Features on Professional Grade Turntable with Bookshelf Speakers SY101

Features on Professional Grade Turntable with Bookshelf Speakers SY101

The Professional Grade Turntable with Bookshelf Speakers SY101 redefines audio excellence with its exceptional features. This turntable system seamlessly marries classic design with cutting-edge technology, making it a standout choice for discerning audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

1. High fidelity sound

The SY101 high-fidelity Bluetooth turntable sound system brings a deep and impressive audio experience with its superior sound quality. This system provides wireless audio transmission via Bluetooth connection while maintaining high-fidelity sound quality standards, allowing users to freely enjoy the beauty of music.

Key features include:

  • High-fidelity sound quality: SY101 uses advanced audio technology to ensure high-fidelity sound quality and a wide sound field. Every note is delivered clearly, showing detailed and rich audio details.
  • Bluetooth connection: Through Bluetooth technology, SY101 can easily connect with various Bluetooth devices without cumbersome cables, providing a more flexible audio experience. This feature allows users to conveniently play their favorite music without being restricted by a wired connection.
  • Professional audio components: The SY101 sound system is built with professional-grade audio components, including high-quality speakers, amplifiers and other key components to ensure authentic, balanced sound.
  • Multifunctional turntable: The SY101 turntable is exquisitely designed, supports records of various sizes, and provides a variety of playback speed options to meet users' needs for different sound sources.
  • User-adjustable sound: Advanced sound adjustment options allow users to adjust audio settings according to personal preferences to create a personalized sound experience.

The SY101 high-fidelity Bluetooth turntable sound system is designed to provide users with an ultimate music feast. Whether they are listening to classic vinyl records or playing modern digital sound sources through Bluetooth, they can feel the true charm of music accompanied by high-fidelity sound quality.

2. Bluetooth input

The SY101 high-fidelity Bluetooth turntable sound system has a powerful Bluetooth input function, allowing users to conveniently wirelessly connect to various Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, etc., to achieve seamless playback of high-fidelity sound quality.

Key features include:

  • Wireless audio transmission: The SY101 Bluetooth input function allows users to transmit audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices to the sound system through Bluetooth technology to achieve a wireless connection. This design eliminates cumbersome cables and provides users with a more convenient audio experience.
  • Broad compatibility: SY101 Bluetooth input supports multiple Bluetooth protocols, ensuring seamless compatibility with various Bluetooth devices, allowing users to easily play their favorite music anytime and anywhere.
  • High-fidelity transmission: Despite audio transmission via Bluetooth, SY101 still maintains high-fidelity sound quality standards. This feature ensures that the audio quality of wireless connections is as excellent as that of wired connections, providing users with an authentic and rich music experience.
  • Simple pairing process: The Bluetooth input function is designed to be simple. Users only need to enable the Bluetooth mode of SY101 and select SY101 on the device for pairing. The fast and easy pairing process allows users to switch audio sources more quickly.

The Bluetooth input function of SY101 creates a more flexible and convenient audio experience for users, allowing users to easily share and enjoy various music contents without being limited by wired connections.

3. Easy to install and use

The SY101 High-Fidelity Bluetooth Turntable Sound System stands out for its simple installation and ease of use, providing users with an extremely enjoyable audio experience.

Key features include:

  • Simplified Installation Process: The SY101 is designed to make the installation process as simple as possible. Users only need to follow the clear instructions in the included user manual to quickly complete the installation of the sound system.
  • One-click Bluetooth pairing: After enabling Bluetooth mode, SY101 supports one-click Bluetooth pairing. This enables users to quickly connect Bluetooth devices without tedious setup steps.
  • Intuitive control panel: The SY101 audio system is equipped with an intuitive control panel, allowing users to easily master various functions of the audio. From adjusting the volume to switching playback modes, everything is designed to be intuitive.
  • User-friendly interface: SY101 adopts a user-friendly interface design to ensure that even first-time audio system users can easily understand and operate it. The illustrations and labels are clear, allowing users to get started quickly.
  • Multiple input options: In addition to Bluetooth connection, SY101 also provides multiple input options, such as RCA line input and headphone jack, to meet users' different audio source needs. This design further enhances the system's versatility.

SY101's easy-to-install and user-friendly design enables users to set up and enjoy high-fidelity sound in a short time. This sound system is designed to allow music lovers and ordinary users to easily and happily integrate into the world of music.

4. 2 speeds 33 1/3, 45RPM

The SY101 high-fidelity Bluetooth turntable sound system offers flexible playback speed selection, supporting two common vinyl record speeds: 33 1/3 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 45 RPM. This feature allows users to enjoy records at different speeds, including standard albums (33 1/3 RPM) and singles (45 RPM).

Key features include:

  • 33 1/3 RPM: This speed is suitable for most standard 12-inch vinyl records, such as albums and complete music albums. Users can enjoy records recorded at standard speed by selecting this speed.
  • 45 RPM: 45 RPM is suitable for 7-inch records and some singles. By switching to this speed, users can easily play records that were recorded at higher speeds.
  • Easy switching: Switching playback speed is very simple, users only need to manually adjust the speed selector switch on the turntable to switch from one speed to another.
  • Adapt to different sound sources: This dual-speed function makes the SY101 sound system more flexible and adapts to vinyl records of different speed standards, providing users with a wider range of music choices.

