HQKZ-006 White Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable

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  • Its aluminum L-shaped tonearm adopts an exquisite design, which is also equipped with an adjustable needle pressure system to present excellent sound quality details.
  • Equipped with Audio-Technica's high-performance cartridge, it can capture the nuances of every note, providing music enthusiasts with excellent audio performance.
  • The anti-skating belt drive system ensures smooth rotation and eliminates noise interference.
  • Bluetooth and RCA modes allow flexible connection to sound systems, allowing users to enjoy convenient music transfer.
Color: White
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The White Turntable HQKZ-006 Combines Stylish Appearance and Excellent Sound Quality

Designed for music lovers and people with a stylish lifestyle.

The ultimate vinyl music experience.

The tonearm not only presents an elegant appearance, but also captures every detail and dynamics of the music through a precise mechanism that can adjust the stylus pressure, and its precise pickup technology with excellent track tracking capabilities, providing a realistic and emotional audio performance.

Excellent audio performance.

Its precision-designed belt drive system ensures the smooth rotation of records; the combination of MDF base and aluminum turntable effectively reduces resonance, providing clearer and more stable audio performance; dual speed adjustment function makes music selection more diverse.

All-round audio flexibility.

Its RCA output interface allows users to connect audio signals to external sound systems to obtain better sound effects; built-in Bluetooth technology provides users with convenient Bluetooth connection options, achieving flexibility in audio transmission and ensuring excellent sound quality.

Lightweight, fashionable and stylish design.

HQKZ-006 adopts unique design elements such as smooth curves, simple buttons and exquisite details to show its unique personality. Not only provides you with a high-quality music experience, but also adds fashion and vitality to your home music space.

Extensive turntable compatibility.

HQKZ-006 is compatible with various common sizes of vinyl records, including 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch records, and can be played easily whether it is a single, EP or album. It ensures that users can enjoy various types of music without being limited by record size, providing a more flexible and convenient music experience.

Easily connect your Bluetooth speakers.

It provides a simple and stable Bluetooth connection function, allowing you to easily connect your Bluetooth speakers and enjoy high-quality music. You can get the ultimate music experience whether at family gatherings, outdoor activities or personal enjoyment.

Simple and Minimalist Design

It brings users a pure and refreshing visual experience, perfectly integrates music and aesthetics, and adds a simple and stylish atmosphere to the home entertainment space.

Dual Speed Playback and Easy Operation

Provides users with a more flexible and convenient music playback experience. Whether it is adjusting the playback speed or controlling various functions of the turntable, it can be easily done, allowing users to enjoy high-quality music.

Can be Connected with Bluetooth Headphones

The Bluetooth output connection function of HQKZ-006 enables users to enjoy personalized music through Bluetooth headphones, providing a more private and convenient music experience, allowing users to enjoy high-quality music anytime and anywhere.

Vinyl to MP3 Function

Enables you to save your precious vinyl record music as digital audio files for playback or storage on digital audio devices.

Equipped with 4 Anti-vibration Feet

These anti-vibration feet effectively reduce the interference of external vibrations on the record player, ensuring the purity and clarity of vinyl music, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality music experience.

Compact Design and Size

Its exquisite appearance combined with its portable size makes it easy to integrate into any space and bring high-quality music enjoyment. Whether it is a home living room, study or office, HQKZ-006 can bring you an excellent music experience.

Wireless Connections

Bluetooth Devices Reference

Support lossless output with Bluetooth V5.3 function.


Easily connect to Bluetooth headphones through the built-in Bluetooth function for a wireless music playback experience.


Easily pair with Bluetooth earbuds via built-in Bluetooth functionality for convenient wireless music transmission.


Easily connect to Bluetooth speakers through the built-in Bluetooth function, allowing you to enjoy a wireless music playback experience with high-fidelity sound quality.


Conveniently connect to the Bluetooth sound bar through the built-in Bluetooth function to achieve wireless music transmission with high-fidelity sound quality.

5 Highlights on the Stylish White Bluetooth Hi-Fi Turntable HQKZ-006

The HQKZ-006 combines exceptional sound quality, a sleek design, wireless connectivity, user-friendly operation, and versatile playback options to create a high-performance and aesthetically pleasing audio device for vinyl enthusiasts.

Performance Beyond Price

Higher Accuracy and Higher Speed Performance

Every aspect of the HQKZ-006 has been carefully designed for enhanced performance.
If you're looking to get back into vinyl and want a lifetime of serious playing, look no further.

Modern aesthetics, highlighting life style.

It has a stylish appearance and adopts a stunning modern minimalist design concept.

The size is moderate, the quality is revealed, and the style is highlighted.

Craftsmanship achieves high sound quality.

Every detail has been carefully crafted and precisely tuned to ensure the highest level of audio performance.

From the internal mechanism to the external structure, it shows ingenious manufacturing technology, making it an ideal choice for music enthusiasts.

Enjoy a relaxing and light experience.

This is a plug-and-play entry-level model with a built-in phono pre-amp.

Its simple design and easy operation allow users to start enjoying music easily and quickly.

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HQKZ-006 White Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great value for the price!

Very happy with my purchase and am really enjoying listening to the warm sounds of vinyl records.

Sham Sachinwala
Nice product

Nice player for my old vinyl records. The blue tooth connectivity is a boon as it can be easily connected with my AVR.