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Coupons and Discounts

We want to offer coupons and discounts to new customers, loyal customers, reviewers, advocates and some specific populations so that more Audio Keeper owners can learn more about Audio Keeper and enjoy the quality Audio Keeper turntables or audio systems we offer.

New Customers

We offer a $15 discount on your first order to all new customers who sign up for our email newsletter on our website.


We offer a 10% discount for customers who leave a review (including photos or videos). The coupon will be provided to the reviewer via email and can be applied to future orders. Contact us via if you need the coupon after submitting any reviews on our product page.

Advocates and Friends

We offer a 10% coupon to all supporters who recommend Audio Keeper to their friends. Contact us via with any order information (name and what he/she purchased from us) of the customer you recommend to us.

Teachers and College Students Offer

We offer an extra 10% coupon to all teachers and college students who would love to buy anything from our website Contact us via with proof of any identifying information as a teacher or college student.

Military Offers

We offer an extra 10% coupon exclusively for active-duty members and veterans of the United States military. Contact us via with proof of any identifying information as an active military or veteran.

Seasonal and Holiday Discounts

Audio Keeper occasionally offers seasonal discounts. For new arrivals or promotions, please register with Audio Keeper to receive the latest products info and discount updates from Audio Keeper.

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