White Acrylic Design Built-in Phono Preamp Turntable with Anti-Skating Control

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  • The aluminum J-shaped tone arm is made with very high precision, allowing the cartridge to play music with the lowest error when crossing the groove of the record.
  • It features an anti-slip function to prevent needle skipping during playback.
  • The craftsmanship of the 15mm fully transparent acrylic platter ensures stable and smooth playback.
  • Adjustable counterweight for the right needle pressure with easy operation.
  • Audio-Technica's ATN-3600L phono cartridge has superb performance, excellent bass performance, and a mellow and powerful tone.

Color: White
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Modern White Belt Drive Hi-Fi Turntable with Acrylic Platter HQKZ-011

Designed for audiophiles and music enthusiasts seeking a perfect blend of contemporary design, high-fidelity sound, and versatile functionality in their vinyl listening experience.

Provides clearer, more natural sound quality.

HQKZ-011 uses high-quality acrylic platter to reduce resonance and vibration, ensure stable rotation, and provide clearer and more natural sound quality.

Audio delivery is highly fidelity.

A built-in phono cartridge preamplifier optimizes signal transmission and reduces signal distortion, ensuring high fidelity audio transfer from cartridge to speaker.

Every note has been restored.

Anti-slip control and adjustable balance weight design ensure optimal contact between the stylus and the record, improving sound quality accuracy and allowing every note to be restored.

Authentic listening experience guaranteed.

No matter what type of vinyl record is played, HQKZ-011 ensures that users feel the original sound of the music, allowing you to immerse yourself in the pure beauty of the music.

Perfectly blends into your life.

HQKZ-011 vinyl record player is suitable for vinyl collectors and music lovers, bringing unparalleled music enjoyment in the home atmosphere, allowing you to immerse yourself in elegant music.

Solid Wood Plinth + Acrylic Platter

A fusion of vintage and modern elements. HQKZ-011 is designed with 30mm wood base and 15mm high-density full-size acrylic platter.

Anti-skating Design with Adjustable Counterweight and MM Cartridge

These high-fidelity designs and details ensure stylus stability and sound quality during playback. Users can adjust it according to personal preferences and record characteristics, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality music experience.

2 Options: Vintage Brown & Modern White

You can choose the most suitable appearance according to your personal preferences and home style. Whether you are pursuing a classic retro atmosphere or a modern minimalist style, HQKZ-011 can perfectly integrate into your living space and bring you excellent visual enjoyment.

5 Highlights on the White Hi-Fi Turntable HQKZ-011

It stands as a testament to the marriage of contemporary design and cutting-edge audio technology, offering a visually appealing and high-performance solution for music enthusiasts seeking both style and superior sound quality.

Uniquely and Cleverly Upgraded

Experience the Rich, Authentic Sound of Your Favorite Music

Whether you like rock, soul, funk, jazz, blues or hip-hop, our turntables let you enjoy your vinyl collection like never before.
With advanced features like a built-in phono preamp, anti-skid control, and adjustable weighting, our turntables deliver unparalleled precision and clarity.

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Belt Drive Hi-Fi Turntable System HQKZ-011

Customer Reviews

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SD Monkey
Great turntable

It's attractive and a good value for what it is. The turntable works as expected and sounds great