Deals You'll Love Almost As Much As Dad

Your dad deserves a great gift, and you deserve a great deal on it. Make sure your dad is ready for anything, whether he’s prepping for a family gathering or the vinyl collection show. We’re offering big discounts on the vinyl turntables, speakers, and media stands!



Father's Day Special Offer

10% Off Vinyl Turntables, Code: DAD10

15% Off Bluetooth Speakers, Code: DAD15

50% Off Media Stands, Code: HALFPRICE

Promotion period: May 15th - June 16th

Purchase limit: Each customer is limited to 1 vinyl turntable, 1 Bluetooth speaker, and 1 media stand.

Warm tips:

  • The discount code can only be used during Father's Day and will be invalid when it expires.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.

Provide diverse choices for dads of different styles.

Whether your dad loves vintage, pursues fashion, or enjoys art, Audio Keeper has the right audio products to meet their needs and tastes.

for Music Lover Dad

  • Vinyl Turntable: Give him a high-quality vinyl turntable and help him regain his love for classic music.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: A powerful Bluetooth speaker that allows him to enjoy his favorite music at home.
  • Music Collection: some classic records or music-related souvenirs to enrich his music collection.

for Tech Dad

  • Bluetooth speaker: A smart Bluetooth speaker that supports voice control function, making it easier for him to enjoy music at home.
  • Smart Media Table: A media table with smart features that can connect to his devices to provide a more convenient experience.
  • Audio Accessories: such as high-quality headphones or headphone amplifiers to enhance his music experience.

for Dad Who Gets Rid of Numbers

  • Classic vinyl turntable: A classic vinyl turntable allows him to relive the music memories of his youth.
  • Classic Music Collection: A collection of classic music that includes the works of his favorite artists or bands.
  • Handcrafted Media Stand: A handcrafted media table with classic design and materials that matches his preference for tradition.

for Dad Enjoying Family Time

  • Home Theater System: A high-quality home theater system that includes Bluetooth speakers and a large-screen TV allows him to enjoy movies and music with his family.
  • Multifunctional Media Stand: A multifunctional media table that can be used as a home entertainment center, integrating speakers and storage space, making it easier for him to organize entertainment activities at home.

Why Choose Vinyl Turntables, Bluetooth Speakers, or Media Stands as Father’s Day Gifts?

As Father's Day gifts, vinyl turntables, Bluetooth speakers and media stands are not only practical and functional, but can also bring a pleasant music experience and family atmosphere. They are a gift choice full of warmth and care.

1. Nostalgic feelings

The vinyl turntable is a traditional music playing device with strong nostalgic feelings and can evoke the memories and love of fathers' youth.

2. Music enjoyment

Bluetooth speakers provide convenient wireless music playback functions, allowing fathers to enjoy high-quality music anytime and anywhere, allowing them to relax and feel the charm of music.

3. Versatility

The media stand combines audio entertainment and home decoration. It can not only be used as a music player, but also as a home furnishing or decoration to enhance the quality and comfort of the home.

4. Modern technology

These products combine modern technology and traditional music culture, with both traditional nostalgic charm and modern convenient functions, suitable for fathers of different ages.

5. Personalized selection

Vinyl turntables, Bluetooth speakers and media stands all have different styles and functions, and can be personalized according to your father's hobbies and family environment to show your care and understanding for your father.

6. Family gatherings and social interactions

Turntables, Bluetooth speakers, and media stands can become the focal point of family gatherings and social events, allowing dad to share his favorite music with family and friends, creating a cheerful atmosphere and strengthening family ties. interactions and emotional connections.

Recommendation Turntables

ICE1 and HQKZ-011 are not only audio products with excellent sound quality and functions, but also emotional and special Father's Day gifts that can make fathers feel your care and thoughtfulness.

Model: ICE1

For dad who pursues being modern fashionable.


A transparent vinyl turntable that combines classic design with modern technology. Such a vinyl turntable that can be connected to an audio streaming service device via Bluetooth, allowing him to enjoy high-quality music anytime, anywhere.

Model: HQKZ-011

For dad full of literary and artistic atmosphere.


This turntable can meet the artistic dad's demand for audio products. It not only embodies the taste of retro and art, but also provides a high-quality music experience, bringing him a new level of music enjoyment and cultural immersion.

Model: HQKZ-006

For dad who loves to reminisce about old times.


It will allow him to re-experience the music atmosphere of that era, enjoy true analog sound quality, satisfy his father's nostalgia for the past, and at the same time combine the convenience of modern technology to bring him a brand new music experience.

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