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HQKZ-011 Series

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HQKZ-011 Retro Hi-Fi Vinyl TurntableHQKZ-011 Retro Hi-Fi Vinyl Turntable
HQKZ-011 Retro Hi-Fi Vinyl Turntable Sale price$359.99
2 Speed Belt Drive Turntable with Adjustable Counterweight Magnetic Cartridge HQKZ-0112 Speed Belt Drive Turntable with Adjustable Counterweight Magnetic Cartridge HQKZ-011
White Acrylic Design Built-in Phono Preamp Turntable with Anti-Skating Control HQKZ-011White Acrylic Design Built-in Phono Preamp Turntable with Anti-Skating Control HQKZ-011
Vintage Brown High Fidelity Turntable with Acrylic Platter HQKZ-011Vintage Brown High Fidelity Turntable with Acrylic Platter HQKZ-011

Unique Design belt-Drive High Fidelity Turntable HQKZ-011

Its carefully designed appearance presents a modern and simple style, and is equipped with a high-quality belt drive system to bring users a clear and delicate music experience.

HQKZ-011 is an ideal choice for music lovers, allowing you to enjoy high-quality music.

Unique Features and Technical Specifications

HiFi Turntable System HQKZ-011 Series

Technical Features

Detailed explanation of functions such as Acrylic platter, Built-in preamp, Anti-skating control, etc. The fusion of these technical features enables HQKZ-011 to reach new heights in audio experience, providing users with excellent sound quality, convenient operation and excellent performance.

Acrylic platter

  • Detailed explanation:

Made of high-quality acrylic material, this special material not only has an elegant appearance, but also has an excellent damping effect on vibrations.
The low-resonance nature of the acrylic platter ensures pure rotation of the record, minimizing external interference and delivering clear, detailed sound quality.

  • Technological innovation and performance advantages:

Technological innovation: Advanced injection molding technology is used to ensure the uniformity and high precision of the acrylic plate.
Performance advantages: Provide higher audio separation, reduce resonance, and present users with a true music experience.

Built-in preamp

  • Detailed explanation:

A built-in preamp eliminates the need for an external amplifier, simplifying system connections and making it easier for users to get started.
The preamplifier boosts the signal, providing a clearer, more powerful sound.

  • Technological innovation and performance advantages:

Technological innovation: Using high-performance amplifier chips to ensure low distortion and high signal-to-noise ratio.
Performance advantages: Provide powerful sound performance, making music more vivid and real.

Anti-skating control

  • Detailed explanation:

The anti-slip control system adjusts the tonearm to prevent the stylus from generating lateral force on the record, ensuring smooth, stable playback.
By adjusting the anti-slip force, the life of the stylus and record is extended and wear is reduced.

  • Technological innovation and performance advantages:

Technological innovation: Uses intelligent sensors and feedback systems to monitor the stylus position in real time and automatically adjust the anti-slip force.
Performance advantages: Provides stable record tracking, prevents stylus beating, and ensures high-quality audio output.

Other technical innovations and performance advantages

  • High performance motor:

Technological innovation: Adopt low-vibration, high-torque AC motor to ensure smooth rotation.
Performance advantages: Provides stable turntable speed, reduces mechanical noise, and enhances audio performance.

  • Adjustable balance arm:

Technological innovation: Designed with an adjustable balance arm to adapt to different record types and provide the best record tracking.
Performance advantages: Allow users to adjust according to different music styles and record formats to obtain the best sound quality experience.

Customer Testimonials

Francis Sumner

Recommended to all music lovers!

The sound quality is outstanding, and the acrylic platter design is a real highlight, making me fall in love with collecting vinyl records all over again. The addition of a built-in preamp also makes connection easier.

Mimi Blanco

This record player is amazing!

The Anti-Skating control keeps my records smooth and I never have to worry about stylus jumping. Also, the design of the built-in preamp is simply a huge bonus.

Alexandra Smith

It looks stylish and sounds great!

Acrylic Platter is not only visually striking, it also delivers superior audio performance. Very satisfied with this purchase, worth every penny.

Cole Lewko

The turntable is easy to operate, and the design of the adjustable balance arm is very thoughtful.

Easily adjust to get the best results for different types of records. Love this powerful yet easy to use sound system.

David Kim

I am very happy with this HiFi Turntable System.

The built-in preamp makes connection easy and the sound quality is clear and outstanding. Anti-slip control ensures smooth playback of records, and I no longer have to worry about the stylus damaging my precious records. Highly recommended to all friends who love music!

Ashley Damico

This record player is the perfect accessory that I have been dreaming of!

The design of the acrylic platter makes it look very modern while providing excellent sound quality. The addition of an adjustable balance arm makes playing all types of records a breeze. Thank you so much for this great sound system, it has given me a whole new appreciation for music.