HQKZ-006 Wood Red Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable

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  • 8.6-inch L-shaped aluminum tone arm is exquisitely designed to ensure precise contact between the stylus and the record, achieving the ultimate restoration of sound quality.
  • The high-performance Audio-Technica ATN-3600L cartridge & stylus capture every note of music and presents users with exquisite audio details.
  • The belt drive system ensures smooth rotation of the record, providing excellent sound quality.
  • Bluetooth and RCA modes enable users to easily transmit audio signals to external sound systems, adding convenience to music sharing.
Color: Red Wine
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Red Turntable HQKZ-006 Combines Retro Charm with Modern Convenience

Designed for music enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate vintage audio style.

Superior sound quality and record playback experience.

The tonearm design provides excellent sound quality; users can easily adjust the stylus pressure according to the record type and needs to protect the record and maintain high sound fidelity; the unique precision pickup technology allows the tone arm to capture tracks with high sensitivity, capturing every subtle detail of the music.

Unparalleled sound quality experience.

Its sophisticated belt drive system maintains high fidelity of sound quality; the solid MDF base and aluminum turntable effectively reduce vibration and resonance, providing clearer and stable sound quality; the dual speed adjustment function provides users with a wider range of music choices.

Provides more possibilities for music experience.

Its RCA output interface maintains the high fidelity of sound quality and ensures clear audio transmission. The built-in Bluetooth technology and digital conversion function convert digital audio signals into analog signals, expanding the diversity of music sources.

Professional craftsmanship creates a classic.

With its classic appearance and high-quality performance created by professional craftsmanship, HQKZ-006 provides users with a high-quality music experience and has become an indispensable classic choice for home entertainment spaces.

It has its own charm when integrated into the home.

HQKZ-006 shows unique charm when integrated into the home environment. It not only adds artistic flavor to the home space, but also becomes an indispensable part of family life, bringing a pleasant and comfortable life experience to the residents.

High-quality craftsmanship injects fashionable vitality.

With its high-quality craftsmanship, it injects fashionable vitality into the home space, becomes the highlight and focus of the home decoration, and brings a pleasant and comfortable life experience to the owner.

Vintage and Beautiful Appearance

Showing strong nostalgic feelings and fashionable charm, it has become an indispensable part of home decoration, bringing pleasure and enjoyment to users.

Wood Plinth + Aluminum Platter and Tonearm

The combination of wooden base, aluminum alloy platter and tonearm not only embodies the warmth of natural materials, but also demonstrates the exquisite skills of modern craftsmanship, bringing users a high-quality music playback experience.

Fully Manual Belt Drive Music Device

As a completely manually driven music device, HQKZ-006 provides users with a more pure and immersive music experience, allowing you to enjoy the musical charm of traditional vinyl records.

Support 7"10"12" Vinyl Records

It supports vinyl records of various sizes, providing users with a rich variety of music choices, allowing users to enjoy the musical charm brought by records of different sizes.

Adjustable Anti-vibration Feet

The adjustable anti-shock feet provide users with a personalized and efficient music playback experience, effectively reducing the interference of vibration and noise on sound quality, allowing you to enjoy high-quality music.

Compact Turntable with Removable Dust Cover

It provides users with a convenient music playback experience and comprehensive record protection measures, allowing you to enjoy high-quality music without worrying about the impact of the external environment on the player and records.

Wireless Connections

Bluetooth Devices Reference

Support lossless output with Bluetooth V5.3 function.


Easily connect to Bluetooth headphones through the built-in Bluetooth function for a wireless music playback experience.


Easily pair with Bluetooth earbuds via built-in Bluetooth functionality for convenient wireless music transmission.


Easily connect to Bluetooth speakers through the built-in Bluetooth function, allowing you to enjoy a wireless music playback experience with high-fidelity sound quality.


Conveniently connect to the Bluetooth sound bar through the built-in Bluetooth function to achieve wireless music transmission with high-fidelity sound quality.

