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Delicate sound quality and classic appearance add more fun to your music journey.

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Explore the finer details of music and grab our Spring Sale Hi-Fi Turntable Sound System!

Exquisite design and excellent sound quality bring you an immersive music experience.

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6 Core Technologies

Our high-fidelity vinyl turntable design is based on six core technologies to ensure a superior audio experience for users.

Built-in RIAA Phono Preamp

Accurately restore sound.

Double Moving Magnet Design

Reduce resonance.

Thickened Platter

Smooth rotation.

8.6-inch Aluminum Tonearm

Lightweight design

Electronic Speed Regulation

33 1/3, 45 or 78RPM.

Belt Drive

Reduce vibration.

8 Reasons to Choose Audio Keeper Vinyl Record Player?

With these 8 reasons, Audio Keeper Vinyl Record Player stands out as the ultimate choice for vinyl enthusiasts seeking an exceptional listening experience.

Hi-fi Sound Quality

Play physical music media and enjoy the original analog signal sound quality.

Bluetooth Function

Bluetooth version 5.0 or above, compatible with mainstream Bluetooth devices, connects to mobile phones or tablets, Bluetooth speakers or headphones, making listening to vinyl easier.

Professional Needle Pressure adjustment

Professional needle pressure adjustment capability ensures accurate and stable sound pickup by the moving magnet cartridge.

RCA Output Interface

Mainstream audio output solution supports external professional-grade power amplifiers and speakers.

Built-in Phono Preamp

Enables you to connect directly to speakers or audio receivers without the need for additional equipment.

Unique Appearance

Showing a unique modern style, it stands out among audio equipment.

The Latest Developed DC Motor System

Provides more stable and precise rotation, bringing you a higher quality audio experience.

Simple and Reasonable Operation Design

This enables users to easily master how to use it and enjoy the pleasant experience brought by music.

Audio Keeper, a Music & Lifestyle Brand

We are committed to providing music lovers with a high-quality audio experience, while integrating stylish design and convenient use experience, allowing users to enjoy unparalleled quality of life while enjoying music.

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Popular Turntable System ICE1 | Now on Pre-sale

The perfect combination of sound and quality

Experience the epitome of audio excellence with our latest turntable system, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled sound fidelity while maintaining uncompromising quality standards. Reserve yours now to elevate your listening experience to new heights.

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Newly Launched Music Player HQKZ-011 | Now Available in Stock

Available in two colors, looks great

With its sleek design and availability in two vibrant colors, this music player not only looks great but also delivers exceptional audio quality. Don't miss out on the chance to upgrade your music experience today!

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Classic Design Bluetooth Hi-Fi Turntable HQKZ-006

The craze returns, the era of vinyl music

High-quality craftsmanship, infused with colorful vitality. The various colorways have been carefully chosen to reflect fashion trends. Embrace the nostalgia and immerse yourself in the timeless charm of vinyl with this meticulously crafted turntable. With built-in Bluetooth capabilities and a classic design, it seamlessly blends vintage aesthetics with modern technology, ushering in a new era of audio excellence.

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Applicable to Multiple Scenarios

Revisit the classics and savor the retro feelings. Our record players are suitable for multi-scenario connections.

Scene 1: Coffee Shop

Our high-fidelity vinyl record player is ideal for use in coffee shops. Not only does it provide excellent sound quality, it also creates a warm atmosphere and charming retro feel to the coffee shop. Customers can enjoy music while sipping coffee, creating a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience.

Scene 2: Bookstore

Our high-fidelity vinyl record player is a great choice for use in bookstores. It creates a unique atmosphere for the bookstore, perfectly blending literature and music. Customers can enjoy high-quality music while browsing books, adding pleasure and comfort to the reading experience.

Scene 3: Living Room

Our high fidelity vinyl record players are the first choice for living room use. It adds a charming retro charm to your living space and provides a premium audio experience. At family gatherings or when relaxing, enjoy the record's wonderful music with family and friends, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere and making every moment more special.

A unique gift for your loved one.

