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Featured Products Overview

Transparent Acrylic Belt-Drive Turntable

  • Unique clear acrylic design that's eye-catching.
  • Belt drive system for smooth operation and reduced vibration.
  • High fidelity sound quality, precise cartridge.

Vintage Wood Finish Belt-Drive Turntable

  • Retro wood look, classic style.
  • Belt drive system, stable playback.
  • Compatible with a variety of cartridges to meet different music needs.

Professional Grade Belt-Drive Turntable

  • Professional-grade design, upgraded motor drive.
  • Belt drive system reduces noise and vibration
  • Built-in preamplifier, directly connected to speakers.

Modern U-shaped Belt-Drive Turntable

  • Modern minimalist design, stylish appearance.
  • Belt drive ensures stable sound quality.
  • Bluetooth input & output function, wireless music playback.

Belt Drive Technology Brief

About Belt Drive turntables

A Belt Drive turntable is a common type of turntable drive that transmits power through a rubber or synthetic belt that transmits the rotational speed of the motor to the turntable. This design allows the turntable to rotate more smoothly than direct drive, reducing vibration and noise generated by the motor, thereby improving sound quality.


1. Reduce vibration

The belt drive system can effectively reduce the impact of motor vibration on the turntable, making the record rotate more smoothly and improving sound quality.

2. Reduced noise

Belt-driven turntables are generally less noisy and have clearer audio output due to fewer mechanical contact parts.

3. Excellent sound quality

Belt drives generally provide more accurate and transparent sound quality than direct drives, and are more effective at protecting records.


1. Speed changes

The speed of the belt drive may be affected by the tightness and wear of the belt itself, resulting in unstable audio output.

2. Maintenance needs

Belts may become worn or loose and require periodic replacement or adjustment, which may require some additional maintenance cost and labor.

3. Loss of transmission efficiency

Since the belt serves as a transmission medium, it will cause a small loss of energy due to friction and tightness, which may affect the rotation speed and stability of the turntable.

Why Choose Belt Drive Turntables?

The main reason for choosing a Belt Drive turntable is that it provides a higher quality sound performance. Due to reduced motor vibration and noise, the belt drive system is able to more accurately transmit musical signals, presenting clearer and more transparent audio. Especially for music lovers who are looking for high-fidelity sound, Belt Drive turntables are often the first choice because they allow them to immerse themselves even more in the details and expressiveness of their music.

A popular choice among audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

For their superior sound quality and reduced vibration.

Belt Drive turntables by price range

What are the price ranges for high-end, mid-range, and entry-level?

High-end series

Usually priced at $1,000 or more.

Mid-range series

Price range is between US$500 and US$1,000.

Entry-level series

Generally priced between US$200 and US$500.

Belt Drive Turntables by product performance

What are the components of high-end, mid-range and entry-level?

High-end series

  • Professional sound quality: high-fidelity sound quality, high-quality cartridge, precise transmission system.
  • Luxurious design: high-end materials, exquisite craftsmanship, unique appearance design.
  • Advanced features: Bluetooth connection, built-in preamplifier, automatic tonearm return and other advanced features.

Mid-range series

  • Excellent sound quality: clear and bright sound quality, balanced sound performance.
  • Practical design: simple appearance, easy to operate, suitable for various environments.
  • Moderate functions: Some models may have basic functions such as Bluetooth connection and automatic stop function.

Entry-level series

  • Basic sound quality: Basic sound quality performance, suitable for daily use.
  • Affordable: Affordable price, suitable for beginners or users with limited budget.
  • Basic functions: basic turntable functions, such as 33/45 RPM speed switching, manual operation, etc.

Buying Guide

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right Belt Drive turntable for your needs:

1. Budget

Determine your budget range, which will help narrow down your choices and ensure you find the best product within an acceptable price range.

2. Sound quality needs

Consider your sound quality requirements. Are you a sound seeker in need of high-fidelity sound, or do you just want a turntable for casual listening?

3. Features

Identify the features you need. For example, do you need Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in preamp, an auto-stop feature, or turntable speed adjustment?

4. Brand reputation

Choose a brand with a good reputation. Check user reviews and professional reviews, and choose a brand with a good reputation and complete services to ensure the quality of the purchased product and after-sales service.

5. Turntable material

Turntable material affects both sound quality and appearance. For example, an acrylic turntable may result in better sound quality, while a wooden turntable may be more artistic.

6. Exterior design

Choose an exterior design that matches the style of your home. Turntables are not only music equipment, but also part of home decoration, so appearance design is also important.

7. Turntable accessories

Consider whether you need additional turntable accessories such as stylus, cartridge, turntable pads, etc., as well as the quality and price of these accessories.

8. Where to buy

Determine where you will buy. Do you choose to buy online or in a physical store? Different purchasing locations may affect prices, after-sales service, return and exchange policies, etc.

Recommended Turntable Accessories

To enhance your turntable experience, we recommend the following accessories:


Choose a high-quality stylus or cartridge that fits your turntable model to ensure sound quality.

Turntable Pad

Using a turntable pad can reduce the friction between the turntable and the record, protect the record and improve the sound quality.

Turntable Cleaning Tool

Keeping your turntable clean can extend the life of the record and stylus and improve sound quality.

Audio Cables

Choose high-quality audio cables to connect the turntable and sound system to ensure the stability of the sound quality.


Customer Reviews & Customer Experience

The sound quality is excellent!

I am very satisfied with the sound quality of this turntable. The details are clear and the sound is warm and moving. It is well worth buying!

The appearance design is very beautiful, simple yet elegant.

It is easy to operate and has excellent sound quality. It is very suitable for home use.

Love the Bluetooth connectivity...

I am very impressed with the Bluetooth connection function of this turntable, which allows me to enjoy music anytime and anywhere, which is very convenient!

Keep regular cleaning.

Regular cleaning of the turntable and stylus is key to maintaining sound quality and is recommended after each use.

Ensure stable playback.

Adjusting the position and balance of the turntable is an important step to ensure stable playback. Pay attention to avoid the impact of external vibration on playback.

Upgrade by personal preferences.

Choosing a stylus that suits your ears is key. Different styli may bring different sound quality experiences, so you can choose according to personal preferences.