Features on the Audiophile-level Bluetooth Hi-Fi Audio System UD006

Features on the Audiophile-level Bluetooth Hi-Fi Audio System UD006

The Audiophile-level Bluetooth Hi-Fi Audio System UD006 offers a premium listening experience, combining cutting-edge technology with classic analog charm. Designed with audiophiles in mind, the UD006 redefines the intersection of vintage warmth and modern convenience for an unparalleled music listening experience.

1. Moving Magnet Cartridge

The UD006 Bluetooth integrated turntable sound system is equipped with a Moving Magnet Cartridge, which is a type of cartridge commonly found in high-fidelity sound systems. This design is designed to provide superior sound quality and audio performance.

Key features include:

  • Dynamic Magnetic Design: The movable magnetic cartridge uses a dynamic magnetic design where the magnet is located in the cartridge and the coil is fixed in the speaker. This design produces a relatively high output when transmitting audio signals.
  • Low Distortion: Active magnetic cartridges generally exhibit lower distortion levels, providing a more realistic and accurate audio performance. This allows users to better experience the detail and dynamic range of vinyl records.
  • High sensitivity: Movable magnetic cartridges usually have high sensitivity, which can better capture subtle audio details on records, giving users a more refined music experience.
  • Easy to replace: The movable magnetic cartridge is relatively easy to replace, and users can choose different types or brands of cartridges as needed to meet personalized sound quality preferences.
  • Broad Compatibility: Movable magnetic cartridges are relatively common on the market, making it easy to find corresponding records and replacement cartridges.

The UD006's Moving Magnet Cartridge is designed to provide users with excellent sound quality and sensitivity, allowing them to enjoy the rich musical details of vinyl records.

2. ANT-3600L Stylus

Really good stylus on our turntable speaker system UD006, which is also replaceable, which ensures the good clear sound you seek for.

Key features include:

  • Compatible with several of Audio Technica's most popular cartridges
  • Very simple to install or remove

How to replace the stylus?

  • Step 1: To remove old stylus (needle)

Grasp the plastic stylus housing with thumb and forefinger, and pull away from the cartridge. The stylus assembly comes away at a slight angle.

  • Step 2: To install replacement stylus

Insert the new stylus assembly into cartridge at a slight angle, so the hook at the end of the stylus fits into the slot in the cartridge body. It will click into place.

  • Step 3: Install continued

Remember, the stylus must be fully seated on the body for proper operation.

3. Belt Drive System

The UD006 Bluetooth integrated turntable audio system uses a belt drive system. This is a common record-playing mechanism design that has some advantages, particularly in terms of reducing mechanical noise and improving audio performance.

Key features include:

  • Reduced Vibration and Noise: Belt drive systems reduce the mechanical vibration and noise found in traditional direct drive systems by using a belt of rubber or rubber-like material to connect the motor and turntable. This helps improve sound quality and allows records to be played back more clearly.
  • Smoother RPM: Belt drives provide smoother and more consistent RPM, which is critical for accurate playback of audio tracks on records. This helps avoid speed fluctuations and provides more stable sound quality.
  • Reduced Mechanical Feedback: The belt drive system reduces mechanical feedback from the motor to the tonearm, helping to protect the stylus and record from unwanted vibration and shock.
  • Durable and easy to maintain: Belts are generally more durable than direct drive systems and are easy to replace. This makes routine maintenance of the turntable easier and increases the reliability of the equipment.
  • High-fidelity sound quality: The design of the belt drive system helps achieve higher fidelity sound quality, allowing users to better appreciate music from vinyl records.

By utilizing a belt drive system, the UD006 audio system is designed to deliver superior audio performance while maintaining mechanical stability and reliability.

4. Shock-absorbing Feet

The UD006 Bluetooth integrated turntable sound system is equipped with shock-absorbing feet, a design designed to reduce the impact of external vibrations on the sound system and improve the stability and clarity of audio performance.

Key features include:

  • Reduce Vibration Transfer: Anti-vibration feet are designed to prevent vibration from being transferred into the sound system by absorbing and reducing external vibrations. This helps maintain the stability of the device and prevents vibration from adversely affecting sound quality.
  • IMPROVED AUDIO PERFORMANCE: By reducing mechanical vibration, anti-vibration feet help improve the stability of your audio performance. This allows the sound system to reproduce audio signals more accurately, providing clearer, more realistic sound quality.
  • Protect your record and stylus: Shock and vibration can have a negative impact on your record and stylus, causing wear and damage. The presence of anti-vibration feet helps reduce these mechanical stresses, extending the life of the record and stylus.
  • Stable support: Anti-vibration feet provide stable support, ensuring that the sound system can be firmly placed on the support surface during use, further reducing the transmission of vibration.
  • Adapt to different surfaces: Anti-vibration feet are often designed to adapt to different types of surfaces, including shelves, stands, or tabletops. This ensures that the sound system maintains optimal shock resistance in a variety of environments.

By using anti-vibration feet, the UD006 sound system is committed to providing more stable, clear and high-fidelity sound quality, allowing users to better enjoy music from vinyl records.

5. 8.6" Aluminum Tonearm

The UD006 Bluetooth integrated turntable sound system is equipped with an 8.6-inch aluminum tonearm (Aluminum Tonearm), which is a key design element that is crucial to the performance and sound quality of the record player.

