A one-stop package for the perfect music experience.

Combo Package Deal

Key Features and Benefits

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Perfect sound experience

Our Combo Package Deal delivers an unparalleled high-fidelity sound experience that will take your music to a whole new level. Each component has been carefully selected to ensure they work together seamlessly to give you clear, deep sound.

Integrated design

All products are carefully designed for perfect integration. The high-fidelity vinyl turntable connects seamlessly to the sound system, delivering excellent audio performance while keeping the overall look simple and beautiful.

Great value combination

Purchasing the Combo Package Deal is more economical than purchasing the products individually. We offer you a unique combination, bringing you multiple products at great prices to provide great value for your music enjoyment.

Simplify the shopping experience

Avoid cumbersome product selection and combination, our Combo Package Deal provides you with a one-stop shopping solution. You no longer need to spend time comparing different products, we have carefully matched the best combination for you.

Professional tuning

Every component in our Combo Package Deal is professionally tuned to ensure the best match for audio performance. We pay attention to details and are committed to providing the most authentic and deep music experience.

Flexible configuration options

In order to meet the needs of different customers, we provide flexible configuration options. You can choose from different component configurations based on your personal preferences and space needs to get the sound system that's best for you.

Added value and gifts

As a thank you for your choice, our Combo Package Deal also includes some additional added value, such as professional music recommendations, customized audio cables or exclusive gifts to make your shopping experience even richer.

Comprehensive customer support

After purchasing the Combo Package Deal, you will enjoy our comprehensive customer support services. We're here to help and guide you, ensuring your sound system always performs at its best.

Customer Reviews/Recommendations

Casey Moore

This is my first turntable/HiFi system, so my opinion as an audiophile is not to be trusted.

But it was very cool to use it to listen to an album I've been listening to for years and be able to hear instruments I've never heard before. And the Bluetooth setup is very easy, these are just first impressions, we'll see how it holds up.

Jocelyn Penrod

It's another fun way to listen to my favorite music.

I've been meaning to play my album collection and I must say it's special in a way that maybe only people of my generation will know. Anyway, the quality is not like the old huge stereo amps and speakers, but I find it simpler. The sound fills the room nicely and the music when the needle hits the groove is lovely. It was a little difficult to assemble, but I did it! I did have problems with the first system running too fast and speed changes. The second system worked fine. All in all a bit of a challenge, but worth it at a reasonable price.


I am new to turntables and in the past had not had a great experience with a cheaper turntable.

Since then I’ve been searching and on the lookout for a better quality turntable, but still at a decent price. This product fit the bill, literally! It was affordable and the sound quality is great! I have attached a short video with one of my records. I was worried since I’m new to all of this that I might have some trouble putting it together but it was relatively easy!

Ashley Damico

I don't usually comment on reviews, but this is an exception.

This turntable is great! Very easy to assemble and everything works as advertised. Very easy to assemble and everything works as advertised. Runs smoothly and quietly. The subwoofer and tweeter with the 2 external speakers sound great, no bass or treble control needed. I don't expect much from a product from China, but this one is well made and beautifully crafted. Buy one - you won't be disappointed!

Ross Cavanaugh

This is exactly what I was looking for. A quality turntable/speaker combo.

I tried some others but they did not work well. The sound quality is great. Little to no distortion even at the highest volume levels. Clarity and sound separation is also very good. It really fills a room. Setup is easy, but balancing the arm takes some skill and patience. 5-10 minutes to set up. Instructions were easy. I also liked being able to connect it to a proper sound system if I wanted to. The bluetooth connection works great and is just an extra feature.

Owen Laviano

This is my first record player and so far I love it.

It sounds great, it looks great, and it was pretty easy to put together. I'm really happy with the set up so far! This is my first record player and I’m very happy with it. Friends have told me it looks and sounds nice!