert Medler

Looks great, sounds great. Perfect for the space.

@Frank Chirat

Retrolife sound, looks, far exceeded my expectations.

@Frank Chirat

Easy to set up.… my vinyls are back in action..45’s & 33’s.… with a sound that is amazing.

@Zack Zornes

I love the appearance of it. And the materials used to make it fairly good.

@Robert Medler

Great sound

@Robert Medler

Everything about it is so perfect! We purchased this for my daughter, and it has been an absolute hit! She adores it! The sound quality is fantastic, which adds to her enjoyment. It's brought a lot of joy to her, and that's priceless. We're thrilled with this purchase!

@Fucky Jones

This is not an audiophile product. But it looks cool, retro and modern.


I received this turntable as a gift, and I must say it's been a super neat addition to my music-loving life.

@Scott Bjerketvedt

For the price point you get a lot of features (eg anti-skate, the ability to adjust tracking pressure etc) that you normally don’t get at this price point. That was a big selling point for me. I love the acrylic and aluminum look as well. Visually it’s beautiful.

@Mardi Norman

Looks great, easy to set up and sounds great!

@Robert Medler

Perfect starter sound system. It's easy to set up –– very easy, in fact –– and to use. Pretty handsome too.

@Amanda McEwen

Simply beautiful player that works incredibly well. We are in love with this new way to enjoy music in our home!

@Mike Ryba

This is a very impressive looking machine, the performance is very good!

@Daniel Conlan

Really simple and easy to use. looks beautiful and sounds great.


I recently purchased this turntable, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations in every way. It's the perfect size for my space, and its aesthetics are absolutely stunning.


I absolutely love this record player! It's a real treat to be able to play oldies and classics just the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

@James Patrick Pasos

Love love love ... this was an unexpected gift from mom and it opened up an entire new music experience.

@Antonio Pagan

My wife love the look of the unit but not too much about the sound from the speakers. She would have loved a better sound. Overall she was happy with the gift and the look.