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Driving Mode of Vinyl Players

Direct Drive

The motor body directly drives the turntable.
Advantages: 1. Stable rotation speed; 2. Strong mechanism; 3. Quick start; 4. Suitable for DJ scratching

Belt Drive

The motor drives the turntable through a belt.
Advantages: 1. Simple structure and relatively cheap; 2. The belt absorbs vibration and stabilizes the sound source; 3. Smooth operation and low noise

Operating Mode of Vinyl Players

Full Manual Operation

Brief description: Playing and stopping require manual operations.

Advantages: 1. The tone arm can be adjusted freely to experience different sound qualities; 2. The operation has a sense of ritual; 3. Parts can be replaced, suitable for DIY upgrades.

Fully Automatic Operation

Brief description: One-click play, and the arm will automatically return after playing.

Advantages: 1. Simple operation, automatic playback and automatic arm return; 2. Manual playback/selection of songs.

Semi-automatic Operation

The semi-automatic playing vinyl record player supports automatically lowering the arm to play the record, and automatically raises the tone arm and stops after playing.

Advantages: 1. No need to manually adjust the tone arm; 2. After the record is played, the tone arm will automatically lift and return to the initial position; 3. Combines the advantages of automatic and manual.

Instructions for Vinyl Players Playback System

Tip: Active speakers are speakers with output power, that is, the power amplifier is built into the passive speaker.

Traditional Vinyl Player Connection Method

vinyl record player + phono amplifier + power amplifier + passive speakers

The Evolution of Modern Turntable Connections

vinyl record player with built-in phono amplifier + active speakers

3 Connections of Audio Keeper Vinyl Turntables

1. Directly connect active speakers

Switch the button on the back of the turntable (Phono/Line) to Line and connect it directly to the active speaker.

2. Connect to a home amplifier

The button (Phone/Line) behind the turntable switches to LINE and is directly connected to the amplifier CD/DVD/AUX and other common interfaces.

3. External phono amplifier (power amplifier with dedicated analog interface)

Switch the button (Phone/Line) on the back of the turntable to Phono, and connect it directly to the phono amplifier, or to the Phono interface of the power amplifier.

The Differences Between Audio Keeper Vinyl Turntables





Drive mode

Belt drive

Belt drive

Belt drive

Operation method

Fully manual

Fully manual

Fully manual

Support speed

33 1/3, 45RPM

33 1/3, 45RPM

33 1/3, 45RPM

USB transcription




Main Features of Audio Keeper Featured Turntables

Including model ICE1, HQKZ-006, HQKZ-011.

stylish appearance

high fidelity sound

2 speeds playback

built-in pre-amp

adjustable counterweight

stable belt drive system

Bluetooth connectivity

removable dust cover


First recommendation - ICE1

Reasons for recommendation:

  • ICE1 is positioned as an audiophile-level record player and can achieve HIFI sound quality when paired with professional equipment;
  • ICE1 has an external bottom line, which can eliminate background noise and flow sound, and enjoy warm vinyl sound quality.
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First recommendation - HQKZ-006

Reasons for recommendation:

  • HQKZ-006 is a classic model with a cumulative sales of 100,000 units. It is a mature model with stable sound quality;
  • Cost-effective and economical.
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Why Choose Audio Keeper Vinyl Turntables?

The budget is sufficient and the sound quality is required.

No need to go to too much trouble, simply connect the speakers.

Just buy a set to play with, not much investment.