The UD006 Audiophile-level Home Bluetooth Hi-Fi Vinyl Record Player Audio Set

Sale price$349.99

• Powerful 40-watt speakers deliver a true high-fidelity vinyl experience.

• L-shaped 8.6" aluminum tonearm, Audio-Technica moving magnetic cartridge with pre-installed stylus, counterweight and anti-slip device.

• Bluetooth streaming (both input and output), RCA audio output, USB recording to PC.

• High-quality MDF base, aluminum alloy platter, high-fidelity sound experience guaranteed, immerse yourself in uncompromising authentic sound.

Material: MDF
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High Quality UD006 Hi-Fi Turntable Set

Designed for audiophiles seeking superior sound reproduction.

Bluetooth Integrated Device, Plug and Play

Turntable, Bluetooth, Line Input and Speakers - All-in-one Package

Moving Magnet Cartridge

This is a type of cartridge commonly found in hi-fi systems. This design is designed to provide superior sound quality and audio performance.

ANT-3600L Stylus

It sounds great, works perfectly and is a good quality product.

Belt Drive System

This is a common record-playing mechanism design that has some advantages, particularly in terms of reducing mechanical noise and improving audio performance.

Shock-absorbing Feet

This is a design designed to reduce the impact of external vibrations on the sound system and improve the stability and clarity of audio performance.

8.6" Aluminum Tonearm

This is a key design element that is critical to a record player's performance and sound quality.

Full-size Metal Platter

This is a key design element that has a significant impact on the performance and sound quality of your record player.

Bluetooth Input & Output

This provides users with a wider range of audio connectivity options, enabling convenient wireless audio streaming with other Bluetooth devices.

2*20 Watt Speakers

This is a key design element that plays an important role in delivering audio output and sound performance.

Elevating your home audio experience to audiophile levels

This system seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with classic vinyl warmth. The high-fidelity audio reproduction of the UD006 is characterized by crystal-clear clarity, rich tonal depth, and a nuanced dynamic range. Whether you are immersed in the crackling warmth of vintage vinyl or streaming wirelessly via Bluetooth, the UD006 guarantees a sonic journey that transcends expectations.

Maintain a consistent audio performance

With a steadfast foundation provided by the turntable's construction and an aluminum platter, the UD006 enhances sound stability by reducing unwanted resonances and ensuring a steady rotation of the vinyl. The precision-engineered tonearm, along with adjustable counterweight and anti-skating control, further contribute to the stability of the stylus tracking, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted playback.

Immerse yourself in the rich, warm tones of vinyl

The sound experience provided by the UD006 is characterized by its crystal-clear highs, vibrant mids, and deep, resonant bass. Every note is meticulously reproduced with a level of detail that captivates the senses. The audiophile-grade components, including the precision-engineered tonearm, metal platter, and advanced Bluetooth technology, come together to create a symphony of sound that transcends expectations.

5 Highlights on the Bluetooth Turntable Speaker System UD006

The UD006 is a meticulously crafted audio system designed for enthusiasts who demand the utmost in audio quality. With a sleek and modern design, this set combines cutting-edge technology with a classic vinyl experience.

Built-in Preamp

High Fidelity Stereo Experience

Whether you're enjoying the warmth of analog playback or streaming music wirelessly via Bluetooth, the UD006 ensures a premium listening experience that satisfies even the most discerning audiophiles.

Allows you to enjoy stereo amplified sound.

With its integrated amplifier, this audio set ensures that every note and nuance of your music is delivered with exceptional clarity and precision, filling your room with rich, immersive sound.

Streaming music to the turntable for ear music feast.

With its advanced Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly connect your smartphone, tablet, or other devices to the turntable, transforming your home into a personal music hub.

Beautifully crafted and emanating an air of elegance and sophistication.

Whether you're enjoying your favorite vinyl records or streaming music wirelessly via Bluetooth, the UD006 Audio Set combines aesthetics and functionality for a truly refined audio experience.

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Bluetooth Hi-Fi Turntable Audio Set UD006

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
N. Lew
Record Player for Vinyls with two external speakers

Good player for the money spent. Inexpensive. Has a Bluetooth connection switch. No base nor treble adjustments are possible. Very simple player but with good sound.

Doug Greer
Good Baby Record Player

This is my second record player and I use it for my office. Works well but may upgrade my speakers. Enjoying at great price but wish it was semi-automatic.

Very nice retro design and sound

I have a bunch of vintage records and was looking for something to bring back the feeling of listening to the old records but having some modern tech in it. This came my way and I wasn't disappointed.Firstly, let me say that unpacking it and trying the directions was not a great experience at all. the bar counterweight was especially difficult to follow in the instructions. I then looked for a video on it and found the installation tutorial on thats attached to the pictures of the product at the top of the page. Then it was simple.I broke out my Ella Fitzgerald first and she sounded great! I then broke out the dark side of the moon and was impressed by the sounds of the little speakers. I wasnt looking for anything sounding high end but enough to turn it up a little and enjoy the music.These did the trick for me. Yup, I could get the same muisic from our music accounts, but something about a good record being played helps you relax and take your mind off of things.Overall - solid item that I am very happy to bring into my home that helps me utilize the old vinyls that I have.

Good sound quality

My daughter has records she has been wanting to play so we decided to give this record player a try. It looks very nice and the sound quality is excellent! It is fun to see my daughter enjoy records like we did in the past. This would make an excellent gift for that person who loves vinyl records.

Daughter loves it

This is very nice, worth the money. The sound is nice, and the look is nice. It is nice that it comes with speakers, no static when playing the record player. I am glad we got this.