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What is a vinyl record?

Name: Vinyl record

Height (mm): 0.8-2.2

Weight (g): 80-220

Vinyl Size

7 inches

10 inches

12 inches

Vinyl Speed

33 1/3RPM



Vinyl Color & Shape

Why You Listen to Vinyl Records?

Vinyl Production

Step 1

Using a cutting machine, carve grooves into the paint disk to create the master tape.

Step 2

The grooved lacquer disk is plated with metal to create reverse grooves in an ultra-precise mold, called a "stamping die."

Step 3

Hot soft vinyl is pressed with a stamp, which transfers the grooves to the vinyl surface of the record.

Step 4

Trim off excess material.

Vinyl Signal

Vinyl records use an analog recording form, recording the sound waveform directly on the analog medium, which is consistent with the content recorded on the analog recording master tape. Therefore, vinyl records sound warmer and more lively.

record track

record drive

Track Comparison

"The ethereal and live feeling of vinyl records cannot be replaced by today's CDs. If you have listened to LPs, you will not be able to stand the sharp and rough digital sound of today's CDs. And modern CDs are designed to weaken as much as possible Numerous circuits and recording modes have been developed for digital sound, but they still cannot compete with LP." - Baidu Encyclopedia

vinyl music track

lossless digital music tracks

common digital music tracks

Why doesn’t my vinyl play properly?


Records tend to generate static electricity and stick to dust, so they need to be cleaned with a professional cleaning kit or a dishwasher.


Vinyl only needs a slight scratch to produce scratches. Slight scratches can be played normally on professional record players without damaging the grooves. However, some phono cartridges and needles cannot be played normally due to material problems; severely scratched records are basically Unable to repair and play.

get mouldy

Vinyl records are prone to mold in humid environments, so it is generally recommended to store them in a sealed outer envelope.


The raw material of vinyl is polyethylene, which is similar to plastic. Not heat-resistant and easy to deform under pressure. Slight deformation will not cause much impact, but severe deformation will affect the sound quality and normal playback of the record player.


Bubble problems rarely occur and are generally caused by vinyl production problems rather than human habits.

machine problem

There are problems with the record player itself, which will also affect the normal playback of vinyl.

How to use it correctly?

take pose

Take out the record along the edge, hold the edge of the record with your thumb, place your other fingers on the middle paper circle, keep your palm free, and take out the inner sleeve with the other hand. Hold the edge of the record between the palms of both hands and keep the gesture on the turntable without touching the groove.

play pose

Start - place the record - turn the turntable - lift the tone arm

Stop - return the tone arm - stop turning - pick up the record

save pose

Place them vertically, in a row, in a cool and dry place. Replace the record jacket and inner sleeve regularly and keep them clean.
Tips: After listening to a record, it is recommended to wait for it to cool down (about 6 hours) before listening to it a second time to avoid deformation caused by the heat generated by friction.

cleaning pose

Place the record on the turntable, place the professional cleaning brush on the turntable at a 45-degree angle, start from the center, and slowly and gently pull outwards. (Can be used with detergent).

Here you can find your own vinyl music

Turntable ICE1

The ICE1 all-acrylic Bluetooth vinyl turntable is designed for people who truly love music, and is suitable for music enthusiasts who pursue high-fidelity sound quality and unique appearance. Not only is it eye-catching with its transparent acrylic design, it also incorporates advanced Bluetooth technology to provide users with more flexible music playback options.

ICE1 is suitable for a variety of music types, whether it is classical music, rock, pop or electronic music, and can present delicate and exquisite audio details. Its all-acrylic material not only injects a modern feel into the music, but also makes it a part of home decoration. For individuals who pursue excellent sound quality and unique appearance, ICE1 is an ideal choice for creating a private music space. Whether you are an audiophile who tastes music or a modern person who pursues fashionable quality, ICE1 will bring unprecedented satisfaction to your music experience.

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Turntable HQKZ-006

The HQKZ-006 classic Bluetooth vinyl turntable is an ideal choice for music lovers who pursue classic charm and modern convenience. Suitable for people of all ages and music tastes, it not only provides the warm sound quality of traditional vinyl, but also integrates advanced Bluetooth technology to bring users more convenient music enjoyment.

For those who like to return to the essence of music, HQKZ-006 perfectly presents the true and rich sound quality of various music types such as classical, rock, and pop. Its classic design not only provides an attractive choice for collectors who like retro style, but also satisfies the modern lifestyle that pursues the perfect combination of convenience and tradition. Whether you are immersed in the nostalgia of retro music or enjoying the trendy feel of the latest pop songs, HQKZ-006 will bring you a pleasant music experience.

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Turntable HQKZ-011

HQKZ-011 wooden base transparent platter Bluetooth vinyl turntable combines the natural warmth of wood with modern transparent design, making it an ideal choice for those who pursue independent tastes in music quality and fashionable art. Suitable for audiophiles who have strict requirements on sound quality and modern lifers who appreciate beauty.

For people who love delicate sound quality and pay attention to the sense of musical ritual, HQKZ-011 provides a rich audio experience, and is especially good at restoring the music details of a wide range of music types such as classical, jazz, and folk songs. The natural warmth brought by its wooden base is perfectly combined with the stylish design of the transparent platter to become a work of art in your home space. For those music lovers who pursue unique taste, HQKZ-011 will become the shining star in your private music space.

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Vinyl records were the dominant music format in the 20s. To this day, some people can't put it down, and many people have collected a large number of precious vinyl records. With a collection of vinyl records and a good vinyl record player, you can start a journey of tasting music!