Belt Drive Turntable with USB, Bluetooth, Audio Technica MM Cartridge

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  • High-precision ATN-3600L cartridge with bonded stylus tip offers superior audio quality. Universal detachable headshell enables easy cartridge changes.
  • Anti-skate and counterweight adjustments ensure compatibility with any cartridge, keeping the stylus centered in the groove without harming records.
  • Pair the HQKZ-006 with Bluetooth speakers/headphones for a wire-free experience, no need for expensive phono pre-amps and receivers.
  • Digitize vinyl audio by connecting turntable to computer via USB. Use Audacity to encode your records into MP3s for easy storage and playback on computer, smartphone, or tablet (software not included).
  • The HQKZ-006 has a built-in phono pre-amp for compatibility with any stereo system, allowing use with or without a separate pre-amplifier.
  • The aluminum tonearm is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, offering high rigidity and low friction bearings for precise tracking of record grooves.
Color: Brown
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Audio Keeper® HQKZ-006 Belt Driven Turntable

A versatile and high-quality turntable combines modern technology and delivers a classic vinyl listening experience.

Removable Headshell with High-precision Audio-Technica ATN-3600L Cartridge.

The pre-installed Audio-Technica ATN-3600L cartridge features a bonded round shank stylus tip that precisely tracks the contours of each record groove. Its specially designed-cantilever and armature effectively dampen unwanted resonances for a pure, transparent sound. The cartridge is attached to a standard headshell and can be easily installed or removed for upgrade or replacement. Its high-performance design delivers expansive soundstages, accurate timbres, and tight bass response to do justice to any genre in your collection.

Innovative Belt Drive System.

The HQKZ-006's belt-driven mechanism eliminates any possibility of vibration transfer from the motor that can degrade sound quality. The belt smoothly and silently rotates the die-cast aluminum platter at a constant 33 1/3 or 45 RPM for accurate playback of all your records. An electronic sensor constantly monitors and adjusts motor speed to prevent fluctuations that could negatively impact sound. With the HQKZ-006's innovative belt drive system, you can lose yourself in the rich textures, tones, and layers of your favorite records as the artists intended.

Aircraft-grade Aluminum Tonearm.

The straight aluminum tonearm is constructed of a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum rigidity. Its lightweight design combined with low friction bearings allows the tone arm to track even the subtlest grooves in a record with ease. The tonearm pivot and bearing assembly are precision machined to tight tolerances, keeping wow and flutter to an absolute minimum. This ensures that each instrument and vocal comes through clearly, preserving all the nuances intended by the artist in the recording studio.

Convenient Speed Selection and Start/Stop Knobs.

The HQKZ-006 turntable features a convenient knob on the plinth to select between 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM playback speeds. This allows users to enjoy their entire record collection, from classic rock and jazz albums meant for 33 1/3 RPM playback all the way to modern pop and rock singles designed for 45 RPM. The computer-controlled belt-drive motor ensures accurate rotational speed at both 33 1/3 and 45 RPM to maintain optimal audio quality and avoid unwanted changes in pitch that could distort the music.

Premium Full-size Aluminum Platter.

Stability meets performance. With minimized wow and flutter, the HQKZ-006 promises an audio experience that's nothing short of perfection. The HQKZ-006 aluminum platter features a precision-machined surface for true tracking at all speeds. Together with the HQKZ-006's low-resonance tonearm, the aluminum platter hits the mark in tonal accuracy and dynamic expression across all genres of music.

Tonearm Adjustability.

With Anti-Skate, Anti-Tracking, and Weight Adjustments, you can achieve balanced and accurate sound reproduction tailored to your preference of cartridge. Anti-skate counteracts the inward pull of the record grooves on the stylus to maintain constant tracking force throughout each revolution. Anti-tracking compensates for tendencies of the tonearm to push inward or pull outward from radial tracking due to mechanical variations. Weighing the tonearm precisely establishes the optimum downward force for balanced playback without undue tracking pressure that could damage records or styli. Together, fine-tuning these parameters through a process of careful listening tests personalizes the sound by compensating for individual system and listener variables.

High-quality RCA Outputs.