By supporting two common playback speeds, SY101 ensures that users can enjoy a variety of records of different types and specifications, thereby more fully experiencing the diversity of music.

5. Adjustable counterweight 

The SY101 high-fidelity Bluetooth turntable sound system is equipped with an adjustable tonearm counterweight, which is a key design feature used to optimize the tracking performance of the cartridge and improve the sound quality of record playback.

Key features include:

  • Optimized cartridge pressure: Adjustable tonearm counterweight allows the user to adjust cartridge pressure based on cartridge specifications and manufacturer's recommendations. By adjusting the tonearm weight, users can ensure that the cartridge tracks tracks on the record easily and accurately, reducing wear and improving sound quality.
  • Adapting to different cartridges: Different cartridges may require different tracking pressures to ensure optimal audio performance. The adjustable tonearm counterweight allows the SY101 to adapt to a variety of cartridge specifications, providing users with greater flexibility.
  • Prevent record wear: By correctly setting the tone arm counterweight, you can reduce the wear of the cartridge on the record and extend the service life of the record. This is especially important for rare vinyl records.
  • Improve sound quality performance: Correct tone arm weighting can improve sound quality performance and ensure the accurate transmission of audio signals, allowing users to enjoy clearer and more realistic music.

Through the adjustable tone arm counterweight, the SY101 sound system ensures that users can easily and accurately optimize the performance of record playback according to personal needs and the type of cartridge used, providing users with a high-fidelity sound quality music experience.

6. Stable iron platter

The SY101 high-fidelity Bluetooth turntable sound system uses a stable iron plate (Stable Iron Platter) design to provide users with a reliable and high-quality music playback platform.

Key features include:

  • Anti-vibration and stability: The quality and stability of the iron tray can effectively reduce the impact of external vibration and ensure stable rotation of the record. This helps improve the tracking accuracy of the record and reduces the interference of the cartridge on the record, thus improving the sound quality.
  • Inertia drive: Iron pallets have high inertia, which helps maintain a constant rotational speed. This is essential to ensure smooth rotation of the track, reducing tempo fluctuations and providing a more consistent audio performance.
  • Wear resistance: Iron trays usually have high wear resistance, which helps reduce the friction between the record and the tray, extending the service life of the record and stylus.
  • High-fidelity sound quality: The stability of the iron tray helps ensure the accurate transmission of audio signals, providing users with high-fidelity sound quality performance.
  • Luxurious appearance: Not only do iron trays excel in performance, they often have a luxurious appearance, adding a sophisticated design to the sound system.

By adopting a stable iron tray design, the SY101 sound system is designed to provide users with excellent sound quality and music experience, allowing users to enjoy music in a high-quality environment.

7. RCA line output

The SY101 high-fidelity Bluetooth turntable audio system is equipped with an RCA Line Output function, providing users with more flexible audio connection options, allowing them to easily connect to external audio equipment, amplifiers or recording equipment.

Key features include:

  • External audio device connection: RCA line output allows users to connect the SY101 audio system to external audio devices such as amplifiers, audio receivers or audio interfaces. This gives users the option to play music over a wider range.
  • Recording function: The RCA line output can also be used to connect to a recording device, allowing users to record the music played by the turntable sound system. This has great implications for creating remixes, archiving rare music on vinyl, and more.
  • Expanded sound system: Users can connect SY101 to an external sound system through RCA cable output to enhance the overall sound effect. This allows users to customize a sound system with greater power and sound quality based on personal preferences and space requirements.
  • Flexibility and compatibility: RCA interface is a common audio connection standard, so the RCA line output of SY101 excels in flexibility and compatibility and can be seamlessly connected with many other audio equipment.

With the RCA line output function, the SY101 sound system provides more audio connection options, allowing users to use and expand their sound systems more flexibly in different scenarios.

8. Built-in phono preamp

The SY101 high-fidelity Bluetooth turntable sound system has a built-in phono preamp function. This design allows users to connect to line-level input devices without the need for additional external phono preamplifier equipment.

Key features include:

  • Line Level Output: The built-in phono preamplifier allows the SY101 to convert the low-level signal of a vinyl record into a signal suitable for line level input. This allows users to connect their audio systems to common line-level input devices such as audio receivers, amplifiers, speaker systems, etc.
  • No external phono stage required: Users can connect the SY101 to a variety of audio systems without purchasing additional external phono stage equipment. This design simplifies system setup and lowers the threshold for use.
  • Flexible Audio Connections: A built-in phono preamplifier gives users more flexible audio connection options, allowing them to choose a connection method that suits their sound system and preferences.
  • Adaptable to different audio systems: The presence of the built-in phono preamplifier makes the SY101 sound system more versatile and able to adapt to various audio systems and configurations, ensuring that users can easily integrate into their existing sound environment.

With the built-in phono preamplifier function, the SY101 sound system provides users with a more convenient and flexible audio connection solution, making it easier to enjoy music from vinyl records.

In conclusion, the Professional Grade Turntable with Bookshelf Speakers SY101 emerges as a true embodiment of audio perfection. For enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of classic aesthetics and audiophile-grade performance, the SY101 stands as an indisputable choice, delivering a symphony of sound that transcends expectations.

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