Gift Card FAQs

Welcome to our Gift Card FAQ page! Here you can find detailed information about Audio Keeper gift cards to ensure your shopping experience goes even smoother.

Does Audio Keeper sell physical or digital gift cards?

Our gift cards are digital and are delivered immediately to your email inbox.

Where can I purchase such a wonderful thing?

How fast after ordering will I receive my gift card?

Instantly. Please note you will receive (2) emails - one is the order confirmation, and the other contains the link to your gift card.

I purchased a gift card for a friend, will Audio Keeper email the receiver a notification?

No. The purchaser will receive the gift card link, and then should forward the link to the receiver.

If  the purchaser checks "I want to send this as a gift" when buying the gift card, we will email the receiver a notification.

What happens if I don't have enough Gift Card Balance for what I want to purchase?

During checkout, you'll be given the option to pay the remainder with credit card, paypal, or another gift card.

What happens if I don't use all of my Gift Card Balance in a transaction?

Your order will be processed and the balance will remain on the card so you can use it again. You will keep the same code.

When does my Gift Card expire?

Gift Cards do not expire.