Acrylic Hi-Fi Turntable System with Transparent Bluetooth Speaker

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The Acrylic Hi-Fi Turntable System, paired with Transparent Bluetooth Speaker, is a stunning fusion of retro aesthetics and modern technology. This exquisite turntable, crafted from high-quality acrylic, not only adds a touch of vintage charm to your space but also delivers impeccable sound quality. Its transparent design adds an element of intrigue, showcasing the mesmerizing vinyl spinning beneath. Coupled with the transparent Bluetooth speaker, this system not only offers a visual spectacle but also produces crystal-clear sound that fills your room with music in its purest form. Whether you're enjoying classic vinyl records or streaming your favorite tunes wirelessly, this combination provides a unique and captivating audio-visual experience that will elevate your love for music.

Model: Acrylic Turntable + Small Black Speaker

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Customer Reviews

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Kiersten McCarty
Worth every penny

I bought this Acrylic Hi-Fi Turntable System, and it completely exceeded my expectations. Easy installation, excellent sound quality, and the transparent design of the Bluetooth speaker is also very distinctive. Whether it is appearance or performance, it is highly recommended!

Excellent audio experience

I am very surprised by the sound quality of this turntable system, the bass is deep and powerful, and the treble is clear and transparent. And the design of the transparent Bluetooth speaker is very cool, which makes my music corner look more modern and fashionable.

Excellent sound quality, unique design

I am very satisfied with this Acrylic Hi-Fi Turntable System. The sound quality is excellent, and the transparent Bluetooth speaker design is eye-catching, stylish and practical. Every time I listen to music, it seems to be a pleasure!