Our high-fidelity vinyl record player combines vintage charm with modern technology, offering an unforgettable audio experience. Whether they're a music enthusiast or simply appreciate the nostalgia of vinyl, this gift will surely resonate with their heart and elevate their listening pleasure to new heights.

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Adapts to Multiple Music Spaces

Enrich each environment with its timeless charm and superior audio quality. Its versatility ensures a captivating listening experience whatever how you choose to enjoy your favorite vinyl records.

Listen to idol's concert

Live Concert

Experience the raw energy and authenticity of live performances as if you were front row at a concert, all while enjoying the rich, dynamic sound quality that only vinyl can deliver. Let the music transport you to unforgettable moments, anytime you desire.

Enjoy a small gatherings with friends

Friends Gatherings

Create the perfect ambiance as you spin your favorite records, fostering moments of connection and nostalgia. With its rich sound quality and timeless charm, your vinyl player sets the stage for memorable gatherings filled with laughter, music, and cherished memories.

Being alone is also very enjoyable

Enjoy Alone

Let the soothing melodies of your favorite albums wash over you, transporting you to a realm of pure musical bliss. With its immersive sound quality and timeless allure, your vinyl player becomes the perfect companion for peaceful reflection and personal enjoyment, offering solace and serenity in the comfort of your own space.

From sleek modern designs to timeless classics.

explore high fidelity vinyl turntables

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Customer Testimonials

Ellie Patrikios

Great bang for the buck!

I love Classic Rock.
So what would be more appropriate than starting a vinyl collection and, of course, get a record player?
After days of research, I decided to go with this one. It has great reviews and looks just beautiful and very old-school (in a good way!!!)
It came very well packaged and was super easy to set up. Messing with the counterweight took a little while, but hey, if you want everything at the tip of your finger, go to YouTube. On the up side, the adjustable counterweight allows for using different cartridges.
As far as the sound goes, I was really impressed.

Joni Brezina

This works perfectly and is the coolest looking/sounding turntable I have ever owned

This record player seems to work pretty well. The sound from blue tooth is probably the best method for sound quality but also has rca outputs. It has a really nice needle and is easy to use.

Brandan Brown

Great first table!

I wanted to step up from my Crosley to something with an upgradeable cart and decent hardware. This was priced so great I took a shot and was pleasantly surprised. I have found it stable, quiet and clear. It also looks great for the price point.
stable speed
smooth cue
decent cartridge that can be easily swapped out

Branden Gilson

 Awesome record player!

We got the vinyl record player over the holidays. It fits perfectly with our home decor, is elegant and retro, sounds fantastic, and works smoothly with our Sonos sound system. Since buying the player, it has become an anchor of the living room activities, either for relaxation or festivities. The player also reinvigorated our interest in music discovery and treasure hunt of local record stores! We love it and highly recommend it for the joy of music, discovery and connection.

Sebastian Szmuk

 It is not cheap quality very impressed

It is so easy to set up I could not believe it. And best of all is the wood grain looks awesome and heavy. It takes no time to hook to my Bose Bar. Sound is impressive... All and all 10 out of 10.

Tory Treseder

Beautiful turntable

Looks well made. Works well too and easy to set up to my receiver. Bluetooth worked well and was easy to pair to my headphones. Built in phono preamp output makes it compatible to receivers/ amplifiers that do not have dedicated phono input. My receiver does. Well worth the purchase price.

Christopher Roberts

Beautiful Fit & Finish, Good Quality,Great Price.

Astectically pleasing, good build quality, Realistic pricing. I use both new technologies and Vintage equipment combined. It's the perfect blend of looks and nostalgia together. The Turntable supports 3 Seperate systems. The Main system is in the living room supported by Cerwin-Vega Speakers and 2 400 Disk changers. The other 2 systems are in seperate bedrooms, most of my electronics are from 1976- mid 90s. None of the recievers were Bluetooth capabile or Bluetooth ready. You can purchase a Bluetooth adapter that connects to any open RCA jack on the front or rear of your recievers. This Bluetooth Turntable allows me to put some Vinyl on and feed any one of the 3 systems. It has great sound and good range for signal receiving of Bluetooth.