The HQKZ-006 features high-quality RCA outputs that allow connection to any standard phono input on a stereo receiver, integrated amp, or other audio equipment. This provides seamless integration between the turntable and your existing audio system for rich analog sound. Housed within the HQKZ-006 is a low-noise, high-fidelity phono pre-amplifier that boosts and conditions the phono-level signal from the cartridge to line level for receivers without a phono preamp.

Bluetooth Connectivity.

In addition to traditional wired playback, the HQKZ-006 includes modern Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming. Simply pair the turntable to a Bluetooth receiver, headphones, or bluetooth speaker to listen from anywhere in the room! This allows the warmth of records to be enjoyed in a convenient, versatile manner while maintaining the authentic analog playback that vinyl enthusiasts love.

Removable Dust Cover.

Keep your turntable pristine. Shield it from dust and particles that can compromise sound quality. A built-in dust cover blocks airborne particles and dust that could otherwise settle on the turntable platter or tonearm. Regular accumulation of dust and debris can degrade audio performance over time by adding friction and resistance. The cover is easily lifted out of the way for play sessions and folds back down to protect the turntable when not spinning records. Proper use of the dust cover helps maintain optimal sound quality and extend the functional life of your turntable.

Specially Engineered Isolation Feet.

The HQKZ-006 turntable utilizes four specially engineered isolation feet to decouple the turntable from external vibrations and resonance. At their point of contact with the turntable sub-chassis or support surface, the feet of the HQKZ-006 prevent low-frequency rumble and structural vibrations from degrading the audio signal or muddying the sonic presentation. Above the isolation feet, a heavy MDF plinth further insulates the turntable from airborne vibrations. Whether enjoying vinyl or digital high-resolution files, the HQKZ-006's vibration control allows you to relax in the knowledge that only the recording itself is being heard.

Specifications & Downloads

Customer Experience Sharing

"This turntable blew my expectations out of the water. I love it so much, it's replacing my previous 2nd setup."

I Loved:

🎶 It's belt driven & includes a switch to change between 33 & 45.

🎶 Aluminum platter that was very steady. No wow or flutter, which was very impressive.

🎶 Tone arm seems solid, "problem" records did not skip like my previous starter setup.

🎶 It’s got a counterweight & anti-skate, which is more in the "intermediate turntable" category.

🎶 It’s beautiful! It looks WAY more expensive than it actually is.

🎶 Great vibration control, I had no needle skipping issues walking close while playing.

Sound Quality:

🎧 Only tested it with Bluetooth, since the place I am using it doesn't have room for speakers, but does have a built-in pre-amp if you have speakers.

🎧 Bluetooth was quick & easy to set up & does stay paired even when turning on & off to make it easy to play.

🎧 The speaker quality did impact sound quality a lot, so invest in good speakers.

🎧 Audio Keeper had less dynamic range than the Pro-Ject when compared back to back, for the price point (Pro-Ject with upgrades is 5x more expensive) a casual user might not tell a major difference between the two.

Things To Note:

📍 I did upgrade the mat from felt to cork to eliminate static since it's a metal platter.

📍 Uses an AT3600L stylus that can’t be upgraded, though this is the same throughout most starter turntables.

📍 This stylus also uses a 3.0-gram tracking force which is higher than expensive cartridges.

📍 Using Bluetooth, you can slightly hear the actual needle noise, but this is a common Bluetooth issue.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Aakhus Michael
Awesome player

It integrates USB, Bluetooth and high-quality phono cartridge, and is very cost-effective. It can meet a variety of needs and is a very cost-effective choice.

Kral David

The design is simple and modern, and will match any room. The compatibility is also very strong and can be adapted to all my audio equipment. The use experience is great.

Brady James
Great Record Player!

The Bluetooth connection is very stable and never drops out. The operation is also very simple, and the instructions are easy to understand, so even those who are using turntables for the first time can easily get started.

Herling Robert
Great quality turntable for the price

Excellent sound quality and high-quality components! The equipped Audio Technica MM cartridge performs well and the sound quality is clear and delicate. Whether it is classic old songs or new albums, they can be perfectly presented.

pham Kenny
Even Better than i Imagined!

This turntable integrates USB and Bluetooth functions, which is very convenient. It can easily transfer vinyl to your computer and play it wirelessly, making it perfect for modern families.