HQKZ-006 the Classic Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable with High Fidelity Sound

Sale price$249.99

  • A turntable tailor-made for true music lovers and vinyl collectors.
  • Full-size aluminum metal platter, moving magnet cartridge, anti-skating design, adjustable counterweight.
  • The wooden base and aluminum platter ensure the stability and accuracy of playback, making the record rotate smoothly during playback and the sound quality is clearer.
  • Play 33/45 RPM vinyl records, Bluetooth transmission (output), RCA audio output, USB recording to PC.
  • Classic vinyl turntable with unique high-fidelity sound quality, bringing a real and profound experience to music.
Color: Brown
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Classic Modern Turntable HQKZ-006

Designed for music enthusiasts who enjoy traditional vinyl music and digital sources.

Excellent pickup and sound quality experience.

Its tonearm is made of high-quality aluminum material and has excellent precision pickup technology, helping to provide purer sound quality. This tonearm is designed with a mechanism that adjusts stylus pressure to protect the record and ensure optimal sound quality.

Ensures sound clarity and stability.

Its belt drive system adopts precision design; the MDF base provides solid support for HQKZ-006; the aluminum turntable further improves the rotational balance; from standard 33⅓ RPM to 45 RPM, providing users with a wider range of music choices.

A comprehensive audio experience.

Its RCA output interface uses high-quality audio connection technology to transmit high-fidelity analog audio signals; built-in advanced Bluetooth technology enables convenient Bluetooth connections; most importantly, it converts digital signals into analog signals to ensure sound quality. Trueness.

Listen to vinyl texture with wireless connection.

HQKZ-006 has a stable and portable wireless connection experience, as well as clear and natural sound performance, making the vinyl experience beautiful and simple. The warm and distinctive vinyl texture sound allows you to easily regain the feeling of music.

Enjoy your vinyl collection your way.

The tacit fusion of raw wood texture and modern technology makes the sound like being in the realm of the moment. Fever configuration, hi-fi sound quality guarantee, enjoy the original vinyl taste.

Experience traditional manual playback of vinyl records.

Following the tradition of hi-fi vinyl record players, it is also equipped with manual mode that allows users to repeatedly enjoy the fun of analog record tuning, open tone arm needle pressure, anti-slip adjustment and other functions.

Double Moving Magnetic Stereo Cartridge

Audio-Technica cartridge ATN-3600L has a needle pressure of about 2.5-3.5g, which can reduce the loss of vinyl records, reduce resonance, avoid affecting the sound quality, and have a longer life.

Stick to Vinyl Analog Sound

Authentic vinyl taste, active audio or amplifier RCA cable connection, adhere to vinyl analog signal.

Bluetooth V5.3 Upgrade Experience

  • Built-in AptX high-resolution decoding Bluetooth module.
  • No need to look for wires, no wired connections, just take a weekend break and add vinyl to your life!

Tonearm & Needle Pressure Adjustment

  • Make sure the stylus contacts the record surface with the correct pressure when playing the record.
  • Helps protect equipment and records, and improves sound quality, allowing you to enjoy a better music experience.

Built-in RIAA Phono Equalizer Amplifier

  • Phono mode: Use the built-in phono preamp and connect to active audio equipment to play music.
  • Line mode: Reserves room for advancement and requires an external phono preamp system to enjoy the fun of feverishness.

Reproduce Hi-Fi Sound Quality

  • Real and natural, appreciate the retro feelings.
  • The sound is immersive and you can enjoy the original sound of the music.

Wireless Connections

Bluetooth Devices Reference

Support lossless output with Bluetooth V5.3 function.


Easily connect to Bluetooth headphones through the built-in Bluetooth function for a wireless music playback experience.


Easily pair with Bluetooth earbuds via built-in Bluetooth functionality for convenient wireless music transmission.


Easily connect to Bluetooth speakers through the built-in Bluetooth function, allowing you to enjoy a wireless music playback experience with high-fidelity sound quality.


Conveniently connect to the Bluetooth sound bar through the built-in Bluetooth function to achieve wireless music transmission with high-fidelity sound quality.

5 Highlights on the Classic Bluetooth Turntable HQKZ-006

The HQKZ-006 boasts an array of impressive features that elevate the listening experience. With a commitment to high-fidelity sound, this turntable delivers a rich and nuanced audio reproduction, capturing the essence of vinyl records.

Performance Beyond Price

Higher Accuracy and Higher Speed Performance

Every aspect of the HQKZ-006 has been carefully designed for enhanced performance.
If you're looking to get back into vinyl and want a lifetime of serious playing, look no further.

Enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

Feel the temperature of time and record the beauty of time.

Fashion and retro are intertwined, and time blooms again in the record player.

Ingenious design, minimalist and classic.

The design of HQKZ-006 is inspired by traditional record players and incorporates modern aesthetic elements to present a simple and refined appearance.

Continuing the minimalist style, it adds the finishing touch to different home spaces.

The sound is being in the realm of the moment.

Its excellent sound quality brings you into an immersive music experience, as if you are at the scene of the music creation.

Every note, every beat is accurately reproduced, allowing you to feel the true power and emotional tension of the music.

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HQKZ-006 Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Janice Smith
Meet my expectations.

Love this. I bought it for my husband as an anniversary gift. It’s perfect and the sound, via Alexa, is so good. We’ve had so much fun with the old LPs. Highly recommend.

P. Gordon
Excellent product with sleek look and great sound

Setting it up was fairly easy but I did view a couple of videos to better understand how to set the counterweight on arm.

Soon as you turn it on, blue light at back indicates Bluetooth connection has been found and it instantly found the UEBoom speaker I’m using, make sure you flip switch to LINE at back.

Larry Garritson
Turntable purchase

Great website- communication and delivery as promised

Mama Boo
Coolest gift for my BF!❤️

I was so excited I have found the coolest gift for my boyfriend. I knew that he likes to listen to vinyl records, but he didn’t think it was his priority to get record player. So when I have the chance to surprise him with something that he wants and needs, I decided to purchase this classic looking turntable. At first I was nervous if he was going to like it but once he open the present in front of everyone, it was worth every effort and money I put in because he blew away by how cool his present was. Highly recommended for those who love music.

Katie Crane
I bought this as a Christmas present for my husband and we both love it!

It has been such a great addition to our means of entertainment, and the quality is superb. We've also had a lot of fun finding sellers and procuring old records. Highly recommend!