Key features include:

  • Aluminum material: The aluminum tone arm is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which has superior rigidity and lightweight. This helps reduce resonance and vibration, improving the accuracy of your audio performance.
  • 8.6-Inch Length: The tonearm's 8.6-inch length is a classic length that provides a good balance between balance quality and tracking performance. This design helps ensure that the stylus accurately follows the record's track, providing high-fidelity sound quality.
  • Axis trajectory adjustment: Aluminum tone arms are usually designed with an axis trajectory adjustment function. Users can adjust the horizontal and vertical trajectory of the tone arm to ensure that the stylus contacts the record correctly.
  • Unique design: Aluminum tonearms often have unique appearance designs, which not only perform well but also add a sophisticated visual element to the sound system.
  • Reduced Vibration: One of the advantages of aluminum is its anti-vibration properties, which help reduce the interference of mechanical vibrations on cartridges and records, providing a purer audio signal.

By using an 8.6-inch aluminum tone arm, the UD006 sound system is designed to provide users with excellent record playback performance, allowing them to enjoy the high-fidelity music of vinyl records.

6. Full-size Metal Platter

The UD006 Bluetooth integrated turntable sound system is equipped with a Full-size Metal Platter, which is a key design element that has an important impact on the performance and sound quality of the record player.

Key features include:

  • Full-Size Design: Full-size metal trays typically have standard record diameters to accommodate various sizes of vinyl records. This design ensures the versatility of the sound system, allowing users to play records of different sizes.
  • Metal material: The pallet is made of metal, usually aluminum alloy or other high-quality metal, which has high inertia and stability. This helps maintain a stable rpm, providing a more consistent sound quality.
  • Wear Resistance: Metal trays generally have high wear resistance, helping to extend the life of your record and stylus. This is very important to protect your precious vinyl records.
  • High-quality appearance: Not only do metal trays perform well, they often have a high-quality appearance, adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to the sound system.
  • Reduce vibration and resonance: The quality and stability of the metal tray help reduce vibration and resonance, ensuring that the sound system delivers clear, stable audio performance.

By utilizing a full-size metal tray, the UD006 sound system is designed to provide excellent record playback performance, allowing users to fully enjoy music from vinyl records while maintaining high-fidelity sound quality.

7. Bluetooth Input & Output

The UD006 Bluetooth integrated turntable sound system has Bluetooth input and output functions, which provides users with a wider range of audio connection options, allowing them to conveniently conduct wireless audio transmission with other Bluetooth devices.

Main features of Bluetooth Input:

  • Receiving Bluetooth Signals: The UD006's Bluetooth input feature allows users to receive audio signals from other Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. Users can pair these devices with sound systems via Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming.
  • Convenient wireless playback: Users can easily play music from other devices via Bluetooth input without using a wired connection. This provides more flexible audio source selection and makes music sharing more convenient.
  • Compatible with multiple devices: The Bluetooth input feature is generally compatible with a variety of Bluetooth devices and audio sources, allowing users to connect a variety of mobile devices and audio players.

Main features of Bluetooth Output:

  • Stream Audio to Bluetooth Speakers or Headphones: The UD006’s Bluetooth output feature allows users to stream audio signals to compatible Bluetooth speakers or headphones via Bluetooth. This enables users to enjoy a more private music experience without the limitations of wires.
  • Wireless audio transmission: Users can transmit the audio played by records to external devices that support Bluetooth reception through the Bluetooth output function, providing more flexible audio output options.
  • Home theater integration: The Bluetooth output function also enables the UD006 audio system to wirelessly connect with other devices such as Bluetooth speakers and home theater systems to achieve a more comprehensive audio experience.

By integrating Bluetooth input and output functions, the UD006 Bluetooth integrated turntable sound system provides a more flexible audio connection method and adapts to diverse user needs.

8. 2*20 Watt Speakers

The UD006 Bluetooth integrated turntable sound system is equipped with two 20-watt speakers (2x20 Watt Speakers), which is a key design element and plays an important role in providing audio output and sound quality performance.

Key features include:

  • Power output: Each speaker has a power output of 20 watts, which provides sufficient volume and dynamic range, allowing users to enjoy high-quality music in different environments.
  • Stereo effect: The two speakers are configured as stereo (2.0 channels), creating a more three-dimensional and immersive audio experience through the separation of left and right channels.
  • Full-range response: These speakers are designed to provide full-range sound response, covering bass, midrange and treble, ensuring balanced and clear audio output.
  • High-Fidelity Sound Quality: The speakers are designed to maintain high-fidelity performance of the audio, allowing users to hear the detail and dynamic range of vinyl records.
  • Adaptable to a variety of music types: The 20-watt power output is enough to cope with various music types, including pop, rock, classical, etc., providing users with a diverse music experience.
  • Integrated design: The speakers are optimally matched with the entire sound system to ensure that they are coordinated with each other in design and performance to achieve the best sound effect.

By carrying these two 20-watt speakers, the UD006 sound system is designed to provide users with high-quality audio output, allowing them to fully enjoy music from vinyl records.

The Audiophile-level Bluetooth Hi-Fi Audio System UD006 stands out with its state-of-the-art features that elevate the audio experience. Save this blog if you are interested in our turntable speaker system UD006, this blog explores how the UD006 seamlessly combines vintage charm with modern technology, offering audiophiles a superior and immersive music listening journey.

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