Sound in Seconds

Our all-acrylic transparent Bluetooth turntable offers instant high-fidelity audio with a sleek, modern design. The precision-engineered components and seamless Bluetooth connectivity provide lifelike sound without any hassle. No wires, no limits—just play and enjoy!


Excellent sound quality

The ICE series is known for its excellent sound quality, providing a clear and pure audio experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of music.

Elegant design

Each product adopts elegant design, integrating modern aesthetics and high-end craftsmanship, adding an exquisite work of art to your home.

High-quality material

Made of high-quality acrylic material, it is not only strong and durable, but also has excellent transparency and gloss, showing a unique beauty.

Advanced technology

The ICE series incorporates the latest high-end technology, including precision motors, high-performance tonearms, etc., to provide you with a more stable and reliable playback experience.


The products of the acrylic series are mainly made of high-quality acrylic materials. Acrylic combines excellent transparency and gloss with durability and stability to effectively protect internal audio components and provide clear visuals.

Design Concept

The design concept of the acrylic series combines modern simplicity with luxurious sophistication, aiming to create an audio device for users that not only has excellent sound quality, but is also a work of art that can enhance home taste. Through simple lines, smooth curved surfaces and exquisite detail processing, each product shows elegance and high-end temperament, perfectly integrates into the modern home environment, and brings users a new music enjoyment experience.

Definition: Unique Bluetooth Analog Turntable

Between Bluetooth Turntable and Analog Turntable, acrylic series turntable shows multiple advantages.

First of all, they have Bluetooth functionality, giving it the convenience and versatility of modern digital audio playback. You can connect your smart devices via Bluetooth, without being limited to traditional wired connections, and easily play your favorite music content. This convenient connectivity makes the turntable ideal for modern music lovers and digital audio users.

At the same time, they retain the traditional charm and premium sound quality of Analog Turntable. Its premium turntable design and high-fidelity audio output bring you a truly pure record playback experience. Whether you are an audiophile with extremely high requirements for sound quality or a romantic reminiscence person who enjoys records, they can meet your needs for traditional playback methods.


About the acrylic series products' maintenance methods, installation guides, etc.