Professional Grade Vinyl Record Player with Vintage Split Speakers SY101

Sale price$334.99

• A pair of powerful 36-watt speakers deliver a true high-fidelity vinyl experience.

• Moving magnet cartridge, Audio-Technica cartridge, counterweight and anti-skating settings.

• 33/45RPM playback, Bluetooth streaming, RCA audio output, USB recording to PC.

• Sturdy aluminum platter suppresses unwanted resonance and noise for a high-fidelity sound experience.

Color: Brown
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Hi-Fi Bluetooth Record Player System

Bluetooth Wood Turntable with Stereo Bookshelf Speakers

Rich Details

Great Features on SY101 - Hi-Fi Turntable with Dual Speakers

High fidelity sound

Delivers a deep and impressive audio experience with its superior sound quality.

Bluetooth input

It enables users to conveniently wirelessly connect various Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, etc., to achieve seamless playback of high-fidelity sound quality.

Built-in phono preamp

This design allows users to connect to line-level input devices without the need for additional external phono equipment.

RCA line output

Provide users with more flexible audio connection options, allowing them to easily connect to external audio equipment, amplifier equipment, etc.

Stable iron platter

The stable Iron Platter design provides users with a reliable and high-quality music playback platform.

Adjustable counterweight 

This is a key design feature used to optimize cartridge tracking and improve the sound quality of record playback.

2 speeds 33 1/3, 45RPM

Supports two common vinyl record speeds: 33 1/3 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 45 RPM. This feature allows users to enjoy records at different speeds, including standard albums (33 1/3 RPM) and singles (45 RPM).

Easy to install and use

It stands out for its simple installation and ease of use, providing users with an extremely pleasant audio experience.

Enjoy high-fidelity sound

All of our budget and the engineering efforts for this vinyl record player went toward sound quality. Imagine your friends will be wowed by this record player's stylish build and warm, distortion-free speakers. At that very moment, you will believe it is a record player worth having.

High-quality turntable experience

Mention the performance of this vintage vinyl record player, you could expect its sense of realism, high-end AT brand phono cartridge, well-made woods, instrumental authenticity, and detail which more affordable models just can’t match for.

Integrate with your house

The natural wood appearance design suits perfectly with your bookshelf or furniture, this set of vinyl record player with 2 bookshelf speakers are also an awesome decor to have as well. They won’t take up much space in the room and won't clash with the other home decor.

5 Highlights on Professional Vinyl Record Player SY101

Elevate your audio journey with the SY101 – where vintage elegance meets professional-grade excellence.

Decent Sound Quality

It Looks and Sounds Perfectly!

Beyond its stunning appearance, the SY101 delivers exceptional sound quality, capturing the rich warmth and depth of vinyl records with precision and clarity. Whether you're admiring its classic beauty or enjoying the immersive sound experience it provides, the SY101 is sure to exceed your expectations in both looks and performance.

Offer exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetics, match room decoration.

Whether placed in a cozy living room, a stylish study, or a retro-themed entertainment space, the SY101 adds a touch of sophistication and charm to any environment, enhancing both the visual and auditory ambiance of your home.

Exquisite design for the clarity of the hi-fi sound.

From the deep, resonant bass to the crisp, clear highs, the SY101 delivers an immersive listening experience that captures the true essence of your favorite vinyl records, allowing you to enjoy your music with unmatched depth and richness.

It allows you to listen to records via smart devices.

Experience the best of both worlds as you effortlessly switch between analog and digital audio sources, enjoying your favorite music in any format with the SY101's exceptional sound quality and vintage charm.

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SY101 the Bluetooth Turntable with 36 Watt Stereo Bookshelf Speakers

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Linda L Dinius

Pretty easy to set up, and honestly the speakers sounds way better than they had any reason to.

rob leytham
Great Sounding

Love this turntable. it was easy to set up. The bluetooth speakers are amazing sounding and I'm a BOSE guy. Made a day of listening to all my vinyl.

