Vinyl Record Player with Stereo Speakers

High Fidelity Turntable Speaker System


Product Type

Turntable Matching with Speakers

Create studio-quality sound characterized by a natural and well-balanced audio profile, featuring deep bass, minimal distortion, and satisfactory tonal quality. Showcase meticulous craftsmanship and aesthetics that seamlessly complement room decor.

High Fidelity Details

Moving Magnet Cartridge & Static-Balanced Tonearm

This magnetic cartridge features a sturdy design, generating moderate to high output levels and seamlessly integrating with standard phono inputs on a stereo amplifier or receiver. It is accompanied by a high-quality static-balanced tonearm and a vibration-damping belt-drive system.

Bluetooth Streaming & Vinyl Recording via PC

The integrated Bluetooth feature enables you to enjoy vinyl records using your smartphone, tablet, computer, or other compatible devices. Additionally, it supports USB-to-PC encoding, facilitating the conversion of vinyl records into MP3 digital files via a computer for playback.

Built-in Phono Preamp & Analog Phono-Line Output

The built-in switchable Phono-line and pre-amplifier provide the flexibility to connect with the included speakers. Alternatively, if you prefer connecting to your own speakers or stereo system, utilize the turntable's RCA jacks for enhanced customization.

Rich Details

Crafted to capture every intricate detail of your music, delivering an immersive audio experience like never before.

Sturdy Moving Magnet Cartridge

  • Equipped with a magnetic cartridge that meticulously traces the grooves of your record, ensuring accurate and stable tracking for true HI-FI audio.
  • Experience full, dynamic sound with abundant mid-range detail, all without the worry of scratching your precious records.

Adjustable Counterweight

  • The adjustable counterbalance with a counterweight allows for precise independent adjustments to the tracking force of the needle.
  • This ensures balanced stylus weight, resulting in smooth stylus movement, effectively preventing skipping and distortion for an optimal listening experience.

HI-FI Stereo System

  • External bookshelf speakers deliver a natural, well-balanced studio sound featuring substantial bass, minimal distortion, and satisfactory tonal quality.
  • Seamlessly blend with your home decor through high-end natural wood finishing, perfectly complementing your room's aesthetic.

Belt Drive System & Stable Platter

  • The substantial full-size platter is crafted to minimize vibrations, enhancing the clarity of hi-fi sound and promoting stable and precise rotation.
  • It also supports a belt-drive system designed for vibration damping.

Wireless Streaming (Input or Output)

  • Incorporated wireless connectivity technology: Bluetooth for both input or output.
  • Effective wireless communication distance: 33 feet.

USB Recording & Built-in Pre-amp

  • USB to PC encoding facilitates the effortless conversion of vinyl records into MP3 digital files via a computer, preserving your cherished classic vinyl tracks.
  • The built-in switchable Phono-line and pre-amplifier offer flexibility, allowing connection to the included speakers or your own speakers/stereo system through RCA jacks.

Immerse yourself in the rich nostalgia and authentic warmth

Allow yourself to be carried away by the immersive experience, where every note is a nostalgic whisper and every beat resonates with genuine warmth.

The perfect gift for music enthusiasts and audiophiles alike

Whether it's the warm crackle of vinyl or the precision of modern sound, our system caters to the diverse tastes of music lovers, making it the perfect present to delight and captivate those who appreciate the artistry of sound.


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