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Audio Keeper New Turntable HQKZ-011

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Experience high-fidelity sound quality, anti-slip function, and built-in pre-amplifier, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality music experience!

Let Music Return to Its True Nature | HQKZ-011 the High-fidelity Vinyl Turntable

  • With MM cartridge
  • Equalized with record player
  • 2 turntable speeds
  • Adjustable needle pressure
  • Support stylus upgrade
  • Removable stylus cover
  • Acrylic transparent dust cover
  • Debugging is easy

Function Overview

  • Channel: Analog
  • Appearance: Modern and simple design
  • Debugging: adjustable needle pressure, anti-slip function
  • Matching: built-in phono pre-amplifier, can match various power amplifiers
  • Convenience: Removable stylus cover protects stylus, auto-stop function protects stylus and record, flexible and beautiful acrylic dust cover
  • Compatible: supports 33 1/3, 45 rpm records, comes with MM cartridge, supports cartridge upgrade
  • Sound quality: J-shaped tonearm, thick base, full-size acrylic platter, with speed sensor

High-quality Acrylic Platter

More Realistic and Stereo Sound

Through exquisite design and excellent acoustic performance, music can present a more realistic layering and three-dimensional sound effect in the space.

Built-in Phono Preamp & RCA Output

Both Phono and Line Outputs

The unique design allows you to flexibly choose to use Phono or Line output, providing you with a wider range of connection options.

Cartridge Model ATN-3600L

Advanced Moving Magnetic Cartridge

Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this cartridge delivers exceptional tracking accuracy and reproduces your favorite records with stunning clarity and detail.

RPM Electronic Display

Instant Speed Control

This smart design lets you monitor your turntable's rotation speed at all times, ensuring your music is always in top condition.

Minimizing Distortion

Anti-Skate Control

By applying an adjustable lateral force opposite to the centrifugal force, it effectively balances the tonearm, preventing it from exerting excessive pressure on one side of the groove.

Adjustable Counterweight & Advanced MM Cartridge

More Smooth Stylus Movement for Better Sound Reproduction

Adjustable balance weights allow you to adjust the balance according to your turntable and cartridge combination, ensuring smooth movement of the stylus on the record. Paired with the advanced MM cartridge, HQKZ-011 has better sound quality performance, presenting clearer and more detailed sound.

Rich Details

The HQKZ-011 vintage high-fidelity vinyl turntable reveals the depth and layering of music in rich details.

Stable Belt Drive System

Equipped with a stable belt drive system to ensure smooth and smooth music playback.

Retro-modern Style

Combining nostalgia and modernity, it presents a unique retro-modern style.

J-typed Tonearm

The J-shaped arm is used to inject more precise and balanced tone into the music.

Controlled Speed

It has controllable speed to ensure the accuracy and stability of music playback.

MM Cartridge

Equipped with an advanced MM cartridge, it provides better sound quality.

Auto Stop

Equipped with an automatic stop function to precisely control playback and create a more convenient music experience.

Built-in Phono Preamp

The built-in phono preamplifier makes it easy to connect to the sound system and let the music bloom.

RCA Output

Equipped with RCA output, it provides you with a wider range of connection options and enjoys a variety of sound quality performances.

Unique beautiful wood base and acrylic platter design

Bringing you a unique visual enjoyment, combining classic and modern beauty.

Not only a vinyl turntable, but also a piece of home decoration

Inject a unique stylish vibe into your space.

Best music gift ideas for your family and friends

Share the warmth and classic beauty of music with the people you love.


Explore the use of the high-fidelity vintage turntable HQKZ-011. Frequently asked questions are as follows.

Customer Say

Customers like the quality, unique design, speed control display, and upgradeability of the turntable.

"Premium sound quality"

HQKZ-011 offers exceptional sound quality, delivering clear, detailed, and immersive audio reproduction, ensuring a premium listening experience for audiophiles.

"Elegant look"

With its innovative combination of wood base and acrylic platter, HQKZ-011 exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a stylish centerpiece for any home audio setup.

"High-quality materials"

Crafted with high-quality materials and precision engineering, HQKZ-011 is built to last, offering outstanding durability and reliability for long-term enjoyment.

"Innovative design"

HQKZ-011 features a unique design that combines a wooden base, acrylic platter, built-in preamp, anti-slip design, speed display, and bottom LED strip, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

"Ease of assembly"

HQKZ-011 is designed for easy setup and assembly, with simple instructions and minimal components, allowing users to quickly and effortlessly assemble their turntable.

"High performance"

HQKZ-011 delivers top-notch performance, with smooth operation, accurate playback, and impressive audio fidelity, satisfying even the most demanding audiophiles.

"Value for money"

HQKZ-011 offers excellent value for money, providing premium features, exceptional performance, and innovative design at a competitive price point, making it a worthwhile investment for audio enthusiasts.

"Speed control display"

HQKZ-011 features a speed display that allows users to monitor the rotation speed of the turntable, ensuring accurate playback and minimizing distortion.


HQKZ-011 creates a captivating atmosphere with its bottom LED strip design, adding a touch of ambiance to your listening experience and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.


HQKZ-011 is designed with expandability in mind, allowing users to customize and enhance their audio setup with additional components or accessories for a personalized listening experience.

"Wide applicability"

HQKZ-011 is suitable for a wide range of applications, from casual listening at home to professional DJing, making it a versatile and adaptable turntable for various audio setups and environments.

"Excellent upgradeability"

HQKZ-011 offers upgradeability, allowing users to enhance and customize their turntable according to their evolving preferences and needs.