5 Highlights on the Red Bluetooth Hi-Fi Turntable HQKZ-006

Incorporating these highlights, the Red Bluetooth Hi-Fi Turntable HQKZ-006 promises a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and high-fidelity audio for a captivating listening experience.

Performance Beyond Price

Higher Accuracy and Higher Speed Performance

Every aspect of the HQKZ-006 has been carefully designed for enhanced performance.
If you're looking to get back into vinyl and want a lifetime of serious playing, look no further.

Musical aesthetics, paying tribute to the vinyl era.

The design is inspired by the classic record player. Its appearance is simple and classic, full of a strong retro atmosphere.

Every detail is carefully crafted to show respect and cherishment of music culture.

Pursuing musical truth.

With excellent sound quality and exquisite craftsmanship, it is committed to presenting the pure beauty of original music to users.

Through the built-in Bluetooth function, it brings music into modern life, allowing users to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of music anytime and anywhere

It is both fashionable and classic.

Featuring premium materials, stylish aesthetics and rich, vivid sound.

A meticulous development process ensures no compromise on sound or performance at an affordable price.

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HQKZ-006 the Wood Red Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable

Customer Reviews

Based on 735 reviews
Daniel G.
Awesome record player!

We got the vinyl record player over the holidays. It fits perfectly with our home decor, is elegant and retro, sounds fantastic, and works smoothly with our Sonos sound system. Since buying the player, it has become an anchor of the living room activities, either for relaxation or festivities. The player also reinvigorated our interest in music discovery and treasure hunt of local record stores! We love it and highly recommend it for the joy of music, discovery and connection.

Michael L. Knapp
Nice for price

This is a great inexpensive turntable. No, it doesn't perform as well as a $2000 turntable but it does work as well as turntables costing twice as much. I have an expensive turntable for my listening room but I got this to make an outside stereo for the summer/fall to set up in my gazebo. I got this and a marine receiver with Bluetooth to go with my existing outdoor speakers. It connected very easily and sounds fantastic. Unlike many popular priced turntables that have ceramic cartridges that can damage your valuable record collection this has an Audio Technica magnetic cartridge that I even trust with my MFSL audiophile vinyl. The Bluetooth is very easy to set up. My only recommendation is that you make sure that the cartridge is properly aligned. They even included a card stock alignment protractor. The place that I have it setup is covered but I will bring it in before the rainy season & maybe use it in the basement. I don't think that you can get a better turntable in anywhere near this price. Most highly recommended for a second turntable or someone looking to newly get into vinyl.

Decent turntable, want to love it!

The turntable works as expected and sounds great! I really love the way this looks and want to use it more often than I do.

Turntable works and sounds great!

This turntable looks really elegant and nice with its cherry wood glossy finish. I like the retro look to the whole turntable.
It came really well packaged with all of its parts nicely packed and plenty of foam to protect the turntable. Everything was bagged and secured correctly. The instruction's were outlined but the last step on how to balance the arm was a bit difficult and it did take me about an hour to figure it out. It can be tedious. I finally got it to work well with enough pressure for the pin to play the record perfectly. Once put together, it works really well. It has an audio technica stylus/needle which is a plus!

I did not know I a record could sound so good !!!

As the title says I really did not know a record player could sound so good this is the first hire end record player I have ever had, and it is like night and day from the cheaper models out there the sound is absolutely phenomenal very clear no scratchiness or anything like that if you are looking for a good record player, I would highly recommend this model.

One of the things I can't wait to try out on this record player is to hook it to my computer to record some of my albums onto my computer using a high quality audio format. this player also has all the standard things to add expect nowadays like Bluetooth out for connecting to an external sound system such as a sound bar or headphones.

The manual is well written and easy to understand and the record player itself is very nice looking overall this is an outstanding purchase and even though it is more money than most of the other record players out there the sound quality more than makes up for the difference so I definitely feel that it is great value for the sound quality. Also as you may be able to tell I have somewhat of a dusty room and having the cover on it that I can keep close with the record in there is a huge benefit. 5 stars on this item