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Special cork material design

Discover our selection of special cork-based Slipmat designs to add natural warmth to your sound system. The cork material not only provides excellent shock resistance, but also presents a unique texture and touch that adds to the musical experience.

Christmas Limited Edition Slipmat

For this special season, we bring you a unique Christmas limited edition Slipmat. These beautifully designed slipmats incorporate holiday cheer such as snowflakes, gifts and Christmas trees to inject a warm holiday feel into your acoustic environment.

Birthday Limited Edition Slipmat

To celebrate the special moments in your life, we've launched a limited edition birthday Slipmat. These unique designs incorporate elements of a birthday party and are designed for music lovers who want to celebrate their birthdays with acoustic enjoyment.

Panda Design Limited Edition Slipmat

Discover our limited-edition Slipmat in an adorable panda design to bring a lively and adorable vibe to your sound system. Inspired by nature, these designs add a distinctive touch of style to your sound area.

Customer Testimonials


Unparalleled top quality

After purchasing your turntable slipmat, I completely felt the unparalleled top quality. The fine texture of the surface not only provides excellent sound effects, but also makes the entire sound system look more refined and high-end. Very satisfied!

John L.

A must-have tool for upgrading sound quality

This turntable slipmat is really a must-have tool for upgrading sound quality! After using it, I found that the sound quality is clearer and the bass is more powerful, which completely exceeded my expectations. For friends who pursue audio quality, this product is highly recommended.


Extreme details, absolutely professional

Details determine success or failure. Your turntable slipmat shows professionalism in every detail. Whether it is the choice of materials or the production process, people can feel the brand's intention and professionalism. After purchasing, I feel that the sound system is more perfect.

christina gonzalez

Excellent low frequency performance

As an audiophile, I have always had extremely high requirements for low-frequency performance. This turntable slipmat performs well in low-frequency processing, is deep and powerful, and makes the music more layered. One of the best accessories I have ever used.

Amanda McEwen

Simple design, full of fashion sense

In addition to the excellent sound quality, I was also attracted by the simple design of this turntable slipmat. The simple and elegant appearance paired with the sound system not only enhances the overall fashion sense, but also adds a unique beauty to my music space.

Cyndy Nicholson

Durability beyond imagination

I have been purchasing this turntable slipmat for a while and I am very surprised by its durability. Even with regular use, there is no obvious wear or deformation. This high-quality durability makes me feel like my investment was well worth it.