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Which shape of tonearm is better for a vinyl record player?

The standard expressions for these three shapes of tonearms should be: L-shaped, S-shaped, and J-shaped. Judging from their shapes alone, there is no better or worse sound quality when using the same material.

The tone arm is one of the most complex parts of the entire turntable system. There are many factors that determine the sound quality. For those who are just getting started, there is no need to worry about what shape of tone arm to choose. It just depends on the individual.

How to choose a record player by the cartridge?

How to quickly choose a turntable must start with understanding the cartridge. For entry-level vinyl record players, choosing the right cartridge is a key step in choosing a turntable.

Here we have compiled the most mainstream entry-level cartridges on the market. Knowing them will help you choose the right product.

Direct Drive VS Belt Drive, how to choose a vinyl record player?

"What is the difference between a vinyl record player, a direct drive or a belt drive, and which one is better?" This question has been a hotly debated topic for more than 50 years.

We believe that direct drive and belt drive are not the final factors that determine the quality of a record player. This also involves factors such as the tone arm, stylus, and record player design and structure. Therefore, how to choose depends more on personal subjective factors, appearance, budget, usage scenarios and needs, rather than which driving method is better.

Does the sound quality have to be bad when listening to vinyl via Bluetooth?

Some people have always believed that the sound quality of listening to vinyl using Bluetooth is very poor, and it is impossible to restore the most realistic analog sound quality of vinyl.

actually not! We can see that more and more manufacturers are trying to solve the problem of sound quality transmission. Through higher Bluetooth versions and better Bluetooth codec protocols, they can achieve sound quality comparable to wired transmission.