Audiophile Grade High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable with Fully Balanced Output

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Experience pure analog bliss with our Audiophile Grade High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable featuring a zero-resonance acrylic platter and precision-engineered aluminum tonearm.

  • manual belt drive turntable
  • heavy 15mm zero-resonance acrylic platter with cork mat to protect records from scratches
  • 8.6" one-piece aluminum tonearm with low-friction, vibration-free bearing
  • includes factory-aligned Audio Technica moving magnet cartridge (frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz)
  • heavy, solid, precision routed chassis with shock absorbing feet
  • precision-speed DC motor, switching between 33-1/3 and 45 rpm speeds
  • upgradable cartridge with adjustable needle pressure
  • fully manual operation
  • stereo RCA output
  • speed variance: 1.5% (at 33-1/3 RPM), 0.5% (at 45 RPM)
  • wow and flutter: 0.05% (at 33-1/3 RPM), 0.03% (at 45 RPM)
Material: Acrylic
Color: Transparent
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Main Features





Quality Recognized by the Industry

"A masterclass in combining classic design with modern technology. Very well made and sounds great."

"With its 8.6-inch arm and zero-loose bearings, the ICE1 is a real pleasure creator. This music listening experience is not cheap, but it is worth it."

Exquisite Design, Simple and Stylish

The basic structure of the ICE1 will feel familiar to those who already have a vinyl record player. With a classic design, the base and turntable are both made of high-density transparent acrylic and sit on specially designed anti-vibration feet.

Sophisticated Design to Improve Flywheel Effect

The motor is located in an acrylic base, separate from the platter and tonearm. The electronic speed control feature allows you to switch between 33 and 45 rpm. A silicone drive belt connects the motor to the damped platter, which is backed by acrylic material and has added inserts to improve the flywheel effect.

8.6-inch Custom Tonearm, New Low-resonance Design

The new aluminum bearing ring and arm tube allow for adjustment of VTA and azimuth, and comes with a counterweight for cartridges from 3-15g. The counterweight is TPE damped to prevent resonance. On the back, you'll find the RCA output jacks as well as a Bluetooth mode switch option, giving you great flexibility in your phono preamplifier selection.

High-end Vinyl Record Player

Our understanding of music is large-scale, warm and powerful, but also detailed. Design is very important to us, and the reason why ICE1 was born with great success is its basic concept: combining the inert mass of metal alloy with a zero-resonance acrylic plate, the motor is effectively isolated from the tonearm and platter by an anti-vibration structure. At the same time, the product also has more modern technical features such as built-in phono stage and Bluetooth module.


Front and Rear Panel Indication Diagram

Specifications & Downloads


Find more answers to frequently asked questions about the ICE1 here. If you cannot find what you're looking for, contact us directly and we will assist you.

Customer Reviews

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Jeff W.
I like it very much!

Finally received the product, let me use my idle speakers, and it is even more beautiful after adding the light strip! The customer service will answer all questions, newbie-friendly, recommended!

Marissa Schnl
The record player is really beautiful!

The customer service is very patient and answered many questions from novices. It was a very satisfying shopping experience. I wish you a big sale!

Caleb J.
A one-year anniversary gift for my lover.

I was deeply attracted by the appearance when I placed the order. Even though the price is a bit beyond my budget, it is worth it for her. The records I bought for collection can finally be used! The packaging is complete, the quality is first-class, and the after-sales service is meticulous. It is simply impeccable!

Jewel Geeks
Very pleasant shopping experience!

The merchant's service is enthusiastic and high-quality! The record player looks very good, the packaging is also very careful, and the sound quality is particularly good. I highly recommend it!

Brett Meeks
The record player is good-looking and has excellent sound effects.

The packaging is very well protected. I tested it right after receiving it. The sound quality is very good and the appearance is amazing!