Bluetooth Hi-Fi Turntable HQKZ-006 with Vinyl Brush

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Turntable HQKZ-006 with Vinyl Brush is the epitome of audio perfection and vinyl care combined. This exceptional turntable not only delivers impeccable sound quality, but it also comes equipped with a high-quality vinyl brush to ensure your precious records are kept in pristine condition. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, the HQKZ-006 brings a touch of retro elegance to your audio setup while providing a superb listening experience. The included vinyl brush ensures that each spin of your record is free from dust and debris, preserving the clarity of your music. Turntable HQKZ-006 with Vinyl Brush is the ultimate choice for audiophiles who appreciate both exceptional sound and the longevity of their vinyl collection.

Model: HQKZ-006 Black + Brush
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