Vinyl Turntables Suitable for International Women's Day

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Turntable Speaker Systems Suitable for International Women's Day

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Promotion Time: Mar. 1st - 8th

International Women's Day

Discounts & Offers

All female customers enjoy 10% discount.

Discount code: WOMENSMUSIC10
(excluding discounted items)

Purchase two or more products and enjoy 15% off each item.

Discount code: WOMENSMUSIC15
(excluding discounted items)

Purchase the HQKZ-006 to enjoy an additional 5% discount.

Discount code: WOMENSMUSIC5
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Featured Collection - Vinyl Turntables

Let music bloom in your life with our carefully selected range of high-fidelity vinyl turntables designed to bring you pure musical enjoyment.

Great choice: Fully transparent acrylic Bluetooth Hi-Fi vinyl turntable ICE1

Original price: $399.99 USD
International Women’s Day sale price: $349.99 USD

Special recommendation: Newly launched high-fidelity vinyl turntable HQKZ-011

Original price: $359.99 USD
International Women’s Day sale price: $309.99 USD

Highly recommended: Unique Bluetooth input and output high-fidelity vinyl turntable UD009

Original price: $279.99 USD
International Women’s Day sale price: $251.99 USD

Cost-effective choice: Classic Bluetooth high-fidelity vinyl turntable HQKZ-006

Original price: $249.99 USD
International Women’s Day sale price: $189.99 USD

Featured Product - HQKZ-006 Brown

The HQKZ-006 classic high-fidelity brown turntable's superb sound quality and elegant design make it a favorite among female music lovers.

Not only that, HQKZ-006 is also highly respected by female musicians and has become a symbol of female musical power and independent spirit.

With HQKZ-006, female players can enjoy the pleasure and emotional resonance brought by music.

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Featured Product - HQKZ-006 Red

HQKZ-006 red turntable represents the cherishment of music and beautiful memories, as well as respect for women's taste in life.

Its red appearance shows enthusiasm and vitality, while its high-fidelity sound quality conveys the pursuit of meticulous taste.

This gift not only compliments women's unique taste, but also creates a relaxing and pleasant music experience for them, allowing them to feel warmth and joy during the festival.

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Musical Charm

Female musicians choose our high-fidelity turntables one after another to immerse themselves in the charm of music and show unlimited creativity and inspiration.


Female music lovers immerse themselves in the musical resonance brought by our high-fidelity turntables and feel the beauty and emotional connection deep in their souls.

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