Pretty decent turntable really, very few complaints

Let me start off by saying that, shortly after getting this turntable, I ordered another one very similar in another brand that looked almost identical, thinking it would be as good. They looked like they came out of the same factory: The speakers were identical, same platter, similar packaging, features, and price, but without getting into all the details, this Seeying player was better than the other one in almost every possible way.At a $200+ price, the only way you can really justify a turntable like this is if you have no existing stereo system to connect to and truly need the built in power amplifier and included speakers. The speakers are nothing fantastic, but they make music. This amplifier would probably drive other speakers, but these are 4 Ohm and quite small, so big-woofer 8Ohm speakers probably wouldn't drive too well with this. It does make pretty good volume with the included speakers, just not the greatest sound. Way better than the tiny built-in speakers you see on a lot of budget players though, so that's a definite plus.This comes with the very common Audio-Technica AT3600 cartridge. It's a pretty decent entry level cartridge and styli are VERY easy to find. There is even an upgrade carbon fiber stylus with an elliptical diamond that can be bought for about $40 if you want to upgrade. If you want to upgrade further than that, the cartridge uses a standard 1/2" spaced mount, so you can put virtually any standard cartridge on here. I currently have a Audio-Technica AT-VM95EN on mine. There are slots for adjustment so you can set your cartridge alignment. I felt like I was bottomed out in the rotation to get the azimuth just very close to right, this is pretty common unfortunately, but I got it almost perfect.After a few issues with some other players, I always check the rotation speed with a phone app when I set up a new player. This one was really good - good thing since there is no external adjustment. Accessible pitch control is virtually unheard of even in this price range, and the only one I've seen (on the other player I mentioned earlier, actually) didn't have enough range to actually set the speed correctly! Between that and TWO Victrola T1s that had the speed way off from the factory (I had to adjust it on the circuit board), receiving this player with the speed set accurately gets a major thumbs up!I noticed that you can use the line/phono output and the amplified speaker output at the same time, so you can have this hooked to your stereo and also turn up the included speakers to add a little more sound. The built-in preamplifier seemed pretty adequate, no complaints about the sound it produced through my hi-fi system. I'm not saying a separate preamp isn't worth it (it is), but this doesn't sound bad at all without one.This has quite a bit of weight to it, and it also sits on 3 feet rather than 4, which is a huge plus: a player on 3 feet can't rock the way it can on 4.My only real complaints: The first time I changed setups and had to disconnect/reconnect the speakers, one of the spring-loaded speaker terminals on the back fell apart. With a little surgery, I think I could snap it back together, but I didn't really need to hook the speakers up, so I didn't bother. Some slightly better speaker terminals would be great. My biggest complaint is that the power switch is in the circuit with the phono signal. Traditionally, the phono output is a direct line right from the needle and is on all the time since it is not powered. I assume the power switch actually cuts the signal from the stylus if it's turned off, although I haven't verified that, but the real problem with this is that, even if you use the phono output and a separate preamp, if your pre/power amp are on when you turn on the turntable, there is a nasty POP when you flip the switch. No, it's probably not bad enough to hurt anything, but it's pretty obnoxious, so I have to turn everything else on before turning my receiver/amplifier on or mute the volume when I switch on the turntable. I expect pops like this in cheap pre-amps (my preamp is nothing special, it also pops because it's cheap) but I use a separate preamp to AVOID pops like this coming from the circuitry of the turntable itself. There's a similar (possibly electrically the same) pop that comes from the preamp of the turntable, but that should not be in the phono signal. That circuit should remain unbroken and unaffected all the time. That's my biggest gripe about this turntable - there should not be a power switch pop in the phono level output.My only other wish, for the price of this turntable, why not have a removable headshell? It makes cartridge changes SO much easier. Putting a different cartridge on this thing is doable and I'm glad they give you the option, but it is not much fun compared to just swapping out a headshell. The grenading speaker terminal on mine would really be a problem for some, so hopefully mine was a fluke or it got bumped or somethi...


This is such a beautiful piece! A nice modern elegant look to a vinyl player. I couldn��t be happier! Super easy to set up, came in nicely packaged for protection

Stabitha Xristiie...
Stylish function and impressive performance!

This is the best turntable for my at home system I have ever owned and by far the best for the price! It has an excellent Bluetooth connectivity OUTPUT option as well as via cable but didnt waste its space with terrible sounding built in speakers from a brand like Crossley or Victrola (who will let you down) and I hate to bash competitors in the same price range, but I havent been let down by this turntable yet. I love it for its lightweight beauty too! The removable clear dust cover is a plus the upgrade I gave myself to the adjustable stylus changed the whole game for me and I am completely satisfied. And Im not very easy to please lol