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Turntable Needle ATN-3600L Replacement StylusTurntable Needle ATN-3600L Replacement Stylus
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The importance of cartridge and stylus on a record player?

The record player cartridge and stylus are vital components of the record player and have a crucial impact on the sound quality.

The cartridge is responsible for converting the sound signals on the record into electrical signals, while the stylus is responsible for contacting the record and reading the sound signals.

Therefore, their quality directly affects the sound quality of the record player.

Audio Keeper’s focus and commitment to record player accessories

As a brand specializing in record player manufacturing, we attach great importance and commitment to the quality and performance of record player accessories.

We are committed to developing, producing and introducing high-quality record player cartridges and needles, using the most advanced technology and materials to ensure clear, stable and durable sound quality.

We continue to carry out technological innovation and quality control to meet users' pursuit of music quality and provide users with the best music experience.

The following is a detailed explanation of cartridges and stylus and their importance in the use of record players:

In summary, the cartridge and stylus are key components of the record player, and they play a vital role in the use of the record player. Proper selection and maintenance of these components is a critical step in ensuring that your record player maintains optimal sound quality while extending the life of your record and stylus. Music lovers should pay special attention to these components for a great music experience.


A cartridge is an electromagnetic device usually mounted on the end of a tonearm. It contains magnetic elements that interact with the groove walls on the record. As the turntable rotates and the stylus is lowered, a magnetic element inside the cartridge generates an electric current as the track changes. This current is then passed to a speaker system to produce sound. The cartridge usually has a pair of connection pins to connect to a cable on the tonearm.

  • Importance: The cartridge is crucial to the sound quality of your record player. Different cartridge models have different characteristics, including output voltage, sound quality characteristics, and record compatibility. Choosing the appropriate cartridge can significantly impact sound quality, ensuring accurate reading of your tracks for a high-quality musical experience.


The stylus is the part of the cartridge that actually contacts the surface of the record. It is usually made from a fine needle tip that slides gently over the groove walls of a record to read the track. The quality and shape of the stylus can have a significant impact on sound quality. The shape of the stylus can vary depending on the type of record (such as stereo, mono, or 78 RPM records).

  • Importance: The stylus is the forefront of the cartridge and is in direct contact with the record, so its quality and condition are critical to sound quality. A worn or damaged stylus can cause scratches on your record and degraded sound quality. Replacing your stylus regularly and making sure it stays clean is key to keeping your record and sound system performing well.