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Hot Seller Turntables

Choose Audio Keeper's vinyl turntables to take your music experience to new heights.

Model: ICE1

Original Price: $499.99

Now Price: $399.99

Full Acrylic Transparent High Fidelity Bluetooth Turntable System

Model: HQKZ-011

Original Price: $359.99

Now Price: $299.99

Pure Analog Vintage Turntable with Anti-slip and Speed Display

Model: HQKZ-006

Original Price: $249.99

Now Price: 209.99

Vintage High Fidelity Bluetooth Turntable at the Best Affordable Price

Combo Package Deals

Choose Audio Keeper's turntable+speaker combo to fully enhance your music experience.

ICE1+Transparent Speakers

Original Price: $1239.99

Now Price: $1054

Acrylic Hi-Fi Turntable System with Transparent Bluetooth Speaker

HQKZ-006+Edifier Speakers

Original Price: $399.98

Now Price: $339.99

HQKZ-006 High Fidelity Turntable with Edifier R1280T 42W Powered Speakers

HQKZ-011+Pyle Speakers

Original Price: $999.98

Now Price: $849.99

Pure Analog Hi-Fi Turntable with Desktop Subwoofer Speakers

Best Turntable Stands

Choose Audio Keeper's record player stands for the best support and display for your record player.

Model: AK1

Original Price: $499.99

Now Price: $249.99

Large Turntable Stand with 6 Cabinets

Model: AK2

Original Price: $269.98

Now Price: $134.99

Record Player Stand with Album Cabinet

Model: AK3

Original Price: $298.99

Now Price: $149.50

Mid-Century Modern Record Player Stand

Customer Testimonials

John S.

Amazing sound quality, elegant design

I am very satisfied with this vinyl turntable! The sound quality is very clear, which completely enhances my listening experience. And the all-acrylic transparent design looks very high-end, it is simply a work of art when placed at home.

Mary U.

Simple operation, excellent experience

As a vinyl novice, this turntable is very easy to use. The Bluetooth function is also very practical, allowing me to easily play all kinds of music. The quality and sound effects are impeccable, highly recommended!

Joshua A.

Excellent combination, super cost-effective

This turntable and speaker combination is simply perfect! The sound quality is excellent, the bass is thick, and the treble is clear. There are additional discounts for combined purchases, which are very cost-effective and absolutely worth the money.

One-stop music enjoyment

This combination brings a complete music experience, the speakers and turntable are perfectly matched, and the sound quality performance is impeccable. The additional 15% discount makes me feel particularly cost-effective and worth buying!

Smart design, practical function

This record table is not only stylish, but also provides ample storage space. The design is very stable and can protect my turntables and records well. 50% off is really a great value!

Improve the overall music experience

With this record table, my music corner has become more neat and beautiful. The design of the table is very reasonable, reducing vibrations and greatly helping the sound quality. The promotional price is very good, highly recommended to all vinyl lovers!

Experts Recommend

Audio Expert

Unparalleled Sound Quality

As an audio expert, I was deeply impressed by the sound quality of this turntable. Its high-definition and high-fidelity sound effects can truly restore every detail of the music, whether it is the deep bass or the clear treble. The all-acrylic design is not only beautiful, but also effectively reduces the impact of resonance, providing a pure listening experience.

Vinyl Turntable Reviewer

Suitable for Novices and Audiophiles

This vinyl turntable is very user-friendly and easy to use even for novices. It combines modern technology with classic design, especially the built-in Bluetooth function makes it more practical. Whether it is sound quality performance or user experience, it is impeccable and a product worth recommending.

Audio Combination Expert

Perfect Match, Outstanding Sound Effect

The combination of audio and vinyl turntable is often a challenge, but this combination is a perfect match. The powerful output of the audio and the delicate resolution of the turntable complement each other, allowing every record to show the best sound quality. This set is not only suitable for home use, but also for audiophiles who pursue high-quality sound effects.

Home Design Consultant

Beautiful and Practical Record Table

This record table is not only beautifully designed, but also very practical. It can firmly support the vinyl turntable, reduce vibration, and ensure stable sound quality. At the same time, it provides ample storage space to make the record collection more organized. For any music lover, this is an indispensable home product.

Audio Technology Expert

The Perfect Combination of Innovation and Classics

As an audio technology expert, I am impressed by the technological innovation of this vinyl turntable. It perfectly combines the classic sound quality of traditional vinyl playback with the convenience of modern Bluetooth connection, making listening to music easier and more enjoyable. High-quality materials and excellent sound quality control make it stand out from similar products.

Music Producer

Faithfully Restore Every Note

For music producers, the ability to restore sound quality is crucial. This vinyl turntable performs extremely well in this regard. Whether it is delicate treble or deep bass, it can faithfully restore every note, bringing an amazing music experience. It is a device that any music producer and audiophile should have.

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