Delivering an immersive listening experience with timeless elegance.

Audio Keeper's First Acrylic Turntable ICE1



Product Structure

ICE1 fully transparent acrylic high-fidelity Bluetooth vinyl turntable combines advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship, and is made of high-quality acrylic material to ensure its durability and stunning appearance.

Its sophisticated internal structure includes a high-fidelity tonearm, advanced Bluetooth module and sophisticated turntable system, providing users with excellent sound quality and excellent connectivity, allowing you to fully enjoy the charm of vinyl music.

Playback Structure

The playback structure of the ICE1 fully transparent acrylic high-fidelity Bluetooth vinyl turntable is precisely designed, using advanced audio technology and carefully adjusted components to ensure excellent sound quality performance.

Its precise cartridge system and balance arm, combined with a high-fidelity amplifier, acrylic platter and cork record mat, provide clear and accurate sound reproduction, allowing users to immerse themselves in a pure vinyl music experience.

The first innovatively designed all-acrylic vinyl turntable system

This groundbreaking creation seamlessly blends cutting-edge aesthetics with unparalleled audio performance. Welcome to a new era of audio excellence, where innovation meets crystal-clear sound.

Benefit 1: Full acrylic transparent design

This innovative design not only makes it a decorative piece in the space, but also provides a clear view of the inner mechanism, showing off the exquisite craftsmanship inherent in it. Suitable for those who pursue fashion, design and high-quality audio.

Benefit 2: Advanced Bluetooth technology

This feature not only increases the ease of use, but also provides users with greater audio flexibility, allowing them to enjoy high-fidelity music anytime and anywhere. Meets users’ needs for wireless connectivity and high-quality sound.

As If You Were at a Live Concert

Its superb sound quality performance, combined with clear and lifelike sound reproduction, allows you to feel the soulful charm of every note and enjoy the magic of music as if you were there.

Excellent Recording Tracking

The diamond-tipped Dual Moving Magnet Type ATN-3600L cartridge ensuring a precise and accurate playback of your records. This means you'll hear every detail in your music and enjoy a true audiophile experience.

High Fidelity Sound Experience

Delivering superior sound quality with a balanced and clear audio output that captures the nuances of your favorite vinyl records. You'll experience a rich and warm sound that's true to the original recording.

Rich Details

The ICE1 2-speed turntable featuring Bluetooth functionality brings unique high fidelity sound experience.

2-speed Turntable

The ICE1 turntable is a fully manual two-speed turntable created to give music lovers a true analog experience.

Bluetooth Output

With the integrated Bluetooth-out function, easily stream your vinyl to your favorite Bluetooth speakers.

Audio-Grade Acrylic Plinth

An audio-grade acrylic plinth is designed to suit your style. A full-size acrylic platter provides a solid seat for your vinyl during play.

Belt Drive System

This belt drive system not only reduces mechanical noise, but also brings users a purer and clearer audio experience, allowing music to truly integrate into life.

Low-vibration Motor

Housed underneath the platter, a low vibration synchronous motor connected via belt spins records at both 33 1/3 and 45 RPM.

Adjustable Tonearm

The ICE1 gives you the flexibility to change cartridges and dial in the tonearm force. Set it around 3.5 grams for the included 1/2 inch headshell.

ATN-3600L Moving Magnetic Cartridge

The turntable comes with a moving magnet cartridge preinstalled, but uses a standard mount so you can upgrade as your vinyl collection grows.

Built-in Pre-amplifier

Connect your speakers or receiver to the RCA outputs on the back, flip on the built-in pre-amp (or use your own), and you're ready to jam.

Enjoy True Audiophile Grade Sound Experience

Its advanced all-acrylic transparent design and sophisticated belt drive system complement each other to provide records with ultimate rotational smoothness and reduced mechanical noise. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, ICE1 not only provides convenient wireless connections, but also opens the door to high-fidelity music for audio enthusiasts. It truly reproduces the creative intentions of music artists and allows users to immerse themselves in the real and profound music world.

Best Unique Music Gift Choice for Family & Friends

Its avant-garde all-acrylic transparent design not only makes it a stunning visual centerpiece but also promises a true feast for audiophiles. Elevate the joy of music and add a touch of sophistication to their living spaces with ICE1 – the perfect blend of style and audio excellence, making it an unparalleled and thoughtful gift choice for any music enthusiast in your life.

How to Install the ICE1 Quickly?

Step 1

Carefully remove the ICE1 platter from the packaging, making sure to place it flat on a clean, level surface. Then install the belt correctly on the platter.

Step 2

Gently place the prepared platter onto the ICE1's turntable shaft, making sure it is firmly and smoothly seated in place.

Step 3

Install the tonearm counterweight. According to the instructions in the user manual, adjust the counterweight to balance the tonearm and ensure good tracking of the stylus to the record.

Step 4

Open the pre-installed cartridge correctly. Carefully remove the cartridge's protective cap and adjust the tonearm height according to the manual's instructions to ensure optimal sound quality and stylus tracking.

Step 5

Install the dust cover. Place it gently on the shaft of the ICE1 to protect the turntable and cartridge from dust and debris, ensuring long-term stable operation of the audio equipment.

Step 6

Put your record on the turntable and then connect the ICE1 to your audio system or Bluetooth device, making sure all cables are securely plugged into the corresponding sockets and make the necessary settings according to the user manual.


Explore the use of the high-fidelity transparent Bluetooth turntable ICE1. Frequently asked questions are as follows.

Customer Say

Customers like the design, ease of assembly, Bluetooth connectivity, and performance of the turntable.

"Supreme sound quality"

ICE1 boasts outstanding sound quality, delivering clear, rich, and immersive audio reproduction, ensuring a premium listening experience for music enthusiasts.

"Modern look"

With its sleek and modern full-transparent acrylic design, ICE1 makes a stunning statement piece in any room, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your audio setup.

"High-quality materials"

Crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, ICE1 is built to last, offering exceptional durability and reliability for years of enjoyment.

"Timeless design"

ICE1 features a thoughtfully engineered design that seamlessly integrates form and function, providing both aesthetic appeal and practical usability.

"Ease of assembly"

ICE1 is designed for easy setup and assembly, with straightforward instructions and minimal components, allowing users to quickly and effortlessly get their turntable up and running.

"High performance"

ICE1 delivers top-notch performance, with smooth and precise operation, reliable playback, and impressive audio fidelity, satisfying even the most discerning audiophiles.

"A worthwhile investment”

ICE1 offers excellent value for money, providing premium features, exceptional performance, and stylish design at an affordable price point, making it a worthwhile investment for audio enthusiasts.

"Bluetooth connectivity"

Equipped with advanced Bluetooth connectivity, ICE1 allows seamless pairing with compatible devices for convenient wireless music streaming, offering versatility and flexibility.

"Precise speed"

ICE1 ensures precise rotation speed, maintaining accurate playback and minimizing distortion, providing a consistent and enjoyable listening experience.

"Wide applicability"

ICE1 is suitable for a wide range of applications, from casual listening at home to professional DJing, making it a versatile and adaptable turntable for various audio setups and environments.


ICE1 is designed with expandability in mind, allowing users to customize and enhance their audio setup with additional components or accessories for a personalized listening experience.

"Can be upgraded"

ICE1 offers upgradeability options, allowing users to further improve and customize their turntable with aftermarket components or future upgrades to meet their evolving needs and preferences.