HQKZ-006 Wood Brown Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable

Sale price$249.99

  • Its tonearm is exquisitely designed, L-shaped and made of aluminum, ensuring excellent fidelity of sound quality.
  • The high-performance moving magnet phono cartridge ATN-3600L can present exquisite sound quality details.
  • The belt drive system ensures smooth rotation of records, providing a high-quality music experience.
  • Bluetooth and RCA modes allow users to easily transfer audio signals to external sound systems.
Color: Brown
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The Brown Turntable HQKZ-006 Has a Unique Design and Excellent Sound Quality

Designed for music enthusiasts and people with a fashionable taste.

Excellent sound quality and playback controls

The exquisite tonearm design ensures precise contact between the needle and the record, presenting every detail of the music. Users can also easily adjust the stylus pressure, ensuring high fidelity of sound quality.

Excellent music enjoyment

Its belt-driven system delivers high-fidelity sound quality. The solid MDF base and aluminum turntable provide clearer and more stable sound quality. Dual speed adjustment functions of 33⅓ RPM and 45 RPM provide users with a wider range of music choices.

A comprehensive audio device

RCA output ensures clear and stable sound quality. Built-in digital conversion capabilities expand the diversity of music sources. Powerful Bluetooth technology enables convenient Bluetooth connection. Enables users to enjoy the high fidelity of sound quality

Wireless Connections

Bluetooth Devices Reference

Support lossless output with Bluetooth V5.3 function.


Easily connect to Bluetooth headphones through the built-in Bluetooth function for a wireless music playback experience.


Easily pair with Bluetooth earbuds via built-in Bluetooth functionality for convenient wireless music transmission.


Easily connect to Bluetooth speakers through the built-in Bluetooth function, allowing you to enjoy a wireless music playback experience with high-fidelity sound quality.


Conveniently connect to the Bluetooth sound bar through the built-in Bluetooth function to achieve wireless music transmission with high-fidelity sound quality.

5 Highlights on the Brown Bluetooth Hi-Fi Turntable HQKZ-006

With these highlights, the Brown Bluetooth Hi-Fi Turntable HQKZ-006 promises a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and high-fidelity audio for a captivating and personalized listening experience.

Performance Beyond Price

Higher Accuracy and Higher Speed Performance

Every aspect of the HQKZ-006 has been carefully designed for enhanced performance.
If you're looking to get back into vinyl and want a lifetime of serious playing, look no further.

Vinyl art, elegantly presented.

With a slim body and elegant paint, HQKZ-006 has an elegant and refined appearance that matches the musical temperament.

Its design not only focuses on sound quality, but also focuses on showing the artistic charm of vinyl culture.

Beautiful sound, excellent appearance.

Not only does the sound quality perform well, but the exterior design is also outstanding.

Place it at home and it will seem like exquisite accessories blending into your home environment.

Listen to the textured sound of vinyl.

With its sophisticated technology and high-quality audio processing, it presents the unique musical texture and texture of vinyl records.

Using sophisticated accessories and craftsmanship, it brings you a warm and unique vinyl texture sound.

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HQKZ-006 the Wood Brown Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Beautiful Fit & Finish, Good Quality,Great Price.

Astectically pleasing, good build quality, Realistic pricing. I use both new technologies and Vintage equipment combined. It's the perfect blend of looks and nostalgia together.

Paul Ridgeway
It is not cheap quality very impressed!

It is so easy to set up I could not believe it. And best of all is the wood grain looks awesome and heavy. It takes no time to hook to my Bose Bar. Sound is impressive... All and all 10 out of 10.

Andres Garcia
The Perfect Record Player!

This is my first record player I’ve purchased and let me just start off by saying it is very worth purchasing. I was in the look for a new record player that was good quality, looked slick, and was affordable. After hours of browsing I stumbled upon this one and after looking at the positivity reviews I decided to go for it. Best purchase I have a made in awhile! It was a little tricky to set up but that’s just because I have never owned a vinyl player but everything turned out good and I had zero issues. Plays utopia beautifully along with my other records. I was also spectacle about the Bluetooth connectivity if it would work or not but it is honestly great and I had no problems connecting.

Great first table!

I wanted to step up from my Crosley to something with an upgradeable cart and decent hardware. This was priced so great I took a shot and was pleasantly surprised. I have found it stable, quiet and clear. It also looks great for the price point.

Joshua Kenning
The unit looks nice, functions well (with careful use) and sounds wonderful.

I got my Audio Keeper HQKZ-006 as a Valentine’s Day present to my wife. I set it up fine. The sound quality is very good.