HQKZ-006 Turntable

Sale price$249.99

A high-performance vinyl turntable built with a professional-grade system to keep your vinyl records in high-quality condition at all times.

  • Features belt drive and aluminum tonearm.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth V5.3 streaming technology.
  • Built-in switchable preamp.
  • Equipped with a high-performance moving magnet cartridge - ATN-3600L.
  • Paired with wooden base, professional adjustable counterweight, 33/45 dual speed mode, etc.
Color: Red
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Classic Bluetooth Hi-Fi Vinyl Turntable

Vintage Style & Minimalist Design

Why Choose Us?

Excellent Sound Quality

It uses advanced technology and high-quality materials to provide users with an excellent sound quality experience.

High Quality Construction

It uses high-quality materials and precise manufacturing processes to ensure its stability and durability.

Exquisite & Beautiful Design

Its simple and stylish appearance will add a unique charm to your music space and become a part of your home decoration.

Easy to Operate

It has an intuitive control interface and convenient operation methods, allowing you to easily master and use the turntable, whether you are a novice or an experienced player.

Versatility in Use

Not only is the HQKZ-006 suitable for vinyl record playback, it can also be connected to a variety of audio devices, including digital audio players and sound systems.

Reliable After-sales Service

No matter what kind of trouble you encounter or need help, we will do our best to provide you with timely and considerate service to ensure that your shopping experience is worry-free.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Sized up perfectly to fit my entertainment system to replace my last record player. I can say it’s held up nice and plays great! Getting back into vinyl and it’s definitely gotten the job done! No complaints!

Clifford C. Schuchart
Even Better than I Imagined!

WOW this is better than i imagined, Easy to put together and ajust the balance on the arm. Make sure people know about the Red Ribbon to put the Rubber Band drive on the inside of the turntable.
Put it on 33, push the button on your blutooth sterero turn on the turntable lower the arm and BOOM
Awsome ANALOGE Quality Vinyl sound, this is no toy this is a very high quality Turntable, Arm and Cartriage
also works with Digital output, phono output or USB, where you can record your records on your computer.
This is More than worth the money. The quality is as good as some of the $500 turntables, 5 Stars!

Daryl Koenigsberger
Great quality turntable for the price

This is a really good turntable for the price. It has pretty sturdy construction, and the aesthetic fits in any room.

Joey Sandoval
Solid Starter Record Player

This looks so good, and sounds even better, I love it. IT is my first record player ever, and I will be honest was very easy to set up -and there are some GREAT youtube videos that helped me out on setting this up correctly. Good buy

Joe Camper
Belt Driven

Don’t think you’ll just plug it in and play records. This one is belt driven and takes a second or two to assemble. Pretty sturdy yet light weight. Looks good (lacquered wood) Plays very well. Not top of line but a hell of deal. Counter weight on the needle arm for those slightly warped records works extremely well. Heck of a Mothers Day present.