Edifier R1280Ts 42 Watt Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Subwoofer Line Out

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The Edifier R1280Ts 42 Watt Powered Bookshelf Speakers are a remarkable audio solution, offering a potent 42-watt output and a dedicated subwoofer line out. Designed for both audio enthusiasts and professionals, these speakers combine power and versatility to deliver an immersive sound experience. Their sleek, space-saving design fits seamlessly on bookshelves or desks, while the subwoofer line out lets you enhance your setup further by adding a subwoofer for deep, rich bass. With the Edifier R1280Ts, you can expect clear and dynamic audio that elevates your listening enjoyment to a whole new level.

[EXTRA SUB-OUT PORTA] Subwoofer output with automatic detection for connecting an external extra active subwoofer. A built-in crossover is activated when the subwoofer is connected.

[DUAL RCA INPUTS] Easily connect to any devices with RCA to RCA/3.5 mm-RCA audio cable. Connect to two devices at the same time, no more plugging and unplugging. (None Bluetooth version)

[SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY] 42W continuous undistorted power, 4-inch sub-woofer unit and 13mm silk dome tweeter unit ensure strong bass and bring more impactful sound.

[UPDATED REMOTE CONTROL] Adjust volume, mute/unmute from across the room. Bass, treble, and volume control located on the side panel. Enhance your listing experience with Soundfield Spatializer button.

Product Introduction:

Precise Control  

With bass, treble, and volume dials on the side panel, you can play the audio on your connected device and adjust treble, bass, and master volume to the desired level.

Extra Sub-out Interface

A sub-out port for connecting an external extra active subwoofer and dual RCA inputs to connect two devices at the same time, no more plugging and unplugging. Suitable for everything from phone, TV, DVD to PC and tablets.

Removable Mesh Grille

The movable mesh effectively protecting the speaker unit. You can also remove the mesh from the body of the speaker and clean the speaker unit with a dry cloth.

Wireless Remote

It comes with a wireless remote for your convenience. You can adjust volume, mute/unmute, and switch sound field extension wirelessly without leaving the couch.

Included Cables

All cables included for quick and easy connections.

RCA to RCA audio cable

3.5 mm-RCA audio cable

Speaker connecting cable

Classic Wooden Enclosure

This pair of speakers made from MDF(Medium-Density Fibreboard) wood, a perfect complement to your living room or office. The wooden bookshelf design can also effectively preventing resonance.

Color: Wood+Brown
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