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Classic Bluetooth vinyl turntable: stylish design, high-fidelity sound quality, perfectly blending tradition and modernity to create pure music enjoyment.


Full acrylic transparent Bluetooth vinyl turntable: unique transparent design, high-fidelity sound quality, fashionable and modern, presenting pure musical beauty.


Bluetooth input & output turntable sound system, paired with powerful 40W bookshelf speakers.


Retro Bluetooth input turntable sound system, paired with 36W powerful bookshelf speakers.


The entry-level retro turntable sound system is equipped with a powerful 30W bookshelf speaker, with a classic appearance and easy operation.

R612 Pro

Upgrade turntable with 2*20W external speakers, which comes with 2*5W tweeters and 2*15W woofers for upgraded sound quality.

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Customer Testimonials

Uncle Brian Berk

New heights of music!

This Vinyl Turntable is really a turning point in my musical journey! It looks stylish, is easy to operate, and the sound quality is impeccable. From classic vinyl records, I heard nuances I had never noticed before. A new level of music that made me fall in love with my collection all over again!


Ideal for beginners

As a vinyl beginner, this Turntable perfectly caters to my needs. With simple settings, I can start enjoying high-quality music in a short time. The price is reasonable and the sound quality is excellent, making it an ideal entry-level choice. Really satisfied with my shopping experience!

Mason McDowell

Wireless freedom and outstanding sound!

This pair of Bluetooth Speakers is truly the star of my music room! The wireless connection freed me from annoying cables, and the powerful sound performance made me feel like I was actually there. With exquisite design and outstanding sound quality, it is definitely the perfect choice for music lovers.

Tilghman Moyer

Stylish and portable, the sound quality exceeds expectations

I have been looking for a stylish and portable Bluetooth Speakers, and this one perfectly meets my requirements. It looks stylish, is easy to carry, and the sound quality exceeds my expectations. It is an indispensable companion for me who enjoys music at outdoor parties or while traveling.

Alexa Blatz

Break the tradition and enjoy all-round music

This Turntable Speaker System is really a breath of fresh air in the music world! Unique in appearance and powerful in function, it perfectly combines Turntable with an advanced sound system. From the warm sound of vinyl to the punch of modern tracks, I can enjoy all-round music enjoyment at home.

Randi Reid

Superior sound quality and unique design

For me who pursues sound quality first, this Turntable Speaker System is the perfect choice. The unique design makes it a work of art in my music corner, and the excellent sound quality makes me feel the true charm of music. Unparalleled audio experience is truly a great return on investment.