Learn About Audio Keeper's First Acrylic Turntable ICE1

Learn About Audio Keeper's First Acrylic Turntable ICE1

In the world of vinyl, retro charm meets modern technology, and Audio Keeper’s first acrylic turntable, ICE1, is an example of this perfect fusion. This article will deeply explore the product parameter performance, special functional features, sound quality performance, suitable music types and suitable people for playing ICE1, taking you into the intersection of music and technology.

1. Product Parameter Performance of ICE1

ICE1 is designed with attention to detail to provide an outstanding music experience. Here are some eye-catching product parameters:

1.1 Turntable Material

ICE1 is made of high-end acrylic material, which is not only sturdy and durable, but also has excellent sound transmission characteristics. This material excels at reducing resonance and vibration, ensuring the clarity and accuracy of your music.

1.2 Drive System

ICE1 uses a DC motor to provide a stable turntable speed, ensuring that the record rotates at a constant speed, thereby maintaining the stability of the sound quality. 

ICE1 uses a Belt Drive System, a carefully designed turntable drive method that helps provide excellent sound quality and music experience. The heart of this system is a rubber or silicone belt that connects the motor to the turntable, transferring the power from the motor to the turntable.

The advantage of a belt drive system is that it effectively reduces the transmission of mechanical noise and vibration. Specifically, here are some of the key features of the belt drive system used in the ICE1:

  • Reduce vibration: The belt acts as an intermediary to reduce the vibration generated by the motor when it is running and is transmitted to the turntable, ensuring smooth rotation of the record and clear sound quality.
  • Low Noise Output: Belt drive systems are generally quieter in operation, reducing the impact of motor noise and allowing you to focus more on the music itself.
  • Sound quality accuracy: The belt drive system provides a stable rotation speed, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the music, so that every note can be truly restored.
  • Extended Record Life: By reducing friction and wear, the belt drive system helps extend the life of your records, protecting your valuable vinyl collection.

In short, the belt drive system adopted by ICE1 not only provides you with excellent sound quality, but also creates a peaceful music time for you, allowing you to better appreciate the musical beauty of vinyl records. This system embodies a strong focus on sound quality and user experience, making the ICE1 ideal for audiophiles and music lovers.

1.3 Cartridge and Needle

The quality of the cartridge and needle has a profound impact on the sound quality. ICE1 is equipped with high-quality cartridges and needles (model: Audio Technica ATN-3600L) to deliver intoxicating sound quality.

1.4 Speed ​​Adjustment

ICE1 has an adjustable turntable speed, supporting two speeds: 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM, adapting to different types of vinyl records.

The design of ICE1 is full of meticulous considerations. In order to provide users with more flexibility in music playback, in addition to the two-speed selection button, it is also equipped with a speed adjustment button. This feature increases the versatility of the ICE1, making it more adaptable to different types of vinyl records and music needs. Here are some advantages of this feature:

  • Adapt to different record types: 33 1/3 RPM is typically used for standard 12-inch vinyl records, while 45 RPM is suitable for 7-inch and 10-inch records. The tach adjustment button allows you to switch seamlessly to ensure the correct playback speed.
  • Sound Quality Fidelity: The rotation speed of different record types has a significant impact on sound quality. By adjusting the speed, you can ensure that the pitch and sound quality of your music are accurately restored without any pitch changes.
  • Music style selection: Different music styles may require different spin speeds, for example, pop music may be more suitable for 33 1/3 RPM, while a single or EP may require 45 RPM. The ICE1's speed adjustment feature enables you to make appropriate choices based on the type of music you are playing.

This speed adjustment button adds more flexibility to ICE1, ensuring that you can enjoy the diverse music of vinyl records and get the best sound quality in different scenarios. ICE1 is not only an excellent audio device, but also an exploration of musical journey.

1.5 Dimensions

The size of ICE1 is designed to be exquisite and reasonable to meet the needs of audio equipment and also adapt to various spaces. The following are typical dimensions of ICE1:

  • Length: Approximately 16.54 inches (42 cm)
  • Width: Approximately 13.39 inches (34 cm)
  • Height: Approximately 3.74 inches (9.5 cm)
  • Weight: Approximately 17.20lbs (7.82kg)

These dimensions give the ICE1 a compact appearance, making it easy to place in a variety of home and music playback areas. Its acrylic shell not only provides visual appeal, but also protects the audio components inside, ensuring stable sound quality.

Additionally, the ICE1’s dimensions are designed with ease of relocation and layout in mind, making it an ideal companion during your musical journey. Whether you use ICE1 in your living room, office, or music room, it easily blends into any environment to bring you a superior music experience.

2. Special Features

ICE1 is more than just a vinyl record player, it also has some special features that make it the perfect bridge between retro and modern:

2.1 Bluetooth Connection

ICE1 supports Bluetooth 5.1 connection, allowing you to pair it with Bluetooth speakers or headphones for wireless music playback. This feature allows you to enjoy the sound quality of vinyl records while having the convenience of a modern audio connection.

2.2 Built-in Amplifier

ICE1 has a built-in amplifier and can be connected directly to speakers or sound systems, eliminating the need for tedious equipment configuration steps.

3. Sound Quality Performance

The sound quality of ICE1 is breathtaking. The vibration-damping properties of acrylic turntables ensure the clarity and purity of your music. The cartridge and stylus of ICE1 are well designed to present every note vividly. Whether you enjoy symphonies of classical music, or you love rock, jazz or pop music, ICE1 can provide you with excellent sound quality.

Check the below video to check its high fidelity sound quality:

4. Suitable Type of Music to Play

ICE1 is suitable for various music types. Whether you are keen on romantic old-time pop songs or obsessed with rock legends and rock classics, this record player can immerse you in the ocean of music. Its excellent sound quality and speed adjustment function make it suitable for playing 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM records, thus covering a variety of music styles.

5. Suitable People

ICE1 not only meets the demanding requirements of music enthusiasts, but is also suitable for a wide range of user groups. Whether you're an old-school record collector, a young music lover, or someone seeking the fusion of music and technology, the ICE1 will be the perfect companion on your musical journey. Its simple operation method and the addition of modern functions make it easy to use, and even novices can quickly enjoy the charm of vinyl records.


Audio Keeper's first acrylic turntable, ICE1, is not only an audio device, but also a musical journey. It brings together retro and modern features to bring you an unparalleled music experience. Whether you are an audiophile pursuing sound quality or someone who likes retro style, ICE1 is worth checking out. Buy an ICE1 and start your music journey, letting the beauty of music travel through time and accompany you in your life.

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