Why Choose Audio Keeper?

Buying Guide

A guide to discovering perfect sound quality, our Buying Guide presents you with professional purchasing advice to help you find the ideal music companion in the sea of high-fidelity vinyl turntables.

Introduction to Vinyl

Embark on your vinyl journey, our Introduction to Vinyl reveals the wonderful world of high-fidelity music and provides you with a unique music experience.

After-sales Guide

Our After-sales Guide is committed to providing you with excellent after-sales support to ensure that you always enjoy a worry-free music time when using your high-fidelity vinyl turntable..

Brand Story

When it was first established, it was founded by a group of professional engineers and creative cultural people who loved music.

our story begins with a deep love for music and a relentless pursuit of excellent sound quality.

The production factory has more than 50 years of production line experience.

Mastering a complete set of vinyl core technologies, it has an annual output of nearly one million vinyl turntables and record players.

High Quality First

Hi-Fi vinyl turntables, sound systems and accessories.

Product’s persistent pursuit of sound quality

Our product relentlessly pursues sound quality excellence, ensuring an unparalleled audio experience for discerning enthusiasts.

High quality audio experience

Embark on an immersive journey with our high-quality audio experience, where every note resonates with precision and clarity.

Excellent audio performance

Experience excellence in every note with our audio performance that delivers unmatched clarity and richness.

Meet different user needs

Tailored to diverse user needs, our product seamlessly adapts to various preferences, ensuring a personalized and satisfying experience for everyone.

Outstanding Technological Innovation

Audio technology research and development, digital signal processing and Bluetooth technology.

Professional R&D team

Our brand boasts a professional R&D team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of audio innovation, ensuring our high-fidelity turntables, audio systems, and accessories deliver an unmatched listening experience.

Improve product performance and user experience

We continuously enhance product performance and user experience, elevating the world of high-fidelity turntables, audio systems, and accessories through our commitment to excellence.

Digital signal processing and Bluetooth technology

Embracing cutting-edge digital signal processing and Bluetooth technology, our brand redefines the high-fidelity experience in the world of turntables, audio systems, and accessories.

Products stand out on connectivity and sound quality

Our products stand out for their exceptional connectivity features and unparalleled sound quality, setting the standard in the realm of high-fidelity turntables, audio systems, and accessories.

Unique Design and Craftsmanship

Tonearm and cartridge design, custom audio circuitry and acoustic engineering.

Tonearm and cartridge design

Precision-engineered tonearm and cartridge design, delivering an exquisite synergy of form and function for an unparalleled listening experience.

Record playback accuracy and sound quality performance

Exemplifying precision in record playback accuracy, our products set the benchmark for superior sound quality performance, ensuring an immersive and authentic audio experience.

Custom audio circuit

Experience sonic excellence with our custom audio circuit, meticulously crafted to enhance every nuance and deliver a truly immersive audio journey.

The unique characteristics of the product’s sound

Immerse yourself in the distinct and captivating sound signature of our products, where unique characteristics harmonize to create an audio experience beyond compare.

User Experience and Services

Shopping guide and support.

Detailed shopping guide

Navigate your audio journey seamlessly with our detailed shopping guide, ensuring a curated and informed selection tailored to your preferences.

Comprehensive customer support

Experience peace of mind with our comprehensive customer support, providing expert guidance and assistance to ensure a seamless journey with our products.

Our core values

At the heart of our brand are unwavering core values, embodying a commitment to excellence, innovation, and an unyielding passion for delivering unparalleled audio experiences.

Customers share experience and feedback

Our customers actively contribute to a vibrant community by sharing their experiences and feedback, fostering a dynamic dialogue that shapes the continuous refinement of our products.

Audio Keeper

Focus on High-fidelity Vinyl Turntables

Keep Your Audio, Keep Your Memory

50 years of production experience

Focus on vinyl record players and continue to write vinyl life with strength.

Intelligent Technology

Audiophile configuration, revitalize your listening cells with hi-fi sound quality.

Vinyl Taste

Stick to analog signals and strengthen Bluetooth digital signals.

Inspiration FM

Pay attention to details and analyze the texture of music and life.