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Featured Hi-Fi Turntables

Our curated collection includes classic styles and the latest technology to suit the needs of every music lover. Whether you are an audiophile pursuing pure sound or a collector enjoying the aesthetics of music, we have the ideal product for you.


The HQKZ-006 is a great choice for your music world, blending classic vinyl charm with modern Bluetooth technology.


HQKZ-011 is an innovative high-fidelity vinyl turntable that not only has the charm of classic vinyl records, but also incorporates the essence of modern technology.


ICE1 is a unique high-fidelity vinyl turntable with a fully transparent acrylic design, showing the perfect combination of modern technology and classic charm.


UD009 is a high-fidelity vinyl turntable that combines Bluetooth input and output functions and excellent sound quality. Its unique appearance design attracts the attention of many music lovers.

Designed for Easy Vinyl Playback

Audio Keeper is committed to allowing users to easily enjoy high-quality music experience.

Budget-friendly Turntable HQKZ-006

Its high-fidelity sound quality delivers an unparalleled music experience, while built-in Bluetooth functionality makes it the perfect companion for every corner of the home.

Whether you are enjoying a relaxing time or sharing music with friends, the HQKZ-006 will deliver powerful sound to immerse you in the wonderful world of music.

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Affordable New Turntable HQKZ-011

The innovative speed display light strip design allows you to grasp the rotation speed of the record at a glance, bringing you an unprecedented music experience.

Whether you are a new collector or a veteran music enthusiast, HQKZ-011 will be the perfect companion for your music journey, bringing you immersive high-quality sound and allowing you to rediscover the charm of music.

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Best High Fidelity Turntable ICE1

Its unique appearance is not only impressive, but also highlights the wonderful beauty of vinyl records.

Whether placed in your living room or office, ICE1 can become a unique decoration, adding a stylish and artistic atmosphere to your space.

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Unique Bluetooth Featured Turntable UD009

The unique Bluetooth function of UD009 brings unprecedented convenience and flexibility to users. Not only can it be easily connected to other Bluetooth audio devices, such as wireless speakers or headphones, but it can also transfer music from UD009 to other Bluetooth devices.

This means that users can enjoy high-quality record sound quality, and at the same time, they can enjoy music anytime and anywhere without restraint, bringing users the ultimate music experience..

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User Reviews and Feedback

Bryan Funk

I purchased HQKZ-006 and really like it!

The sound quality is excellent and the Bluetooth connection is very convenient. It also has a nice classic look and fits perfectly into my home music system. Highly recommended to other music lovers!

Spencer Frith

The HQKZ-006 is one of the best vinyl turntables I have ever owned!

Not only does it look great, but the sound quality is crystal clear. The Bluetooth connectivity allows me to easily play music from my phone or tablet, which is very convenient. Definitely worth buying!

Joseph Calabria

I am very satisfied with the appearance design and sound quality of HQKZ-011!

The design of the acrylic turntable gives it a technological and modern feel while also showcasing my vinyl record collection. The sound quality is excellent and I'm immersed in it every time I listen to it. Highly recommended to other music lovers!

Joe Parks

HQKZ-011 is a really cool vinyl turntable!

Its appearance design is very unique, adding a fashionable and artistic atmosphere to my home music space. The sound quality is also very good, I am intoxicated every time I play the record. I am very satisfied with my purchase!

Sandye Hicks

ICE1 is the coolest vinyl turntable I have ever seen!

Its fully transparent design is like a work of art, perfectly displaying my vinyl record collection. The sound quality is also very good. I feel the charm of music every time I listen to it. Recommended to all friends who have high requirements on sound quality and appearance!

Jeff Goodwin

ICE1 is so amazing!

I purchased it and it immediately became the focal point of my living room. Its fully transparent acrylic design is like a gemstone and very charming. The sound quality is also very good, and I feel the beauty of the music every time I listen to it. Highly recommended to other music lovers!


If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We will wholeheartedly provide you with satisfactory answers and services.

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Guide and Advice for Buying a Hi-Fi Turntable

Buying a Hi-Fi turntable is an important decision, and here are some guidelines and suggestions to help you make the best choice.

1. Budget planning

Start by determining your budget range. Hi-Fi turntables range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Choose the product that best suits you based on your budget.

2. Consider functionality

You need to determine your functional needs for your turntable. Some turntables may have features such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB transcription capabilities, built-in amplifiers, and more. Make sure the product you choose meets your needs.

3. Sound quality

Sound quality is at the core of a Hi-Fi turntable, so make sure the product you choose has excellent sound quality performance. You can check user reviews and professional reviews to get an idea of how a product performs in terms of sound quality.

4. Turntable design

Consider whether the turntable's exterior design matches your personal preferences and home decor. Some people prefer a classic wooden turntable, while others may prefer a modern design.

5. Brand credibility

Choosing products from well-known brands is likely to be more reliable, as they often offer better customer service and product warranties. Check out user reviews to get an idea of the brand’s credibility.

6. Consider expandability

If you plan to upgrade your sound system in the future, make sure the turntable you choose is compatible with other devices and has sufficient expandability.

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