Features on Vintage Beginner Turntable Audio System R612

Features on Vintage Beginner Turntable Audio System R612

The Vintage Beginner Turntable Audio System R612 encapsulates a range of features that make it an ideal companion for music enthusiasts diving into the world of vinyl. Designed with stereo dual speakers, the R612 delivers a balanced and immersive sound experience, capturing the richness and authenticity of vinyl records. The system's timeless aesthetics, coupled with its ability to play all-sized records, make the R612 an accessible yet sophisticated choice for those embarking on their vinyl journey.

1. Wireless Connectivity

The retro entry-level turntable sound system R612 provides a convenient and modern audio experience with its advanced wireless connectivity capabilities. Built-in Bluetooth technology allows users to easily pair the turntable with a compatible device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

This wireless connection eliminates the need for cumbersome cables, giving users freedom of placement and a clean audio setup. Whether playing music from online platforms or digital tracks, the R612 offers a diverse and modern music experience while retaining the nostalgic appeal of vinyl records.

Wireless connectivity enhances the R612's overall functionality, making it a stylish and convenient addition to any sound system.

2. Stereo Dual Speakers

The retro entry-level turntable sound system R612 introduces stereo dual speakers 2x15 Watts to provide users with a full range of audio immersion experience. This design cleverly integrates two speakers into the system, creating separate left and right channels, making the audio more realistic and three-dimensional.

Each speaker is tuned to ensure their sound is spectrally balanced and clear. This not only enhances the depth and dynamic range of the music, but also gives users a more realistic listening experience.

The perfect combination of retro looks and modern audio technology makes the R612 an ideal choice for experiencing the joy of vinyl records for the first time.

3. 3 Speed Record Player

The retro entry-level turntable sound system R612 introduces a 3-speed vinyl record player to provide users with a wider range of music choices and flexibility. This design allows users to choose from three different playback speeds - standard 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM and 78 RPM - to accommodate different sizes and types of vinyl records.

Whether enjoying a full performance of an album or reviewing a collection of singles, the R612's three-speed design provides users with more audio options, allowing them to fully experience the diversity of vinyl records.

This feature provides users with a more flexible and personalized music experience while maintaining audio quality.

4. External Speaker Connection

The retro entry-level turntable sound system R612 introduces external speaker connection capabilities, providing users with a wider range of audio expansion options. This design allows users to connect the R612 to external speakers or sound systems, further enhancing the intensity and depth of the audio output.

With external speaker connections, users can customize the audio experience to better suit their personal preferences and environmental needs.

This flexibility makes the R612 an ideal sound system for a variety of listening scenarios and spaces, providing both retro charm and meeting the needs of modern users for audio personalization.

5. Nice Sound Quality

The R612 retro entry-level turntable sound system stands out for its excellent sound quality. Whether playing classic vinyl records or digital music via a modern Bluetooth connection, the R612 provides users with an outstanding audio experience with warm, clear and engaging sound quality.

Its built-in dual speaker system cleverly balances bass, midrange and treble to give users a true, lifelike audio performance. This elegant sound quality not only continues the classic charm of vinyl records, but also brings users a highly satisfying listening experience with the support of modern audio technology.

The sound quality of R612 is not only a feast of sound, but also the perfect embodiment of the combination of retro and modern.

6. Play All-sizes Records

The R612 retro entry-level turntable sound system allows you to enjoy the diversity of music and supports the playback of vinyl records of various sizes. Whether it is a standard 12-inch album, a 7-inch single or a rare 10-inch record, the R612 can easily handle it and provide users with a full range of music choices.

This design emphasizes the versatility of the system, allowing users to explore and collect various types of records, thereby creating a more diverse music experience.

Whether you are tracing back to the classics or discovering novel sounds, the R612's "full-size record playback" function opens the door to music for you, allowing you to enjoy a colorful music journey.

7. Belt Drive System

The R612 retro entry-level turntable sound system introduces a sophisticated belt drive system (Belt Drive System) to provide users with an excellent audio playback experience. This design effectively isolates the vibration of the motor and reduces the interference of mechanical noise by using rubber or silicone belts to connect the motor and the tray.

This not only makes vinyl records play more smoothly, but also helps protect the record and stylus from unnecessary wear and tear. The use of a belt drive system also helps maintain a constant rotational speed, providing users with more stable and high-quality audio output.

The R612's Belt Drive System is one of the keys to its excellent sound quality, presenting users with a more realistic and clear music performance.

8. Fully Manual Control

The R612 retro entry-level turntable audio system provides precise control of music playback with its fully manual control design. Users can operate the lifting, positioning and lowering of the tonearm by themselves, as well as manually adjust the position of the stylus on the tonearm so that it accurately falls at the starting point of the record.

This fully manual control feature allows users to become more deeply involved in the music playback process, adjusting the cartridge and stylus for optimal sound quality.

Full manual control not only provides more personalization options, but also allows users to feel greater control over music playback, providing a unique and rich experience for true vinyl record enthusiasts.


We found that this sound system brings together a range of features to provide music lovers with an intoxicating first vinyl journey. Its 3-speed record player gives users a variety of choices and can play 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records of different sizes to meet the needs of all types of music. Full manual control enables users to personally control every detail of music playback, enhancing their deep involvement in the playback process.

The R612's belt drive system ensures smooth and stable rotation, minimizing mechanical noise and protecting the quality of vinyl records. External speaker connection options expand audio possibilities, allowing users to customize their own sound setup. Wireless connectivity makes it easy to integrate with modern devices, combining vintage charm with contemporary convenience.

Equipped with dual stereo speakers, the R612 delivers a balanced and immersive sound experience that captures the richness and authenticity of vinyl records. Not only is this system easy to use but it also has a stylish and classic look, as well as the ability to play a variety of record sizes, making it ideal for those venturing into the world of vinyl for the first time. R612 is the starting point of a musical journey, opening the door to rich music experiences for users.

Upgraded R612 Pro

R612 pro has undergone a new product upgrade, focusing on improving appearance details and audio performance. In terms of appearance, the redesigned shell and detailed processing make R612 more refined and fashionable. In terms of audio, the upgrade from the previous 2 speakers to the current 4 speakers has greatly improved the audio performance and surround feeling. This upgrade not only makes the R612 more attractive in appearance, but also allows users to enjoy a more shocking and three-dimensional listening experience in terms of sound quality, providing music lovers with a more superior audio experience.

R612 V.S. R612 Pro

Model R612  R612 Pro
Type Turntable with 2*15 Watts Speakers Turntable with 2*20 Watts Speakers
Speakers 30 Watts Stereo Speakers 2*5W Tweeters + 2*15W Woofers
Platter Color Black Black+Silver
Platter Material Plastic Plastic
Bluetooth Input Stable More Stable
Speed 33 1/3, 45, 78RPM 33 1/3, 45, 78RPM

RCA Output/AUX Input/Headphone Jack

RCA Output/AUX Input/Headphone Jack

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